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  1. It’s an FPS, certainly not text heavy. The corridors all looking the same will probably be a bigger barrier than the language 😅
  2. Yeah the NesicaX Live and All.net services are brutal. Although the op’s no longer have to pay for the hardware, so there is less risk on a big title actually being shit. One of EXA Arcadia’s main selling points is that the operator gets to keep all the money.
  3. Just had another run and died after the stage 3 mid-boss, lost my tank by getting a little gung ho and it’s hard when there’s two tanks firing at you on foot and a couple of guys throwing grenades. Managed to get 2 of the 50k point bonuses on the second stage, if you get the doll quick enough it’s 50k, otherwise 5k, then the frog that goes down with the bridge when it gets blown up. My high score so far: 329580
  4. MK9 was great from what I remember. Mortal Kombat 2 is still my favourite. The fatalities on that at the time were unbelievable to 10 year old me. I’m also hugely nostalgic for the first game, when we found out the blood code it was a great time.
  5. Just had my first credit on it in ages, managed to get to the stage 3 boss, although I dropped two silly lives along the way. My best ever run on 1 credit was the stage 4 boss so I’m going to work towards getting there again. I have credit fed in the past and the last stage is an utter twat, it’ll take some learning.
  6. I’m fairly sure that Chain Reaction on the Saturn is the first MD game as well.
  7. I think Dune 2 was superseded by Dune 2000 on PC but happy to be corrected.
  8. Yeah the smaller items appear to be random, but the big items need to be triggered. I’m not as familiar with the first one as two, but in 2 you can do things like kill the helicopters in order for big points and bundle over the NPC’s so they drop stuff etc.
  9. Thanks! It was my first, and now my last cab. Please do start a topic, I’ve still never 1CC’d the Challenge mode despite coming close a few times.
  10. I think I have that on both Mega CD and CD32 but have never played it, guessing it’s regarded as a stinker?
  11. Good choice! I’ll load it in my cab tomorrow and gave it a blast. Not played the first game for ages, spend most of my MVS time on Metal Slug 2 or Magical Drop III.
  12. Mine’s arrived today 😐
  13. Just in case someone else wanted to have a guess 😅
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