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  1. This was the first series that I didn't think improved and I think it's the new material that's letting it down. I was reading that the earth politics stuff was all re-shoots which would make sense in terms of backfilling. I kind of wished they didn't gut his screen time. Maybe one of those Disney style warnings of 'this guy is a douche' then they end it the same way. But, I don't know, maybe the storylines would have came off as particularly tasteless given the circumstances.
  2. First 3 episodes were great but Richie was just such a horrible person i really found the last few episodes a slog. I'm guessing it suffered from the cut episodes as with a bit more development some of the characterisations would have made more sense.
  3. Yeah, first thing my partner has watched since the Avengers and Ironman and she quite enjoyed it. When I tried to show Vision from IW:1 she just kinda zoned out. Has potential, whats fucked it is the weekly release. Should have done 3 eps a week for 3 weeks based upon what Paul Bettany said.
  4. I rewatched a few bits of it there and
  5. I'd rather they done that than pander to the weird generation of star wars fans that act like crack-addicts trying to recapture that first sweet hit of childhood nostalgia and are weirdly aggressive about anything that doesn't sate the impossible.
  6. Because it would make things much, much better.
  7. He's a machine alright, a suplexing machine.
  8. I stopped after ep1. I just come here for the drunk ripping on burntham.
  9. 10h today and only one minor grappling glitch. I hope checking this thread hasn't cursed me
  10. I don't think it's "not star trek" for that kind of tension to exist in universe. But i can't come from the central cast, the federation is supposed to be the best and brightest. Sexuality and pronouns should as about as contentious as someone's favourite type of sandwich. They're beyond all of this. Go to the bigot planet that week if you want to explore a current events thing.
  11. My hot take on that poster was that "to be normalised is to be hyper sexualised and used to sell diet Coke with" Coke only give a fuck what's in your wallet. If trans folk get to the point its 100% normalised then damn straight there would be the equivalent of those cringe diet Coke ads.
  12. A shit Andromeda. The romulans use quantum singularities to enable warp so I'm assuming they're cutting around fine still?
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