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  1. 25 minutes ago, Death Adder said:

    Anyone picking up Cotton Rock n Roll?


    Mine is arriving today.

    I’ve ordered it through Amazon JP,  it’ll almost certainly come after Christmas now though.

  2. Definitely agree about DS IIX, without the slowdown it's a very different game. They really could do with sorting the colours out as well, the saturation is so distracting.


    I'm so happy to see more from M2, every release they do is a little touch of magic. I've hammered Feveron since I got it, they turned another fairly inaccessible arcade game into something everyone can enjoy again.

  3. Yeah it's not the easiest of stages that one. There's shit popping out of everywhere trying to nail you. Shame it doesn't have states like the M2 games.

  4. Haha fair enough. Yeah I'm sure there'll be some proper in depth comparisons at some point soon.


    I'm just a little disappointed how badly IIX turned out 😑

  5. Hmm yea could well be that. 


    If you decide to keep at it, and get to the point where you can pop it at 10k at a similar point let me know. Really interested to know how the Switch performs.

  6. 16 hours ago, geldra said:

    ah ok so I def wasn’t dropping my power up at that point. I was just using lick shot. 

    if you can do a vid of how it should look I can try and reproduce. 

    (also I dunno what the flip I’m doing with the game generally so that wont help. :))


    Here we go, not sure this would win a science award, but it's pretty noticeable how much difference there is.


    PS4 is first, lasts about 40 seconds (although I do take a hit with about 75 to go), then it's 360 which goes on for well over a minute.




  7. Yeah the big gangly walking bastard! Hmm that doesn’t sound like it’s the same as the 360 game then. I checked the timings on 2 videos I’ve taken where I pop my power up at roughly the same time. Takes 30 odd seconds on the PS4 and over a minute on the 360 for my power up to drain completely. I’ll see if I can find a video cutter and take those bits out of the clips for proper comparison.


    Lock shot will slow the game in places (on 360), particularly if you’re popping a bunch of the blue tracker bullets into high level crowns.

  8. 10 minutes ago, geldra said:

    my switch version arrived earlier. Are there any particular problem areas (preferably in the first level I can check out to see what the slowdown is like for comparison purposes?



    The first stage should slowdown a little at the big minotaur when he unleashes his big pattern. If you can get through stage 1, try stage 4 (D on 360), the Ghost House stage. If you can get to the point with the book cases and dropping chandeliers and pop your power up, just before the boss you'll have a bunch of giant hands reaching in to get you. The game should slow to a crawl there.

  9. Ok, Deathsmiles for PS4 is here....


    First impressions are very much what has previously been stated.


    DS1 is very faithful to the arcade with its slowdown etc.


    DS2 has saturated colours which are mildly distracting. I've not played arcade mode yet, but for IIX mode.... It has almost no slowdown which means those blue chaser bullets are really, really difficult to avoid in certain places (such as the run of hands in the house before Tamecos). It also means I keep getting caught out on bosses because the game on 360 slowed down as they were releasing big patterns and of course it doesn't here. The 360 game I can no miss fairly consistently, this one on two attempts I've not even got as far as the EX stage yet. Playing for survival will still be pretty easy, and maybe if you haven't learned IIX on 360 you'll be coming at it from a different angle. If you've memorised the bloody game on 360 though you're in for a shock.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Sumire said:


    I cannot get on Nintendolife anymore or any of their other sites, it been like it for months, it says my IP is banned, god knows why.


    A Tate version of the Astro Mini with a bunch of vert games:



    Action Fighter

    Wrestle War

    Desert Breaker




    V-V / Grind Stormer

    Same! Same! Same! / Fire Shark


    Tatsujin / Truxton

    Tatsujin / Truxton II

    Kingdom Grandprix

    Armed Police Batrider

    Battle Bakraid

    Strikers 1945


    Moon Cresta

    Sengoku Ace

    Cosmo Police Galivan

    Sonic Wings

  11. 9 minutes ago, ImmaculateClump said:


    Oh, wow! I just looked that up. I never saw him! I only ever fought santa at the end of my runs :D

    Yeah you can burn Satan Claws in a minute or so on a normal run, but if you meet whatever the conditions are it's fucking solid!


    @Yasawas Is it this? If it is it was a freebie with DFK Black Label on 360.



  12. I don't think there's ever been any Xbox Compilations, the ones I've got are for Wii and PSP.


    They're all beautiful games. Number 2 is my personal favourite, prefer it to X despite the slowdown on 2. Numbers 4 and 5 are the weaker entries, but they're still nice to look at and fun to play for a bit. I didn't personally get on with XX, it was too bloody difficult even when put up against all the other 'Slugs.

  13. @ImmaculateClump Yeah I imagine a survival run will still be doable, but a Pigeon Blood Jitterbug run could get pretty tough. I'm not sure how the difficulty works on IIX, but if you meet certain conditions (seemingly a pretty high score, but probably other things) there's a definite spike in difficulty from the EX boss and into the last stage. Those runs without slowdown could be a bastard 😅

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