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    My Saturn Tribute is on the way, just plumped for a regular edition. I don't have space for any more special editions
  2. phillv85


    Yeah I’ve been burned a few times buying limited pressings of games only for the fucking things to get a retail release. It’s made me wary of any games I’m not 100% sure I want.
  3. I’m about the same amount of time as you, couple of hours most weekdays, practically nil at weekends. I split my time over new and retro gaming and it just depends what I’m in the mood to play. I usually have one or two modern games on the go at any one time, at the moment it’s Hades, which I’m almost done with and Lost Judgment. I also sometimes play recently released shmups. There’s a bunch coming out this quarter so I expect retro will take a back seat.
  4. That Eurogamer review gets Yagami's name wrong for half of the review. Granted it's replaced by the actor's name, but come on.
  5. Possibly, I think these are destined for slabbing though.
  6. Check this out, it’s a sealed PAL Half-life on PS2, but it appears the buyer has paid for shipping to the USA. It appears they are infiltrating our market as well now. There were a few others that had US shipping on them including a sealed Futurama. https://www.ebay.co.uk/bfl/viewbids/124836840632?item=124836840632&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2565 Edit: Not that I’m arsed about them buying from over here, more fool them, and besides I’ve been raiding the Japanese market for over a decade.
  7. Yep, up to 75 hours in now, literally everything else is done except Achilles and the last few aspects.
  8. Ok, so Achilles finally gave me the spear. I got the shield one shortly after. As for Achilles’ story….
  9. Yeah they've all got Titan Blood invested in them. It seems Achilles is not my biggest fan.
  10. I think i'm about 70 hours in and need just 6 achievements on Xbox. Lots of people are saying it's taken them 100+ hours to finish it all and I don't know if I have another 30-50 hours in me just doing the same thing hoping for RNG to be on my side.
  11. The RNG is pissing me off now. Trying to get the last achievements and boy is it getting tiresome just blitzing through hoping to have the right conversation with some of the gods and shades etc. I’ve not unlocked a single hidden weapon aspect yet, god knows if there’s some other random conversation I need to have before I can get to those conversations….
  12. Probably just needs the vertical adjust pot moving a little. Looks like it’s widescreen the way they have it set.
  13. There aren’t any original Street Fighter 2 cabs. SF2 was only ever sold as a conversion kit with the PCB and artwork. It may be original artwork though.
  14. Yeah that's what I meant by 'talk of'. It's coming back, but they haven't really said much for a while. At least from what I've seen, I kinda dropped off from GW a year or so ago.
  15. Warhammer Fantasy is a product you can no longer buy. Some of the big factions have been migrated to its replacement, Age of Sigmar and there is talk of Fantasy returning, but as it stands there’s no Vampirates being sold by GW. I was fucking gutted when I found out that WHFB was dead and had been replaced by AOS.
  16. phillv85


    I tried the arcade mode on Natsuki, I must have done the same as Rsdio and assumed it didn't have an arcade mode because Ginga Force doesn't. It's ok I suppose, the problem for me is the levels are so easy then bosses are all just bullshit patterns. It reminds be a bit of Triggerheart Excelica with its generic mediocrity. Not sure I'm ever going to get into either Natsuki or Ginga Force with the volume of stuff I have to play.
  17. phillv85

    Edge #363

    Another reminder of how shit the local post is here. Still not had my copy
  18. phillv85


    Ah yeah I just jumped onto story mode, didn’t even notice arcade mode. Will take a look in a bit.
  19. phillv85


    Yeah I agree. It also means that scoring in the game really becomes a secondary thing because the only people playing on a level playing field are the maxed out people and those just starting. Perhaps I just need to be a bit more open. I’ll give it another go later and see how I feel.
  20. phillv85


    I never really got into Espgaluda 2 because it's so much harder than the first game which I played to death. I really need to give it a little more time. I've just started playing Natsuki Chronicles on PS4, got tired of waiting for whichever limited run company it is that's making the physical copies and bought that and Ginga Force digitally. Not sure how I feel about it just yet, the levelling up mechanic is.....interesting I think? I don't know, I prefer my games to be a little simpler, I don't really want to be underpowered then work up to being overpowered. I'd rather the devs just gave me a nice balance. I'll play some more today and see how I get on with it.
  21. The bit I've highlighted there is becoming more and more important to me. I used to love the blockbuster AAA games, but my experience has been soured over and over to the point where I mostly buy smaller titles now and wait for any big games to be in a decent state. This often means that by the time the game works properly I'm over it and just never end up buying it.
  22. I wish there was, I feel like it's a right chore trying to keep up with what's coming out, especially as my go to games are often Japanese only releases that hardly anyone wants
  23. Bloody hell, my end of year is absolutely packed. Looking at my pre-orders that are due this year.... PS4 Deathsmiles I and IIX Saturn Tribute G-Darius HD Disco Elysium Final Cut Switch Zombie Nation Tiger Heli Illmatic Envelope Swamp + Radirgy Swag Andro Dunos 2 Mario Party Superstars Streets of Rage 4 Anniversary Edition Cotton Rocn ‘n Roll Xbox Series X Lost Judgment (Xbox Series X)
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