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  1. That’s just reminded me I have them ordered with First Press Games. Just checked their release status and almost all of it has been pushed back. Those guys are probably going to end up going bust before I get anything from them 🙄

  2. 19 minutes ago, Goemon said:

    Loved this game. Interesting to know why you find it so difficult. I think it’s important to balance your pace through the levels.


    Too slow and enemies continue to spawn and you end up not moving forward, too quick and you get a substantial build up on enemies which can make death very swift.


    Another thing to note is if you can down time in a level your health will boost back up. Also, it’s important to take the shield with you (I think you get it from the start) which can really help.



    I actually was going to come back and retract my earlier statement. Despite saying I was done with it I did give it another go and this time it clicked. I've now played through the entire game and really enjoyed it. It is, as you say, all to do with pacing yourself. I do think the first stage is one of the hardest in the game (at least comparatively when you first start playing). Trying to take down that aircraft in time was a nightmare for me on my first few attempts. 


    I found most of the weapons in the game rubbish, I only really used the machine gun and two of the types of missiles. Slick use of the shield is also important as you say, particularly later on.

  3. 1. Streets of Rage 2
    2. Odin Sphere Leifdrasir
    3. Deathsmiles
    4. Yakuza 0
    5. Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
    6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    7. Elevator Action Returns
    8. Battle Garegga
    9. Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi
    10. Sonic the Hedgehog (1991 video game)
    11. Magical Drop III
    12. DoDonPachi Resurrection
    13. The Last Blade 2
    14. Final Fantasy VII
    15. X-Men vs. Street Fighter
    16. Twinkle Star Sprites
    17. Metal Slug 2
    18. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    19. Fallout 3
    20. Diablo III


    I've probably missed something out here, but this will be my final list.

  4. Assault Suit Leynos- PS4


    i’ve tried at this a few times now thinking this’ll be the time it all comes together, but every time I get absolutely stomped and end up giving up after 20 minutes. It’s a shame because I really enjoy the game, I just cannot get anywhere in it, it’s so bloody difficult. Not sure I’ll go back to it again.

  5. I reckon Tatsujin, Zero Wing and Hellfire but holy shit would I like one that saw Batsugun get the M2 treatment.

  6. The bomb cancelling is really bloody hard to do, your timing needs to be really good. The only stage I can semi reliably do it on is Volcano, but if you stuff it up it costs you millions of points.


    My advice would be get used to survival, then get used to killing enemies with the correct shot for max skulls, then get all lvl 3 clear without EX. After that decide on bomb cancelling or EX. The EX stage is absolutely well difficult with suicide bullets. It also changes Jitterbug and Tyrannosatan’s patterns which always messes it up for me.

  7. 1 hour ago, strawdonkey said:

    Have been getting into Deathsmiles as the first Cave game I've played in a while, having a lot of fun with it but it's the first shmup in a while where I'm having real visibility problems with some of the obstacles. I find the enemies pop out of nowhere a bit too much and I'm taking more hits from getting decked by stuff appearing from offscreen than I am from actual bullet hazards, until the final boss at least which is a huge step up from the rest of the game.


    The design and presentation is the maddest shit though. One of the stage bosses is just a massive cow?

    Yeah you do need to stay pretty central in Deathsmiles, at least until you learn the enemy appearance spots, particularly in the Theme Park and Hades castle loads of the bastards come from below you and can get you cornered pretty easy, especially if you’ve activated suicide bullets by playing all level 3.


    Are you getting the 2up from Jitterbug by not bombing him? Makes tyrannosatan quite a lot easier having the extra bomb stock and lives.

  8. 3 hours ago, Camel said:

    Is that the M2 release? Is it a Jp only release?


    I still haven’t played Tiger Heli yet 😕

    Yep and yep. I’ve also still not got around to Tiger Heli, only opened this because it was on the side when I was ready to game.

  9. Got my copies of Hizou Same! Same! Same! delivered. Anyone else had a play through it yet? I’ve had a quick blast on easy mode on both of the main games and enjoyed them, Fire Shark being the better of the two.

  10. Both of my CDi’s have more or less dead battery’s. A good session might get you a few hours of off time before your save gets wiped. Sadly there aren’t many games you’d actually want to play for a decent session.


    It hasn’t caused me any more issues than that though, I’m surprised to hear it can brick systems. I’d have thought the only way it could do that is if the battery has ruptured and damaged the chip it’s cemented into.

  11. I've got one, had it about 10 years now, so nowhere near from new. It's a cool little curio, it was even interesting enough to get my (very much non-gamer) dad to stick his face in it and play Mario tennis for a couple of minutes. I find it's a little too delicate to just leave out, so have to put it away after each use and as such it doesn't come out often. Maybe when I get the games room done I'll give it a permanent spot, but probably not 😅

  12. Started on Megaman: The Wily Wars today. Beat the first four bosses of Megaman 1 before I had to get back to work. I think I might stick at it. I’ve never really spent a lot of time with Megaman games before, but I enjoyed what I played so far. They don’t seem to be as difficult as people make out, although I still have Iceman to do, and I remember that stage being an utter twat from when I made myself a Wily Wars cart out of an EPROM and a Megagames donor cart a few years back as an experiment.

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