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  1. Yeah, I got a health regen ability which gave me +2 health each hit but knocked of 60% health. So all went well until i got to the big hitters...
  2. I'm 8 runs in and just got my arse handed to me by T & M. Its been a treat so far.
  3. It was a very flat episode for me. Doesn’t help that we’ve just finished watching the Noel Fielding et al series.
  4. Just what I needed. Silly monster mashing fun. (I rented it..no regrets)
  5. Because...erm..things.
  6. Omg..even the mid credit scene is fucking awful.
  7. Amazon Prime tomorrow?
  8. It isn’t finished yet but this ranks as not only one of the worst superhero films I’ve ever seen but one of my least favourite films ever. I watched some utter shite in my time but this...well this...it not only takes the biscuit, it takes the packet, eats the whole lot in a frenzy, shits it out and then, without pause, smashes the biscuity shite right back into its greedy face. It’s misguided, problematic, wasteful and just plain awful. Shameful.
  9. My dear wife really wanted to watch this. About 45 mins she declared “well, it’s just so unnecessary” and it has just got worse and worse. It’s trying to cram so much in and escalating the story to a nonsensical level. What worse is she sat and watched Wonder Woman and Aqua Man yesterday and declared them bullshit....shrug.
  10. No retro for me. I’m recently embraced PC gaming so playing lots of retro stuff and paying pennies via steam etc. I half considered getting back into dc collecting but the market is just crazy.
  11. Bubble Bobble. After decades of playing it I’m still learning new things about it. (Got the red bubble power up yesterday for the first time)
  12. Fallout 4. I love the building aspect of the game. Probably put upwards of 100 hrs easily into the game. Never completed the main quest.
  13. agreed. Living in a seaside town was excellent. 3 arcades... the top arcade - was frequented by the older guys as had fruities, pool tables and a row of games (first played bubble bobble and double dragon here). Had the more expensive cabs...like 4 player tmht. the middle arcade - lots more cabs - crime fighters, aliens, hammerin Harry (friend almost tipped the cabinet on himself in rage once), golden axe, gang wars, lethal enforcers. Changed quite often. the bottom arcade - a more typical seaside arcade, 2p machines and the like. Had a selection of cabs t
  14. We should do this...no....we must do this.
  15. @Papaya Dance he is in Carnival Row, although not the main focus.
  16. Never played a Monster Hunter before...the frankly stellar reviews mean I’m going in.
  17. Are they planning to release pro only games?
  18. Watch the episode Unending. It’s amongst the best of SG1.
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