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  1. I’m usually terrible for impulse buying, but neither of these consoles has me excited enough to splurge the cash. I don’t know if it is getting older that’s doing it, I’m only 34, I'm still inside that 18-35 target demographic for most of this stuff. I think a lot of long time gamers at the moment maybe feel a little jaded by it all. I mean, I looked at the potential £70 price tag of new games and shuddered, but only the other week I dropped £80 on a moments notice for a copy of Septentrion on the Super Famicom (that came with a cart only copy of The Firemen) so I’ve still got that impulsive aspect in me.
  2. Amazing how little they value €1 at. On the global market it's worth more than US$1.....
  3. I’m usually an early adopter, but I’m sitting back and waiting on this generation. I don’t know if most big name games are heading in a direction I’m not interested in, or I’m just feeling jaded, but I’m not excited about either of these consoles at all. I’m sure I’ll get a PS5 at some point next year, but for now I’m going to hold off. It seems a lot of people have chosen to do the same (or will be forced to by the lack of availability of these consoles at launch).
  4. Good to see Andy doing well. I remember going to the little shop in Haslingden when he first started.
  5. I think the last thing I bought from any of the companies owned by Game was Skyrim on 360 from Gamestation when they had that ridiculous offer of it brand new for £22.50 either on release on shortly after. It was about £15 cheaper than either Amazon or Shopto at the time. I don’t think I’ve been in a Game store for a good few years, but last time I was, releases that were over months old were still £50. They did something that looked fairly cool in my nearest one when Fallout 4 was coming out. They made a Fallout style bunker on a Mezzanine, but it didn’t get me buy anything.
  6. If the markers are as good as the ones in the original Division then they’ll be sod all use anyway. I put up with a lot in that game, and the markers were amongst the most annoying things.
  7. Wow this looks amazing. I hope it gets a PS4 release like the other two projects did.
  8. I thought the original Hyrule Warriors was pretty weak. I assume this is the same style, at work so can’t watch the vid.
  9. The regular updates of massive size have killed off my enjoyment in gaming on my PS4. The above mentioned no signing into PSN without updates is an exercise in frustration that has become self fulfilling. I can’t be bothered playing because of updates, but when I do decide to play after sometimes months without turning it on, there’s inevitably a stack of updates.
  10. Been playing a lot on my Super Famicom recently. Mainly Final Fight, Final Fight Guy and Final Fight 2. I’m practicing to see if I can get through the first game with Cody using no continues. Having real issues beating the Stage 4 boss ‘Abigail’ at the moment. Can’t work out a reliable way to hit him without getting twatted first.
  11. The splitting over 2 discs made it an easy no for me. I’ve no real attachment to Turrican. I’ve played a few of them, including the crappy Universal Soldier one on the MD. I might have gone for the lot at £30, but i’m not having the piss taken out of me.
  12. phillv85


    Ouch, SDOJ has gone up loads in price recently.
  13. phillv85


    Ketsui also got a PS3 release which should be region free.
  14. phillv85


    Nice, an original Ketsui board, not cheap those things!
  15. Haha, and here’s me thinking I’m glad I’ve never hung my Deathsmiles posters. SDOJ would have been terrible.
  16. I had this very recently. A guy was round measuring the windows for some blinds. I’ve got a couple of posters up in one of the downstairs rooms where my arcade cabinets are. He was having a nosey at them, pointed to one and asked which game one of them is. Embarrassed I paused for a moment and said “DoDonPachi Dai Ou Jou”. He looked at me blank for a moment, then asked what it meant. Again, I stood for a moment and explained DoDonPachi is supposed to be onamatopeia for a gun shot. Dai Ou Jou translates as blissful death. Another blank look, and all he said was “right”. I don’t think I’ve ever had such an awkward conversation about a game. It shouldn’t have even been weird, but I was pretty sure he’d probably never played Street Fighter Zero 2, but could read the title on that one. I’m glad he never asked about gameplay on DDP, I can’t imagine trying to explain it without wanting the world to swallow me up.
  17. If that’s the whole of their “non-response”, then it’s truly dire. As stated above, those workshops sound like a way of blaming women for this.
  18. Yeah if you want a physical copy of Soul Hackers it’ll make your wallet hurt.
  19. There's 688 Attack Sub on the Mega Drive. It's not a bad title considering what it is and the platform it's on.
  20. I’ve just got the 8th gym badge on Pokemon Crystal. Time to do some serious level grinding.
  21. They had one of those Fighting Mania's in the Namco Station in the Trafford Centre years ago. The Atomiswave game is a beautiful 1v1 fighter by Arc System Works. Highly recommend it if you can find a way to play it. The Atomiswave cart is pretty expensive now.
  22. Some lovely games on the Atomiswave. Hokuto no Ken has a pretty much permanent spot in one of my arcade cabs.
  23. Depends what else you want to use on it. Very few boards use 5 buttons natively from the JAMMA connector, most use a kick harness. It’s only if you wanted to use something like a Pandora’s box. Even then you can make a harness for it.
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