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  1. 10 minutes ago, Marlowe said:

    Alternatively, original controllers with good sticks can still be found.


    Your best bet is hunting eBay for a controller in one of the funtastic colours and make sure it's specifically described as having a very good condition tight stick. Will set you back £25-30.

    I’ve already got a fair few good ones. I need to thin down my collection, my years of buying bundles of stuff on Yahoo Auctions has left me with literally dozens of Super Famicom and N64 controllers. I didn’t realise some N64 controllers could be so expensive now!

  2. Anyone ever ordered replacement stick for the first party N64 controllers? I’ve got a bunch of controllers with sticks that are between poor and totally fucked. The only ones I’ve seen are on Ali Express, anyone tried them before I order a dozen of them?

  3. Samurai Force Shing - Nintendo Switch


    I was hoping for some highly satisfying old school hack and slash action with this one but just did not find it. I actually imported this one from Japan on a whim due to the genre and trailer. It feels a bit Java game. The enemies are just not satisfying to beat. There’s no real crunch when you make contact. I might try it again at a later date, but for now it’s on the ‘done with’ pile.

  4. I just finished the main story yesterday. I think I’ll take a break from it, or possibly just be done with it. 

    I really enjoyed the storyline, typical RGG studio twists and turns. Also had a little chuckle at the scene that plays at the end during the credits.

  5. 1 hour ago, Dig Dug said:

    Forgot Saturn tribute was out today until I got the email for their eshop release.


    Going to take a guess that an English retail release isn’t on the cards.

    It probably will do purely because I realised today I bought it on both Switch and PS4 at different times and they both shipped and that’s the sort of thing that happens to me :doh::lol:

  6. Yeah I’ve been burned a few times buying limited pressings of games only for the fucking things to get a retail release. It’s made me wary of any games I’m not 100% sure I want.

  7. I’m about the same amount of time as you, couple of hours most weekdays, practically nil at weekends.


    I split my time over new and retro gaming and it just depends what I’m in the mood to play. I usually have one or two modern games on the go at any one time, at the moment it’s Hades, which I’m almost done with and Lost Judgment. I also sometimes play recently released shmups. There’s a bunch coming out this quarter so I expect retro will take a back seat.

  8. Check this out, it’s a sealed PAL Half-life on PS2, but it appears the buyer has paid for shipping to the USA. It appears they are infiltrating our market as well now. There were a few others that had US shipping on them including a sealed Futurama.



    Edit: Not that I’m arsed about them buying from over here, more fool them, and besides I’ve been raiding the Japanese market for over a decade.

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