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  1. Looks like there’s quite a bit of variation. Rockman games for instance appear to have been around 7000 yen, but Japan’s almost complete lack of inflation means that is only equivalent to around 8000 yen today. £7000 for comparison in 1990 would be over £15,000 today.
  2. Must admit I love DonPachi and DDP probably more than any other Saturn shooters. At least you’ve got some of the heavy hitters there. RSG and Garegga both cost a pretty penny. If you need any help or advice when buying just let me know, happy to help
  3. Yeah, but not by a whole lot. They cost £36 and £55 respectively with the 500 yen base fee included. Then there was internal shipping in Japan (averaged 350 yen per game of the 13 I got). Consolidation fee for them all of 1000 yen total. Shipping was another 4000 yen (via Fedex, which is really good) then 20% VAT with a £12 fee from fedex. From some rough maths DonPachi comes in delivered just under £50 and DDP at about £72. On a good day on eBay you might get either of them for that price, but you might wait months for that auction to finish there. The main reason I buy from Japan though is j
  4. I love those old Hori sticks, got a Fight Stick SS, and 3 Fight Stick PS’. If I’m buying a stick for a system new or old I more or less always gravitate to Hori. Also got one of the VF 3 button Saturn sticks that I’ll never use, but looks really cool. I wish sticks for the DC were as cheap and plentiful in Japan or here as they are for SS and PS1. I still use my Brook adapter on the DC.
  5. My spending has continued and I’m already eyeing a bunch of stuff to buy on payday
  6. I got my replacement today and it's actually come in the old plastic sleeve. As much as I hate plastic, it's better than getting ruined issues of a magazine. I don't know if this plastic is biodegradable but the old, old plastic ones with the blue backs certainly were. I found that out after I tried to move a bunch of 5 year old issues that I'd carefully placed back in the sleeve. There were bits of it everywhere, but at least I could throw the sleeves away with a clearer conscious.
  7. Top row is fighters: Pretty Fighter X, FIST, Waku Waku 7 and Suiko Enbu The big box is Game Tengoku special version that comes with some VHS I can't watch. Then the 8 middle ones, Left to right, top to bottom we have Soukyugurentai, Layer Section and Capcom Generations 1. Layer Section II, DoDonPachi and Gokujoh Parodius. DonPachi and Dezaemon II. I buy them through Yahoo auctions using Buyee as my proxy. It works out marginally cheaper even with VAT than eBay. Buyee were doing perfect for me for years until the previous package that arrived that was missing a game and
  8. I think it'll just be the base unit for me. I don't mind paying ~£150 for the unit delivered, but £450 is a joke for the full set.
  9. The Viking God of War, the tutorial was one of the dullest moments in my gaming history.
  10. I also didn't get on with Burning Rangers, it just did nothing for me. I've tried it a couple of times but could never get into it. I'm also playing the PAL version, but I don't think it's refresh rates that are bringing my experience down. Maybe I'll give it another go, I need to set my Japanese Saturn back up because I've got a bunch of games arriving today (fingers crossed Fedex don't fuck it up again). I'll also drag one of the PAL Saturn's out as I can at least swap the connection to my monitors then between them.
  11. Amazon do seem the best way. I got both mine and my brothers just using the regular Amazon site on my PC, just added to basket first time and checked out with no issues.
  12. Hopefully they remove some of the worst bugs before the physical version appears. Pleased to hear the weapons feel powerful, that was my biggest gripe with Deathwing, no Genestealer should be able to take dozens of bolter rounds to its bonce, much less more than one plasma cannon shot.
  13. I store all my games on shelves in my spare bedroom/ man cave. I'm planning to convert the loft in the next couple of years to give me more space for the overflow. I don't worry one bit about disc rot. Maybe I've been lucky, but I've never had it happen to me yet on an original game and I've got disc based games that are over 30 years old. The only thing I've ever had fail on me are cheap CD-R's from the 90's. I'd have thought keeping them vertical would be the best way of storing them. If they're horizontal they're more likely to bow (although almost certainly too light unless you
  14. I didn't even realise people had more than a casual moan about this stuff until that guy's post on resetera was linked and he seemed outraged after he'd supported Bethesda for so long and now he wouldn't be able to play their games. Back in my day it just accepted that different consoles had different games. You just played what was available to you I personally think a bit of competition is a good thing. Sony can't have Fallout anymore? If the appetite is there then maybe they'll develop their own take on it. We might actually see some good games come of it.
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