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  1. They were out of stock all over at Christmas, but whether that's a sign of success, shipping issues, a lack of availability of the big consoles this year or a combo of all of it I'm not sure.

  2. 1 hour ago, K said:

    The Chillout Games ad on the back page is noteworthy partly because of the somewhat random layout, but also because of the mad prices of games. Symphony of the Night - £276? Robocop vs Terminator on the SNES - £105? It's particularly galling because I had a copy of Raiden III on the PS2 (£106), but suspect I may have chucked out the box when moving house.


    The issue itself is really good, I particularly enjoyed the Dark Seed feature - I played the Amiga version to death, despite the puzzles being painfully obscure, despite the flickery graphics hurting my eyes, and despite getting no enjoyment from it at all apart than the Giger visuals. I had no idea there was a NES version.

    The Space Adventure one got me. That wasn’t even considered one of the rarer, or particularly good Mega CD titles but the price on it has rocketed.

  3. 52 minutes ago, Cappuccino Kid said:

    I remember a friend and I having a day in an arcade at Gravesend in the late 80s. We’d have been about 10, and spent most of our cash on Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja.




    We were pretty disappointed to be hauled home by our mums at the end of the day, with the game still unfinished. “Don’t worry!”, I said, “I’ve got this game on my computer at home.”


    I had a Speccy.




    Crazy to think that for less than I paid for that Spectrum version I can now have an arcade-perfect version in my pocket on the Switch. I don’t, obviously; Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja is shit.

    Bad Dudes is probably up there as my number one “How is it so bad now!?” I loved that game as a kid, but you’re right it’s an utter turd. 

  4. I’ve had it with Deathsmiles. As I was getting closer to my first 1CC on it zi’d play it for a couple of hours per sitting. All the bullets and pick ups stayed with me long after I’d turned the arcade cabinet off.


    Also had it a bit with Attack on Titan on Vita, but rather than bright colours burned into my eyesight it was more the twitchiness of movement I felt. Like I needed to rush at picking something up when there was an opening, as if I need to gas forward while a Titan had its back to me.



  5. Was tempted by the Limited Run version of Sol Cresta until I saw it was $50. Can get to fuck at that price, it looks a bit shit.

  6. My games collection has hit critical mass and I've decided it's time for a somewhat curated set of games. I went mad during the late 2000's while living with parents but earning a reasonable salary so I've got piles of stuff I'll either never play, or I tried and binned off because it didn't immediately hold my attention and I had thousands of other games to play. I was also guilty of buying large lots of games on eBay or Yahoo auctions over the years because it got me a couple of things I wanted a bit cheaper. This means I have a load of Japanese RPG's I am kind of stuck with.


    I've boxed up a fair chunk of the stuff I don't want including a lot of the import stuff and some PAL duplicates. I'm planning to sell everything I don't want, but this is the part I find daunting. I don't know how I'm going to deal with selling thousands of games, especially when a lot of it is inaccessible if you can't read the text.


    I guess the best way it to just start slowly and get listing stuff here and on other forums with eBay as the last call when I can't get rid of any more stuff.

  7. If you haven't played it before I'd give it a go from the eshop first. I really liked the look of it but just didn't enjoy it at all.

  8. 1 hour ago, strider said:

    I've changed my mind about collecting every Switch physical release. I've just stopped playing Aces Of The Luftwaffe and it's completely terrible. It has interesting ideas, but its craft are sluggish and some of the bosses are impossibly unfair. Turns out it started off life as an iPad game with a focus on grinding. Sod that. It's gone on the sell pile with Super Epic.


    Probably for the best. I was playing Earth Atlantis on the PS4, honestly it's worth a couple of quid, but if the physical release is expensive it's a total waste of money. I'm buying pretty much any physical shooter that gets a retail release, but I wouldn't go back now and try to hunt down shite rarities :lol:

  9. 17 hours ago, Corranga said:

    Figured I might as well resurrect this one rather than make a new one...


    In getting carried away with overly detailed replies on AFT here:


    I started thinking and googling for 'New' 3DS exclusivity, in particular physical releases, and I wonder, if I've inadvertently (along with many others I'm sure) have a complete set 🤣

    (crazy boundaries, niche etc. I don't really care about this aspect, really i'm just interested to know if there are others)


    So, my question is...

    Physical UK 'New' 3DS Exclusive games.


    Are Fire Emblem Warriors and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D the only ones?




    It looks like Runbow Pocket and Minecraft were also released in the US, but not over here.


    I think that is the full “set” in PAL territories. I also was trying to find out a couple of months back and couldn’t find any evidence of any other physical releases. I’m sure I read somewhere there was a third, but when I tried to find it I couldn’t. I think it was on a Reddit page or something so likely someone confused or talking bollocks.

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