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  1. On 31/10/2021 at 14:26, englishbob said:


    Just found my old PSP in its case - battery literally popped out the back as soon as I took it out. I couldn't work it out why it wouldn't go back in, and then you see it doesn't fit


    Glad I read this thread - looks like getting another battery is a pointless exercise. 


    I can't remember if this thing will just work off the mains, or if it needs the battery inserted to work?


    Yeah they'll run from mains, just checked it on mine. My battery seems to be ok expansion-wise, doesn't hold a great charge though.

  2. I'll never get tired of watching Fedor with his odd punching angles and the way he can slip a grapple. He never looks technically brilliant until you realise how effective it has been for the past two decades. 


    That Randleman suplex should have finished Fedor's career, not just that fight! Also I remember watching that Crocop fight back in the day, you don't get many fights like that. I really miss the old PRIDE FC days when most people had just one or two disciplines to their name.

  3. 11 minutes ago, Camel said:


    I played this on PS4 for the first time last night and it feels pretty swimmy. Is lag a known issue? What are you playing it on?

    Also on PS4, the lag definitely feels like an issue on the arcade games. It doesn't help that they're both double hard as well. It sounds like although PS4 has lag, the Switch version is even worse.

  4. I must have 3 or 4 orders outstanding with LRG 🤦‍♂️


    I’ll probably buy this as well, but not that shitty peripheral.


    In other news I got the Platinum trophy on Vasara Collection. Timeless mode is great fun, but the two arcade games really are a bit shit.

  5. I played through Crows: Burning Edge a few months back. One particular level I spent literally hours on trying to find Rindaman. The maps weren’t all that big, but the way to him was a little tucked away. I finally found him and beat him. Imagine my horror a few stages later when I dropped the pad, it landed on the touch pad and brought up a fucking map with your objectives marked on it. In my defence the game is entirely in Japanese and I can’t read any, but I felt a right twat.

  6. Not really followed MMA for about 5 years, interesting to see Kirill Sidelnikov on the card. I remember he was supposed to be the new Fedor (amongst many others) back in the M-1 days. Checking out his record it seems he hasn't been all that active since M-1.

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