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  1. Very happy to see 8-bit Sega getting some love - still very much holding on for an 8- bit collection coming along one day.
  2. Similarly Pokemon themed, in the Japanese lyrics for the opening theme of the original anime series, one of the lyrics is (and I'm paraphrasing here) "I'll look for Pokemon everywhere, even up that girl's skirt"; it's why, in the animation, the girl crosses herself to cover her modesty after the Pikachu runs between her legs.
  3. Very much been looking forward to The Outer Wilds on Switch since it was revealed at E3. Disappointing to see it delayed, but as it gives me time on catching up with the backlog that having a 1 year-old has built up, it's not too much of an issue.
  4. I'm similarly frustrated by the physical re-release of SOR 4 to include the upcoming DLC. I know I can buy the DLC and play it with the physical vanilla version that I bought upon release, but it just feels as though I am being punished for supporting the game from the off - I rarely buy things at full price but I wanted to support SOR 4 as a fan of the series since way back - as a physical collector, I want the whole thing where possible, not half on my cart and half on my Switch.
  5. That's great, thanks for clearing that up. I can't imagine Dreamland 1 didn't sell well, as it seems to be everywhere and everyone I knew with a Gameboy when I was a kid had one, but who knows. Regardless, at least I know it does exist, though it seems that getting it complete-in-box is going to take a big stroke of luck.
  6. I knew someone would dig it up if I posted here. Thanks for that. Seems strange that it's so correctly swamped out by German or American copies on eBay; guess I will have to keep a closer eye on it.
  7. Hello all, I've been looking on-and-off for a while now for a boxed UK Kirby's Dreamland 2 on the Gameboy but... it doesn't seem to exist. The game did garner a European release (31 July 1995 according to Wikipedia), but all I can seem to find online are French or German language copies of the PAL version - every English language copy seems to be the North American release. As you all know, a European release in the 90s doesn't necessarily mean that a game was released in every country making up the territory, but it seems odd to me given the popularity of the GameBoy in the UK and the fact that the only Kirby games without UK releases are those released exceptionally late in the console's lifespan (Kirby's Dreamland 3 on SNES, Kirby's Dream Collection on Wii) that this game wasn't given a full English language UK release. My question, therefore, is - did this game receive a English-language UKV release, or is it just very rare?
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