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  1. Same here regarding Supercars2..watched a video on YouTube and the music brought the memories back. The game itself looks quite sedate these days.
  2. @Stejay I’m going in. Recommendations please.
  3. Recently I remembered a game on the Amiga...I recall the graphics being amazing. Like next level sort of amazing..beautiful, really detailed like something from the future. I looked it up... but sometimes things are as fun as you remember..
  4. I’d have gone for: Kirk - Spock Picard - Data Sisko - Dax Janeway - Seven Archer - Tripp Burnham - Burnham
  5. Really love this podcast and the quality of the guests has been superb so far.
  6. Better than the last two anyway.
  7. I’ve been watching the odd episode of Next Generation on The Horror Channel. Tonight’s was really fun - Conundrum. The intercour....erm...play between Ensign Ro and Riker is a particular highlight.
  8. I’m saving the us edit for later. Currently tohos last monster movie is on prime...Space Amoeba. It’s like a best of with all the major troupes accounted for and has perhaps the worst monster of any of the films.
  9. go to the expanse thread. It does take a few episodes to get going but it’s worth it.
  10. I say her the other day in friends ..as the judge who refused to allow Ross and Rachaels annulment.
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