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  1. 01 - The Darkness - Pinewood Smile
    02 - Mastodon - Emperor of Sand
    03 - Queens of the Stone Age - Villains
    04 - Sepultura - Machine Messiah
    05 - Foo Fighters - Concrete & Gold
    06 - Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?
    07 - Moby - More Fast Songs About The Apocalypse
    08 - Blackfoot Gypsys - To The Top
    09 - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon?
    10 - Tangerine Dream - Quantum Gate


    Honourable mentions for 2017

    The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful

    Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence EP & The Vietnam War OST

    Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life

    Liam Gallagher - As You Were

    Black Star Riders - Heavy Fire

    Prophets of Rage - Prophets of Rage

    Stone Sour - Hydrograd

    The XX - I See You

    Linkin Park - One More Light

    Evanescence - Synthesis

    Newton Faulkner - Hit The Ground Running

    Black Country Communion - BCCIV


    NSFW Trailer.


    From Wiki; Nick Sax (Christopher Meloni) is an alcoholic ex-cop turned hitman who lives his days with drugs and cynicism. After he is shot and left for dead, he revives while in the care of paramedics and can now see a small, blue, winged unicorn named Happy (voiced by Patton Oswalt). Happy is the imaginary friend of a little girl named Hailey, who has been kidnapped by a deranged man dressed as Santa Claus, and had escaped to seek Nick's help in finding her. Nick and his new "partner" now must work together to save her.


    Just watched the first episode and it's very brutal and quite funny.

  3. Didn't realise the guy that wrote directed this, and wrote Sicario & Hell or High Water played Deputy Hale in Sons of Anarchy. Always wondered what happened to him after his gruesome on-screen death. 


    Looks like another belter from him, will definitely try to get to see it if it's still on around here. If not I foresee a trilogy watch when it comes out on bluray.

  4. I played one game of this weekend's beta after playing BF1 and it's clear that this is not something I'll bother with the MP for. I'll wait for it to drop to a tenner or less on PC at CDKeys and then pick it up for the SP. I'm not bothered if it takes a while for that to happen. 

  5. Binged all 8 and it was pretty good but, as has already been said, nowhere near as good as DD1 or JJ. 



    While the ending was a complete cop out, hopefully DD3 will bring in Bullseye for the death of Karen Page angle. I actually enjoyed IF and LC working together as it gave two bland characters some purpose so hopefully we'll get them teaming up and Misty (with bionic arm) & Colleen's investigation agency getting going. 


    The Punisher teaser trailer at the very end was disappointing as I hoped he'd make an appearance at the building with rocket launchers & C4. Oh well!


  6. It'd be a shame if Affleck does leave as he's been good as both the Bat & the billionaire. I'd have loved to know what his & Johns' script would've been.


    Still, if Reeves has a Batman trilogy planned out that's a good thing I guess. I'm fully expecting an origin story in the first film if Affleck leaves & we get a younger actor playing Bruce Wayne, but it'd be great if he followed up on Nolan's trilogy and we got Joseph Gordon Levitt's turn as the Bat.

  7. Such very sad news. The LP albums might not have been the most consistent in terms of quality but they have released some great stuff over the last 17 years. While Hybrid Theory and Meteora are what people immediately associate with them, for me Minutes to Midnight is still amazing to listen to now. RIP :(

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