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  1. I do miss Grainger games, they had good trade values and better than game new prices. Shame they went bust.
  2. ....run at her when she goes invisible.
  3. Didn’t something happen with the original Xbox where you got some free games and a controller because of a price reduction?
  4. Also bought. Thanks for the heads up
  5. The main issue with Godfather 3 is the terrible casting...Andy Garcia, Eli Wallach, George Hamilton,Sofia Coppola...not sure a recut will resolve that.
  6. True, being from the Highlands, our local proper comic shop was approx 100 miles away which is probably why we only knew about those on tv / film.
  7. Damn it. I was on tenterhooks waiting for your report.
  8. Had an amazing game lastnight. Our support craft player played a perfect game, kept my bomber shielded at nearly every opportunity. Felt invincible.
  9. yup. He seems to have embraced his Star Wars past now after being quite dismissive, if not a bit rude about it previously.
  10. It fizzled at the end for me with the big bad mr weasel of weasel town reveal and cgi overload but otherwise I found it quite entertaining. Harley Quinn was a tonally confused mess.
  11. im disappointed that no one spotted this was from Adventures in Babysitting and not a Thor movie. I expected more.
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