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  1. Nice. I’m from just along the road in Nairn / Auldearn but moved away long ago. In this weather it’s stunning, it’s still beautiful in the autumn and winter...only you can’t tell cause it’s dark and raining..lol.
  2. I hadn’t realised that he was only 49/50 when he starred in Cocoon. Really confused me when the report said he has died at 85, I was expecting him to be at least 100.
  3. Gwangi

    1440p or 4K

    Isn’t that glow rather than bleed? I’m going to check out my monitor later.
  4. Welcome. I got mine from pcspecialist, cost was £1600. Very content with it.
  5. you need to give the detail. What happened?
  6. Just finished this again on PC..still utterly brilliant and a real killer no filler title. Action all the way and the airport / music still does it for me.
  7. I've joined the Rllmuk Steam Group. Now I really should play some games.
  8. I was about to post the same moan about launchers...I’ve got 6 separate ones now. My lastest two cheap purchase required the origin (dead space) and rockstar launchers (max payne 3).
  9. New monitor is utterly stunning..next up..better mouse and keyboard.
  10. All are welcome in this thread of joy.
  11. So who is getting this on pc and what should our squadron be called.
  12. So I’ve got this coming.. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-07-18-digital-foundrys-best-gaming-monitor-is-56-cheaper-today This has been an expensive month. Going to need to sell my PS4 and Switch...keeping the Xbox as I have game pass for another couple of years.
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