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  1. I played through Crows: Burning Edge a few months back. One particular level I spent literally hours on trying to find Rindaman. The maps weren’t all that big, but the way to him was a little tucked away. I finally found him and beat him. Imagine my horror a few stages later when I dropped the pad, it landed on the touch pad and brought up a fucking map with your objectives marked on it. In my defence the game is entirely in Japanese and I can’t read any, but I felt a right twat.
  2. Is it BBC iPlayer you can watch Bellator on? I’ve got a quiet weekend so I might try giving it a watch.
  3. Not really followed MMA for about 5 years, interesting to see Kirill Sidelnikov on the card. I remember he was supposed to be the new Fedor (amongst many others) back in the M-1 days. Checking out his record it seems he hasn't been all that active since M-1.
  4. I thought at first they were talking about the 2006 Prey which I still don't think I can quite take as retro......
  5. Bit of a weird one from me, but I struggle to go back to games that require quite a bit of time investment if I already have most or all of the achievements unlocked. Take for instance I recently played through Chaosbane on XSX, got 1000GS on it, then went to play the extra chapter but couldn't bring myself to do it because the game was already "complete". However, if the game isn't on an Xbox or PS system with trophies or achievements it's fine, I can happily replay games on other systems whenever. I can also play shmups happily still even if they are 100%. I'm not even sure what it is with GS and Trophies, I've never really cared much for them until I got my Series X (I was a 360 owner from about 2007 and still have one set up now), yet all of a sudden my mind is telling me no, don't play that, there's no more score to get.
  6. I could do, some of them are a bit loose and grindy, others are so broken I have no idea how they got that way. I might open the worst offenders up and see what I can do.
  7. Worth noting for anyone that wasn't aware, Reboot and Tribute are available physically from Japan now and Rock'n'Roll is due out before the end of the year.
  8. Thanks for the response, this is disappointing. I'm not short of controllers, got a few that are in good condition, I was just hoping to put decent new sticks in a load of knackered ones and sell them on. I'll give it a miss for now then, they can go back up in the loft.
  9. phillv85

    Disco Elysium

    It appears so. Xbox and PS4 are getting physical editions next month but there’s nothing listed for Switch I can see.
  10. This explains why my mind can’t deal with TLOU and Beyond: Two Souls being different games. Pretty sure they came out at fairly similar times as well.
  11. There was another game that came out around the same time that had Elliot (back then as Ellen) Page as the main character. Beyond: Two Souls I think it was.
  12. Also on the Neo Geo, Bruce Lee in World Heroes
  13. Adam Baldwin in Nam 1975 At least they changed the words on his helmet to what Joker has on his helmet in Full Metal Jacket.
  14. Perfect, I’ll use my HRAP V4 for PS4 with that. Thanks!
  15. Oh is there? Thanks, I’ll take a look.
  16. Anyone using an arcade stick on the Xbox Series X? The only stick I can find that is definitely compatible is the Hori Alpha stick. There must be others?
  17. I’ve already got a fair few good ones. I need to thin down my collection, my years of buying bundles of stuff on Yahoo Auctions has left me with literally dozens of Super Famicom and N64 controllers. I didn’t realise some N64 controllers could be so expensive now!
  18. They look awesome, I was all in until I saw the price I need 10 sticks and don’t want to resort to selling kidneys quite yet.
  19. Anyone ever ordered replacement stick for the first party N64 controllers? I’ve got a bunch of controllers with sticks that are between poor and totally fucked. The only ones I’ve seen are on Ali Express, anyone tried them before I order a dozen of them?
  20. Yes, please this. Must admit I stopped playing after about 3 days because I couldn't get a game with more than one other player ever, and they always just pelted it through the levels leaving me and the bot behind, inevitably died then rage quit.
  21. I might see if I can get the wife to go and see this at the weekend. Good to hear it's a little deeper than the trailers I've seen suggest.
  22. Most people seemed to have got them within a week or so, but that is just anecdotal evidence of what I have seen.
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