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  1. Is the Feb 2022 at the bottom when you can expect them actually deliver the fucking thing?
  2. I made some cables for Neon Knights last week. They’ve got some cracking 4 player boards on their way there.
  3. I’ve not got my copy either. I think I’m just going to cancel my sub, this is pointless.
  4. phillv85


    I’m in the opposite camp to @ImmaculateClump, the arcade game in my opinion is pretty low tier in the CAVE standings. I am looking forward to trying out M2’s extra modes though, M2 have been brilliant with their shmups.
  5. phillv85


    Bloody hell my Dangun Feveron is taking its time to get here. It's just cleared customs at Heathrow after spending 2 weeks in the US after DHL got their hands on it.
  6. phillv85


    Initial impressions are that Radirgy Swag is pretty fun and Illvelo is less fun. It’s a bit too grindy and requires you to do tasks to get to more difficult levels.
  7. I’m not sure what they can realistically offer me that will make it worth it to me but I’ll wait and see what the offering is.
  8. phillv85


    Aye, mine’s gone from North Carolina to Illinois. I assume a man walked there with it it’s taken so bloody long.
  9. I’ve not played a Call of Duty in years, is this one particularly worse than previous entries or do Edge not join the COD circle jerk all the other reviewers do?
  10. I swear some of you guys must have this weeks before mine ever comes. Feels like 365 only dropped through my door a couple of weeks back.
  11. You deluded fools. Skyrim hasn’t had a new release since the Anniversary Edition 2 weeks ago, they’re clearly busy putting another version together, this time with only a few thousand bugs.
  12. phillv85


    I thought as much as well, they take the piss with the length of time things take to dispatch.
  13. phillv85


    Dangun Feveron on PS4 has finally shipped
  14. phillv85


    My copy has shipped, but from Play-Asia which seems to take about 2 weeks.
  15. phillv85

    Disco Elysium

    No longer, it’s arrived!!
  16. When it comes to gaming buddies none of them really have the same tastes as me. 2 guys I work with are usually into the latest and greatest, there's occasionally overlap here, we played the shit out of The Division a few years back, tried a bit of Monster Hunter too. My arcade buddies are all unsurprisingly into arcade games, I only really game with them when we meet up and it's at an arcade. Most of my mates play FIFA or a bit of GTA, some play COD Warzone. I don't really enjoy any of those games. The rest of my mates think I'm a fucking idiot because I have a room full of games My interests are mostly in fighting games, shoot em ups or games from Ryu ga Gotoku Studio. I do like to try other stuff out of course. Recently I've loved Hades, Chaosbane, Crows: Burning Edge, Necromunda: Hired Gun etc. so I'm not totally stuck in my ways. I don't really know what I'm getting at here other than to say everyone has different tastes. It's a bummer when your mates are constantly bringing stuff down, nobody needs that. I only really game with my mates when we find that special thing we all like, but when it happens it's bloody brilliant.
  17. The service manual says it’s got a full 21 pin scart socket which to me says it should be RGB.
  18. phillv85


    Bloody hell, you can have the Switch version delivered to your house for less.
  19. Thanks, it's interesting to hear how some of this stuff works without diving into a 10 hour youtube video with acronyms being flung at you. I still don't see anything new that doesn't have existing tech in place, but at least I understand how they may now integrate this.
  20. Ah interesting. Now preventing piracy could definitely be a good thing. Any idea how intensive on systems or the blockchain ledger checks would be?
  21. I don't really know a great deal about NFT's, I have little interest in them unless they're going to invade my game space. What about NFT's, if anything, would stop piracy of an artificially scarce digital game?
  22. I’m mildly excited at present, I’m sure there’ll be some great games out.
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