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  1. I tend to play with Japanese voices and subtitles where applicable. If it’s meant to be spoken in English then I’ll let it play in English and the subs can do one. I usually end up skipping lots of dialogue though.

  2. 1. Streets of Rage 2 - Loved it from the moment I first played it. Must have played it through hundreds of times over the years. It’s the perfect beat em up.


    2. Deathsmiles - My favourite shooter of all time, and the game that opened my eyes to the bullet hell genre. Possibly helped by the fact I expected so little when I bought it.


    3. Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir - Not everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly mine. I love the atmosphere, the animation, the sound, the combat, literally everything about it is amazing to me. It truly absorbed me with its story of sadness.


    4. Yakuza 0 - My favourite game in my favourite game series. It has hours and hours of stuff to do and no game has ever made me laugh like this. 

    5. Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike - Hands down my favourite 1 on 1 fighter of all time. It’s absolute perfection for its genre.


    I’m dead certain on the first 4, the only one I had to think about was 3rd Strike. I think I could be convinced to replace that with the right game. The other 4 would be considerably more difficult to displace.

  3. Necromunda: Hired Gun was a great bit of fun when it worked. I bought it on Xbox without realising that they were way behind their patching schedule on Xbox. The game was a mess of crashes and glitches. It was never going to win any awards, but if you're a fan of the Necromunda universe then there's definitely enjoyment to be had with this, even if it is a little fleeting.

  4. Brilliant year for shoot 'em up fans, I got these that released physically on PS4 and/or Switch:


    Cotton Reboot

    Cotton Rock 'n' Roll

    Rolling Gunner + Over Power

    Raiden IV x Mikado

    R-Type Final 2

    Tiger Heli

    G-Darius HD

    Deathsmiles I and II (although they botched all the different modes in II badly)

    Saturn Tribute (again by City Connection and flawed)

    Illvelo + Radirgy Swag

    Dangun Feveron

    Aborenbu Tengu


  5. 17 hours ago, spatular said:

    Not played deathsmiles in ages, been accidentally activating the suicide bullet mode, need to remember to pick rank 2 twice to avoid that. Cant remember stage order to get life items so looked it up




    so basically do volcano at rank 3 last (6th) and 4th choice pick either graveyard rank 3 or swamp rank 2. Or volcano and swamp the other way around but sounds like that doesnt give as much health.


    My route on Deathsmiles is (all lvl 3) Forest, Volcano, Halloween Town, Graveyard, Lake Shore then Swamp. That gives me a half life from the big ogre on the graveyard. You can also get a 2 up if you beat Jitterbug without bombing him. I found I didn't want suicide bullets on the Volcano, it's just too much!


    Does Volcano lvl 3 last give you a 1up rather than half up? You get it from the big ogre on the left platform just before the thing that spits out all the rocks on both sides.

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