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  1. Last time I played I died in the first session. Anyone can do better than that.
  2. What character sheets do I need to use?
  3. Personally I don't think it works with the tone of the film - Smart Hulk appearing would be a high note, but the end of the film was all about the low.
  4. it’s mentioned here as well as his other gripes... https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a843400/christopher-eccleston-marvel-dishonest-thor-the-dark-world/ and https://www.comicbookmovie.com/thor/thor-the-dark-world-alan-taylor-talks-more-deleted-scenes-and-potential-directors-cut-a89684#gs.ubbpac
  5. Well...there wasn’t a general tone at this point. This was only the second movie and it feels like it was retrofitted into the MCU at the last moment. The fight at the end was diabolical...our cinema screen was particularly dark so we couldn’t see what as happening at all.
  6. Apparently there was a lot regarding the dark elves which ended up on the cutting room floor sadly. I think Eccleston was pretty miffed about it. It’s bottom tier MCU sure but I wouldn’t say it’s bad, it was just surpassed by the movies that came after in almost every way.
  7. Yeah the accounts worthless, it’s a good £100 over priced.
  8. My wife and I find Sandra Bullocks eye brows really distracting.
  9. I think I’m going to keeping simple...to the rule books!
  10. Finally saw a glorious King Fisher perching by the River Aire. Beautiful.
  11. She drops the necklace in the water but is alone at the time. The very end where she returns to the ship and all the other victims are there is one of the best moments in cinema. although we still wonder what her poor husband who is hanging around in the afterlife is thinking.
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