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  1. It’s vintage Steve Martin in the finale. The elevator….hahahah
  2. I share the love for Raymond - it's massively overlooked and has some really wonderful moments - I watched it too much and avoid these days since the older cast all started dying off. The others - The King of Queens (the characters are just mean), Mike and Molly (endless fat jokes), Third Rock (a joke spread far too thin), Cheers (Sam as a character has not aged well) and then Frasier (amazing but it's on an endless loop).
  3. like Tony Stark is a bit smart, Bruce has anger management issues and Steve is great at frisbee. He's a super spy who is probably the best archer on the planet!
  4. Going to pick up the Treasury of Dragons..as I love dragons.
  5. Prospect - I really enjoyed this. It’s pretty simple and straight forward but better for it imho. 4/5 My partner on the other hand found it slow, boring and uneven…2/5
  6. Shield and MCU are within same timeline. There are a few overlaps between the two.
  7. Matrix was simply beautiful. More recommendations? or sites for hd reviews?
  8. That’s great news. This has been great fun, although I do totally love Martin and Short so utterly biased.
  9. Tempted now. We never watched the season 1 finale as we were just so fed up of the characters but you’ve made season 2 sound much more interesting.
  10. Got the player. Is The Matrix uhd good?
  11. Well I’m on the final main mission somehow. All heart, masses of ki so I can block and dodge well but if my guard breaks or I dodge badly…it’s a world of hurt. Going to take on the level later tonight and see how it goes.
  12. Poltergeist has a special place in my heart..I think I first saw it when I was 10…terrifying.
  13. 2.The Shining. I recognise the carpet. I’m out.
  14. Please explain why you find it flavourless and forgettable? imo the latter half of the film is where it steps up a gear.
  15. Gutted that they tanked monkey target..many an evening was spent with @dreamylittledream back in the day.
  16. Just watched it again. Liked it more.
  17. The adventure continues…I’m now fighting a flying dude in the top floor of a burning castle. I’m pretty much focused on my sword and don’t really get any of the advanced techniques..couple of hits, back away, recharge…go in again. My character isn’t very well balanced..it’s all about heart.
  18. The ad was fantastic.
  19. This one felt like a cut above the others. The way…
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