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  1. The endless updates we're the worst part of the PS4 generation for me. I spent a lot of time playing The Division. It was constant updates to the PS4, then the game, then it'd take 10 minutes to load into the game. It could be a bloody nightmare. I bought Days Gone the other week and left it for 8 hours to install and download the updates etc.

  2. Yeah there's huge variance in sticks, even from same ranges. My personal favourite for shooters is the Sanwa JLF TM-8T, which is really mushy feeling. It's actually quite different feeling to the Sanwa JLF TP-8YT, my favoured stick for fighters, which is surprising as it looks like the TP-8YT is the same stick but with a PCB which means you only need a single ground wire. The Sanwa JLW is different again, that was designed for wooden cabinets rather than candy cabs and is a fair bit tighter.

  3. Bloody hell, that’s plenty of variety. It’s such a good looking game as well. I found playing a little slower has helped me loads. I think I used to just try burning through the stages and failing miserably.

  4. I've just had a try on Probotector on the MD and it's not actually as hard as I remember. Granted I only got to the second stage, but if I spent enough time I'd definitely be able to learn the enemy patterns. I'll spend some more time and see how far I can get. How long is the game?

  5. Yeah they're pretty nasty. I tend to buy a few games from them if I'm getting something. Usually if there's something I'm mildly interested in but there's nothing else I fancy at the time I tend to just let it go. The CAVE releases will be a different story though I think 😅

  6. All this talk is making me want to play Probotector 😅


    I'll probably stick it on, game over after 3 minutes then turn it off again. These games were definitely aimed at people who didn't have access to lots games back in the day. I'm so pleased they are done like that though, some of the Mega Drive games I've mastered I'd never get to do now due to time constraints and having zero attention span.

  7. I've cancelled my PLAY subscription after they sent the last issue out in their stupid paper envelopes and I ended up with multicoloured paper mache. I asked for the mag to be resent only to be told it was out of print and they'd extend me one issue. Absolute fucking garbage. 

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