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  1. Damn! I'm sat watching him in the Training Day TV series thinking 'he needs to be in better stuff' and now the poor guy's dead RIP
  2. First VHS I remember owning myself and bought with my own pocket money was Transformers The Movie, which I kept hold of until the first Sony DVD version was released in 2000 or so. Things like Star Wars and James Bond were always taped off the TV but TF The Movie never seemed to be on so I saved up for it and bought it from Woolworths. First DVD was actually a trio I grabbed in MVC ( where you needed to be a member to get a 'special' discount) just after I had bought my first Matsui DVD player from Dixons; The Mummy, Dusk Till Dawn 2 and The Waterboy. First Bluray was another bundle; Black Hawk Down and Spider Man which were thrown in with a PS3 from Blockbusters when they were released. First HD-DVD was Transformers as it was bundled with the player from Gamestation. So many defunct shops in that list.
  3. 'Go on Bobby, tell 'em about the joke about the Mau-Mau'. "YOU KNOW I'VE GOT THIS GUN!?!?"* *Well, I say gun but it's actually a bubblegum pink camo for a gun you've already unlocked, locked behind a in-game micro transaction for £1.69"
  4. I'd rather they did a Jump Street/Central Intelligence crossover. You could have Hart eyeballing Cube and Channing eyeballing Dwayne like they recognise each other from their other buddy movies, and Jonah all like "no-one knows me ".
  5. After hearing some good things about this, I got hold of the first 4 episodes and yeah, it's actually pretty great imo. The basic premise is that Mickey (Olson) is a grifter and waster who blows through life one swindle at a time. She goes to her wealthier sister's annual BBQ, at which point the sister and her husband are arrested for tax evasion leaving Mickey as the guardian of her niece and nephews. It's pretty basic and tame (especially by Olson's Always Sunny antics) but it's good humoured, well written and well acted. Jimmy and Alba are great supporting characters and the kids obnoxiousness means that Mickey comes across in the way the show intends; incompetent as a role model but a good guardian to 3 entitled brats who are used to getting their way, no matter what it costs.
  6. As one of 'THE FAITHFUL'TM I'm feeling a bit glum really, while Mario Odyssey looked interesting it reeked of Sonic Adventure 2 (and look how that 'helped' Sega's console business out ), plus Splatoon 2, MK8.2 and BoTW (which I'll get on my Wii-U, unless it's cancelled then I just won't bother with it) just don't have enough pull to make it worth the frankly high price-point at launch. Maybe once some more Nintendo exclusives are revealed it'll make it a bit more enticing (fingers crossed for new instalments of Metroid Prime or 2D, Kid Icarus, Wave Race, Advance Wars, Kirby 2D, F-Zero, 1080, Starfox, Sin & Punishment, Luigi's Mansion or even StarTropics) plus they need to really get on with getting third-party support and their titles made aware to the public. EA is a good start but realistically Activision and Ubisoft need to be fully on-board to help buoy sales, which given how they both got burned with the poor reception of their Wii & Wii-U ports isn't that likely IMO.
  7. Yeah, I'd echo the sentiment that this was merely okay. Very disappointed after the brilliance of McQuarrie's work with Cruise on JR1 and M:I5. Zwick can do epic action but isn't suited to the sort of (dare I say) Bourne-ish action needed for this, I love all of his stuff which he does with sweeping battle shots and slow pans around beautiful vistas in things like Glory, Blood Diamond & Last Samurai, but this needed tightly shot, fast cut action like the first one and a decent story without a cliched plot device. Tom Cruise is on point but overall the film disappointed.
  8. The new EP is pretty great. I didn't realise that Atticus Ross is now an official member of NiN. Good move really, their soundtracks and collaboration on How To Destroy Angels have all been consistently great.
