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  1. Through Biome 5 on my first go so quite happy with that, the pylon gun is magical. Almost instantly splatted in Biome 6.
  2. I’ve warmed to it a little over the years. It’s still not great but there is some fun to had.
  3. Popped it on for a 30 min run just to explore Biome 3 as I wasn’t getting very far into it..but the stars aligned and I exited Biome 1 with my health nearly doubled, 4 healing items and an astronaut..so smashed my way through Biome 3 rather straightforwardly then all the way through Biome 4 and now lurking in Biome 5. I was just about to give up aswell.
  4. I've never understood the hate for Hawkeye so I'm really looking forward to the series.
  5. As others have said it’s a mix of The Mummy, pirates and Indiana Jones but can’t hold a candle to any of them. There’s lots of references to the ride which are lost on me. Enjoyable but forgettable. spoilers
  6. It makes perfect sense for SJ et al to tackle this. Disney have changed their distribution method and should have renegotiated the contracts accordingly. This needs to be sorted early before we wander into the same issues the music industry is facing.
  7. Didn’t get that but I expect you would have found a terminal.
  8. I played it when it first came out…there weren’t any npcs at all, just holotapes and recordings….boring. Reaally boring.
  9. You’d think they would have sorted that out before release.
  10. Crime Fighters has a dodgy mrs whiplash thing going on in its later levels also….and this… https://femalevillains.fandom.com/wiki/Dominatrix_(Crime_Fighters)
  11. Found this code in my email: Splatoon 2 Bonus Gear : C0W6493NG3CTBLP8
  12. And Phrike is down. 2nd proper run and I’ve only played about 2 hrs but really loving it. The next level is such a change in surroundings and I got massacred by some armoured fauna.
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