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  1. Persona 2 collectors sealed sold for £160 last month, I think P3 Portable Collectors was something similar unsealed. I was a little surprised to say the least.
  2. Just been looking up the value of some of mine. The PSP Persona games are OMFG expensive now. Now if only the two I have would offset the cost of all the other shite I collected.
  3. I used to buy them all for the 360. They now surround my games room almost completely, and some are sat in the loft because they’re fkin massive. Most of them are crap, and I felt pretty burned by some, which caused me to re-evaluate my buying of them. Duke Nukem Forever was a bad one, but the one that really got me was Aliens: Colonial Marines. I think I paid £60 for it, and it was available new on Amazon for something like £13 within 2 days of release such was the backlash. Now I just buy them for games I really want them for, and then, only if the contents are cool. The last 2 I bought were Streets of Rage 4 Signature Edition and Esp Ra De Sai.
  4. Just fired up Speedball 2 on the MD. What a wonderful game, got a sore thumb now mind.
  5. Tried out Super Smash Wii U today. Verdict is that it’s alright. I was expecting a master piece after checking the reviews, and while it looks great and has lots of options, there just wasn’t the substance I was looking for. I guess I need to wait for Covid to piss off then get some friends over for some couch vs to get the best experience.
  6. Child of Eden is pretty trippy. It’s also very pretty. Espgaluda 2 is another region free CAVE shooter. Mushihimisama Futari is as above. Soldier of Fortune 2 is a fun FPS that doesn’t take itself seriously. Dante’s Inferno is a 3rd person God of War type game based on the Inferno part of The Divine Comedy Deathsmiles is CAVE’s finest piece of work in my opinion Persona 4 Arena is basically Guilty Gear or BlazBlue with Persona characters. WarTech: Senko no Ronde is a one vs one arena shoot em up. Quite interesting, I found it balls out difficult though. edit: Just seen you have WarTech. Fun game!
  7. Definitely give it a try, if nothing else it’s pretty calming to play and looks super cute.
  8. Not sure if the Wii U counts for this section, but I’ve been on a bit of a collecting kick for it, and have started trying out a few of my new purchases. CoD Black Ops II is ok, not found any glaring issues with it. Yoshi’s Woolly World is a pleasant bit of fun. A little too easy to blast through the stages, but collecting everything is a pig at times. I’m going to try Pikmin 3 later.
  9. I didn’t even realise it was important impactful as the title says “greatest”. To me, that’s two very different things. Like the Big Mac is probably the most impactful burger ever, but it’s sure as shit not the greatest. The model T Ford for cars was the same....
  10. Yeah the 360 is immense. It’s #2 for me after the Mega Drive.
  11. Resident Evil 2 - I thoroughly enjoyed my play through with both Leon and a Claire, I had no appetite to run the new game+ or B game whatever it was called, nor play the original runs again on any platform. Fallout New Vegas - Finished it with one of the endings, meant to go back to it but just never did. Never could be bothered. Zelda Ocarina of Time - I mentioned in another thread that me and Zelda games don’t really click. I played this to the end and enjoyed it, but I don’t think there’ll ever be a time I want to spend however many hours playing it again. Final Fantasy VII - One of the games i’ve enjoyed playing through the most. However there is no way I could go back and play the original adventure again.
  12. That’s a very kind offer! I may take you up on it, otherwise I’ll keep my eye out on Yahoo auctions for it, I bet it can be had for a few quid on there.
  13. I’ve definitely got Rolling Thunder, Turtles and Metro Cross. I think I have Arkanoid as well, not sure on Kid Niki. I mostly play Gun Dec and Ninja Gaiden on mine, I love those games.
  14. Nice, it’s one I’ll keep my eye out for.
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