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  1. There’s a fair chance it’ll still turn up. 2 weeks late is sod all in my experience of getting Edge delivered.
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    Did Pockets used to post in here? He asked for his account to be deleted a while back.
  3. Famicom controllers with 2ft of cable on them. I don't want to sit with the console on my knee. They also cramp your hands pretty quickly.
  4. phillv85


    Ahh ok cool, I've got a pre-order with Zavvi, I think it's due to be sent out on the 14th.
  5. phillv85


    Was that from Zavvi?
  6. I tend to play with Japanese voices and subtitles where applicable. If it’s meant to be spoken in English then I’ll let it play in English and the subs can do one. I usually end up skipping lots of dialogue though.
  7. Yes, since you're willingly ignoring definitions of words now, I'll take a back seat on this, there's nothing to be gained.
  8. No, that would be lowering demand, but nice try
  9. You're still wrong though aren't you? Instead of trying to prove yourself correct you pull up the stupid quote I made to show how stupid your argument is.
  10. I mean I'm not wrong at all, you're just bending this to suit your definition. or maybe I am..... Shit people, Tesco are charging for carrots, get out there and buy them while you're can, they're making them artificially scarce!!!
  11. Imposing a charge is not artificial scarcity. Artificial scarcity can see people speculating on items because there's few of them. If the artist still sells them then those items will never be worth more than the price the artist sells them at.
  12. That is not how scarcity works. If something is readily available in an infinite number, it's not scarce, regardless of the cost.
  13. Yeah I imagine they are spare copies and returns. Strictly limited had a similar sale the other week.
  14. 1. Streets of Rage 2 - Loved it from the moment I first played it. Must have played it through hundreds of times over the years. It’s the perfect beat em up. 2. Deathsmiles - My favourite shooter of all time, and the game that opened my eyes to the bullet hell genre. Possibly helped by the fact I expected so little when I bought it. 3. Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir - Not everyone’s cup of tea, but certainly mine. I love the atmosphere, the animation, the sound, the combat, literally everything about it is amazing to me. It truly absorbed me with its story of sadness. 4. Yakuza 0 - My favourite game in my favourite game series. It has hours and hours of stuff to do and no game has ever made me laugh like this. 5. Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike - Hands down my favourite 1 on 1 fighter of all time. It’s absolute perfection for its genre. I’m dead certain on the first 4, the only one I had to think about was 3rd Strike. I think I could be convinced to replace that with the right game. The other 4 would be considerably more difficult to displace.
  15. Necromunda: Hired Gun was a great bit of fun when it worked. I bought it on Xbox without realising that they were way behind their patching schedule on Xbox. The game was a mess of crashes and glitches. It was never going to win any awards, but if you're a fan of the Necromunda universe then there's definitely enjoyment to be had with this, even if it is a little fleeting.
  16. I assumed it's the take out an Amazon Mastercard, but I just checked and that's £30 for me.....
  17. Brilliant year for shoot 'em up fans, I got these that released physically on PS4 and/or Switch: Cotton Reboot Cotton Rock 'n' Roll Rolling Gunner + Over Power Raiden IV x Mikado R-Type Final 2 Tiger Heli G-Darius HD Deathsmiles I and II (although they botched all the different modes in II badly) Saturn Tribute (again by City Connection and flawed) Illvelo + Radirgy Swag Dangun Feveron Aborenbu Tengu
  18. VISA Europe is now owned by Americans and the legislation capping max fees went with Brexit, so obviously VISA is taking the piss and has hiked their fees five fold. Amazon of all companies have said enough is enough and now refuse to take VISA credit cards (debit cards are still usable).
  19. Deathsmiles I and II Deathsmiles I came out perfectly, but they fucking botched II so badly. IIX mode has no slowdown and all modes have a saturated palette. It's not the prettiest game at the best of times but the shitty palette makes it properly ugly.
  20. It’s due out on the 30th December if I remember correctly. So mid to late January for all you subscribers.
  21. I loved Two Towers. It was a little clunky, but getting any sort of half decent representation of the Battle for Helms Deep was incredible.
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