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  1. Been playing a lot on my Super Famicom recently. Mainly Final Fight, Final Fight Guy and Final Fight 2. I’m practicing to see if I can get through the first game with Cody using no continues. Having real issues beating the Stage 4 boss ‘Abigail’ at the moment. Can’t work out a reliable way to hit him without getting twatted first.

  2. 11 hours ago, SeanR said:


    the only fist of the north star game I played was the fighting mania arcade cabinet with the six punchpads


    They had one of those Fighting Mania's in the Namco Station in the Trafford Centre years ago. The Atomiswave game is a beautiful 1v1 fighter by Arc System Works. Highly recommend it if you can find a way to play it. The Atomiswave cart is pretty expensive now.

  3. 20 minutes ago, StoooTube said:

    I quite fancy getting the Saturn version (again, I think i sold my PAL version for £20-£30 back in the day) but I imagine the JPN version is full of text I won’t understand? I guess if I’m not interested in the story that won’t really matter...


    From memory I think you do have to make path decisions like the Capcom CPS2 D&D games which would be helpful to read.

  4. 1 minute ago, DukeOfEarlsfield said:


    True. But you still have to get approval from Sony or Nintendo. And you still have to pay for that approval and give them a cut of those sales.


    You’re still restricted by their eco systems, they still hold a monopoly on their platforms. It’s hardly dissimilar.


    The alternative methods of redemption do however block the console manufacturers from truly taking the piss on their platforms though.

  5. 11 minutes ago, Paulando said:

    These are also the platform holders who are doing their absolute best to kill of physical sales once and for all. Tempting buyers with a cheaper, all-digital console, you say?


    Regardless of their future intentions, the point was, right now I can buy a PS4 game from either PSN or Amazon, I have a choice. Even tiny devs have more choice than ever to put their products on disc via all these small print run companies.

  6. 2 hours ago, DukeOfEarlsfield said:

    Agree with your post, but I don’t think anybody is disputing this part, at least not the way you’ve worded it.


    But the way “monopoly” has been used has often been unclear and in one case has even been compared to the MS Internet Explorer case. Apple don’t have a monopoly over internet connected mobile phones in the same way that MS had an effective monopoly over internet connected PC’s. I think that’s where the disagreement has been.


    So yes, Apple have a monopoly over their own eco-system, just like Sony and Nintendo do.


    Not exactly the same for Sony or Nintendo though, you can go to a store and buy games there. Developers have the option of a physical product for those platforms, that doesn’t exist with Apple.

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