  9. Looking over these lists, there are some bits I didn't even realise came out. Here's mine; 01 - Anthrax - For All Kings 02 - Slaves - Take Control 03 - Avenged Sevenfold - The Stage 04 - Disasterpeace - Hyper Light Drifter 05 - Austin Wintory - Abzu 06 - Jones - New Skin 07 - Ramin Djwadi - Westworld 08 - Megadeth - Dystopia 09 - Metallica - Hardwired to Self Destruct 10 - Devin Townsend - Transcendence (Dis)Honourable Mentions to other stuff I've listened to this year; Alter Bridge - The Last Hero Bastille - Wild World Benny Benassi - Danceaholic Bungie - Destiny Rise of Iron David Bowie - Blackstar Empire of the Sun - Two Vines Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression Jack Savoretti - Sleep No More Karma to Burn - Mountain Czar Kings of Leon - Walls Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker Lonely Island - Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Madness - Can't Touch Us Now Meat Loaf - Braver Than We Are Monster Truck - Sittin' Heavy Opeth - Sorceress Red Hot Chili Peppers - The Getaway Rolling Stones - Blue and Lonesome Sia - This Is Acting Sting - 57th & 9th Tremonti - Dust Zakk Wylde - Book of Shadows 2 65 Days of Static - No Man's Sky Michael Giachinno gets a super-special mention due to him making some pretty good soundtracks for Star Trek Beyond, Star Wars: Rogue One and Dr. Strange.
  10. He played Old Bill, the old Host that Ford sits and drinks with in a couple of episodes.
  11. So, 9 episodes in and I've actually enjoyed the majority of it. It's been well written for the most part, the characters are being fleshed out well, and they've got a nice handle on the Murtaugh and Riggs dynamics. The biggest surprise has been that Clayne Crawford has been quite enjoyable as Riggs, his emotionality when dealing with his wife issues has been great. Wayans is also great as Murtaugh, his reactions and interactions with Crawford have been spot-on.
  12. Tetchy

    Titanfall 2

    My current rollout for this to use that extra battery perk, earn the first one, plonk it in a friendly titan to quickly earn my Titan. I'm always getting batteries for my teammates, but no bugger does for me. Still, it gets me my Legion in who is a death dealer, easily the heaviest hitter and with a double dash boost it becomes a menace
  13. This weeks episode has Holt's ultimate moment; Diaz; Oh my God Captain, She's magnificent! Holt: VINDICATIOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!
  14. While I'm sure his dramas were very good, what has the famous, and recently deceased, playwright got to do with Westworld?
  15. To be fair to New Top Gear, the films were beautifully shot as well, it was just that Chris Evans spoiled them, LeBlanc was mostly good though. Anyway, this was great and am looking forward to the next episode. One caveat though; I hope in future episodes they pitch The Tent at race tracks so they can do a proper "Celebrity Lap" concept, seemed to be something that was sorely missing, imo. Other than that, I really enjoyed the show.
  16. Worth 8 years wait? Not quite, imo. The production is better but there's a lack of urgency in the material. It's not as instant as Death Magnetic but it's still a very good Metallica album. It'll probably grow on me like Anthrax's For All Kings, which I now consider to be the best of the recent Big 4 albums.
  17. Agree with the general consensus of it overall being very good but missing that 'something' to make it utterly compelling throughout. I like the direction it was heading at the end and would love to see a season two, however next time we'll see Cage will likely be in the Defenders, or bit parting in DD Season 3 given the events in the finale.
  18. Back at the start of the 90s in Gardener St. Brighton, way before it was the Komedia and the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, there was a flea market set-up called the Jubilee Shopping Mall (a grandiose falsehood if there ever was one). It was amazing. Upstairs was a second hand music seller, sold me tapes, CDs and vinyl for cheaps, in the basement was the bric-a-brac with some hidden US comic gems and on the ground floor, along with the greasy spoon cafe, was TCM Games. They were my main go-to-guys for imported SNES games. They were expensive but as I got to know Tony and Christine they let me have good deals and even ordered stuff for me direct from trade. They were good people, they let me play on the new titles on their huge CRT behind the counter and I have very happy memories of killing hours there (and at Hive Comics which opened a lot later but was also run by a great lad named Steve). They moved to bigger premises when the 'mall' was bought out but Tony had a heart attack (non-fatal thankfully), piracy on PS1 became rife which slowed trade and they shut up shop in about 1999 or 2000.
  19. He was another of the 'Oh, it's him!' actors you'd see in film, but he was always really good. RIP
  20. This week was much better, from the writing to the guest stars. It felt more Lethal Weapon-esque overall.
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