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    The limited to Amazon versions get a B2 tapestry, but fuck knows what the difference is between the 10k and 14k ones then. Guess I’ll find out in December
  2. Nice to see some classic fighters coming to Gold recently. Another decent batch, two in two months after about a decade of me not really caring.
  3. You just made me read about it, Kotaku makes it sound absolutely beyond fucked, is it as bad as they made it out to be? Either way I think I’ll happily skip that one.
  4. phillv85


    G-Darius HD is available for pre-order at Base and thegamecollection for both PS4 and Switch, dunno how long it’s been up but I’ve only just noticed.
  5. phillv85


    Does it have anything on top of the 360 version?
  6. phillv85


    I just went for the 10k for Switch, 14k for PS4 because I don't think I'll use the DLC on Switch.
  7. phillv85


    Good to know I won't be the only one wincing at the cost in December Did you guys get the ones that were 10,000 or 14,000 yen to get the B2 Tapestry as well?
  8. phillv85


    I’ve just ordered the Deathsmiles special editions for switch and PS4 on Amazon Japan, got the CD soundtrack version with one of them as well. It’s going to cost a little over £200 9 days before Christmas for games I already own multiple times. I’m such a dick.
  9. My copy has arrived for my XSX, now if I can just peel myself off Hades I’ll be right into this.
  10. After playing a lot of retro games for a few months I finally got back into newer stuff. August Necromunda: Hired Gun - Xbox Series X It's buggy beyond belief, crashes all the time and leaves you with enemies who spawn behind walls. Saying that, it captures the atmosphere of Necromunda nicely and only takes 6-10 hours to get through. I only persevered with this one because I like the Games Workshop products and am a sucker for any game carrying their licenses. Crows: Burning Edge - PS4 This one is entirely in Japanese, so was a bit of a learning curve. You start off fairly weak but upgrade your character as you go. It runs you through the stories of 5 characters from the Crows universe and how they became top dogs in their school/gang etc. The fighting plays a bit like the Kiryu Yakuza games, the open world parts are pants and just feel like filler between fights. If you're not a fan of the Crows license then this will likely just be pointless nonsense to you. Hades - Xbox Series X (via Game Pass) I started this on Switch and got a fair bit into before I just moved onto other things, when it came to Game Pass I had to give it another go, and I have done indeed. 36 hours in and I've done a good chunk of the game, 17 escapes, a few of the prophecies completed and a load more not far off. I won't say much more because there's a whole thread on it, but if you've somehow missed this one then you really need to try it.
  11. Dodgeball Academia - Xbox Series X It started so well, but after about 5 hours and the realisation that I’ll never be able to grind levels I found I couldn’t be arsed to continue. The battles are great, the story is passable but easily skippable, it’s an RPGLite that was just a little too Lite for me.
  12. Ta, Charon one was done a few days ago, I think I might have to do that one again sadly.
  13. How do you turn god mode on? I assume it’s off by default? I’ve done 16 escapes and still don’t know Achievements on Xbox are starting to get on my tits as well. The Charon card one still hasn’t popped, neither has another one.
  14. One is (probably) illegal fraud, the other is legalised almost fraud?
  15. Wow, I knew of some of the shady shit going on, but he's really done his research there. Further proof, if it was needed, that this is just a glorified pyramid scheme with a few shady figures at the top creaming it in.
  16. Third escape in a row, just cheesed my way through with the shield with the Aspect of Zeus. Was able to recall my special then just dash around like a bastard deflecting enemies while my shield chased me inflicting doom on everything.
  17. Attempts 29 and 30 just lead to escape 2 and 3. A second escape with the spear then I applied one of the Titan blood bonuses to the gloves. I used the magnetism one and was able to get Ares’ blade thing so I was able to melt enemies. Late on I got the 2% health recovery for every special kill which helped a fair bit on the final stage.
  18. I get it on VR, after about 10 minutes of anything with a lot of movement I get the cold sweats and feel sick for a day or two afterwards. The only time it’s happened on non-VR is after about an hour of Doom on the Saturn. It’s happened twice on Doom, I think it’s the abysmal frame rate.
  19. I put my pre-order in with thegamecollection the other week on Xbox. Excited for this.
  20. Just escaped for the first time after 21 attempts, god this game is good. Spear is my weapon of choice, the sword seems poo.
  21. Can confirm mine also hasn’t come.
  22. I was going to try Cris Tales based on a fair few people saying it was a little flawed but fun. A 5 is pretty brutal though…
  23. Checked in to see what was up, can safely ignore the re-releases, didn’t like them the first time around.
  24. I started Dodgeball Academia after reading a few people on here say it's great. The combat is great fun, but the inability to grind levels kinda killed it for me.
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