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  1. 5 hours ago, Stigweard said:

    I checked that, its turned off.


    I assume you've amended the actual game video settings (turning off motion blur, chromatic aberration and film grain) as well, Stig?

  2. Been a pretty good year so far for stuff that I like :)


    01 - Corrosion of Conformity - No Cross No Crown

    02 - Clutch - Book of Bad Decisions

    03 - Slaves - Acts of Fear and Love

    04 - Prodigy - No Tourists

    05 - Alice in Chains - Rainier Fog

    06 - Ghost - Prequelle

    07 - Paul McCartney - Egypt Station

    08 - Reef - Revelation

    09 - deadmau5 - Where's The Drop?

    10 - Django Django - Marble Skies


    Honorable Mentions;

    Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch

    Chvrches - Love is Dead

    Eminem - Kamikaze

    Slash - Living The Dream

    Florence & The Machine - High As Hope

    Marmozets - Knowing What You Know Now

    Moby - Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

    Stone Temple Pilots - Stone Temple Pilots

    Everlast - Whitey Ford's House of Pain

    Five Finger Death Punch - And Justice For None

    Claptone - Fantast

    Plan B - Heaven Before All Hell Breaks Loose

    James Bay - Electric Light

    Machine Head - Catharsis

    The Sword - Used Future

    Tenacious D - Post-Apocalypto

    Greta Van Fleet - Anthem of the Peaceful Army

    Monster Truck - True Rockers

    Tom Grennan - Lighting Matches

    Wolf Alice - Visions of a Life

    Seasick Steve - Can U Cook?


  3. 4 hours ago, Treble said:

    Not sure if anyone's following it, but Battle Princess Madelyn has been given a release date: December 6th. Its multi-platform, but posting here preempts the 'should be on Switch' cries ;)


    It's a Super Ghouls n Ghosts 'inspired' action platformer with a lot of gameplay additions to the formula. I backed it on KS years ago, as I thought it looked funky. 




    That looks amazing. It's a cross between Ghouls 'N' Ghosts and Gargoyle's Quest, which is what I anticipate would have been the case if they'd ever made GNG3.


    Still wish Capcom had got round to making Maximo 3.

  4. 13 minutes ago, CovisGod said:

    That's what I like to hear, I love a game to grind at. I tried to ramp up the difficulty last night but as I picked Seasons it says you have to exit the game to do so, I'm scared of doing that mid act incase It puts me miles back so I'll just wait until I start act 3 and jump straight up to Master. 


    I got a weapon that was 200 dmg last night and thought I was He-man, just googled how high the weapons can go and there's some that do 4000 dmg so I've got a good load of playing to do yet! 


    Thing is, weapon damage is only half the battle. Doing the first four seasonal challenge brackets for your chosen warrior will yield you a lovely set of seasonal armour which will dramatically increase a certain play style (literally hitting for billions of points of damage) so elective controls are a must so you can tailor attack styles accordingly to the armour set you are wearing.


    Also, remember that Miriam can re-enchant one magical property per item. So, if you get a lovely piece of armour with no sockets she can (via RNJ rules) add a socket. Or if it’s armour for a specific class which has amazing magical properties bar the one for that class which doesn’t suit your need she can reenchant that to a different class specific property (I.e.; Barbarian Armour drops with a Cleave damage increase but you use a different resource generator, she can change it in exchange for Materials and Money).


    I’ve not gotten into it as much as some of my friends, but it is amazing. As someone said earlier, it’s Gauntlet but with customisable characters. 4 player rifts (greater or normal) are almost the best thing ever.


    1 hour ago, CovisGod said:

    What difficulty are people generally playing on? I'm playing on hard, which is the second one and I'm finding it really easy. I'm on act 2, level 40 odd and due to a lot of gear giving me health per hit / kill, and using Fury to quickly attack I can't think the last time I lost any health atall. Also am I right in thinking you max at level 70? I'm only playing the story and already at level 45 before the end of act 2, will I get to a point where I hit 70 and that's it? Or does the gear etc. Still get better and better as you progress? 


    Always start level 0 at normal, when you hit 15 knock it up to hard, when you hit 30 you should really knock the difficulty up to Expert, when you hit 45 knock it up to Master, then 55 knock it up to Torment 1, then by 70 you should be on Torment 2.


    As Moosey has pointed out several times in his little guides, 70 is the top level, but then it goes on Paragon points which are levels gained and can be focused into specific stats like critical hit damage or chances, armour and life, resistances and resources.


    The game never really stops, as when you level up you should be trying higher torment difficulties (up to T13 which is where stoopid-mega builds come in) and the loot adjusts accordingly.


  6. 4 hours ago, disperse and recoagulate said:

    How much was that?

    £60 all in. Not cheap but given the potential certainly better value to me than the PS1C.


    3 hours ago, Mars said:


    This is a great point... and must frustrate Sony as it shows how ahead of their time they were/how they capitulated with PSTV.  Marketed the right way (i.e. packaged with 20 'classic' PSX games with more to download... plus the other PSTV features) they could have started the whole 'mini retro' craze and avoided sending the PSTV out to die.


    As it is, they've let Nintendo take the lead and are having to basically launch a nerfed PSTV again (with all of the associated costs).  


    It amazes me how blind games companies are to the opportunities they have to win with their audience, it's common sense consumer marketing.  Either that, or they don't care/it's not seen as commercially attractive.  

    What amazes me the most is the potential profits they lost by artificially limiting compatibility. I haven't looked into the firmware hack yet, but the fact that you can potentially play all PSone, PSP and PSV games available on PSN is a massive selling point and would've netted them large profits. Shocking lack of foresight.

  7. I bought a PSTV off EBay  recently because I had a feeling that the final lineup for this was going to be a bit disappointing.


    Glad I did because I can now play  SOTN on Castlevania Chronicles, RE2, RE3, RR4, and a load of other VITA and PSP stuff like Medievil Resurrection and Powerstone on my TV.

  8. It certainly looks more interesting than I was expecting. From the pictures above, it looks as though it's set in the late 70s/early 80s, so it wouldn't surprise me if WBDC tried to use this to provide the origin of the 'real' Joker/Jack Napier, and confirmed that Jared Leto's Joker is a mindwarped Jason Todd/Robin to try and save face with their existing DC-verse films. It might also allow them to go back to a younger (recast) Batman for future films set in the 80s/90s which would make recasting easier for that role.

  9. Currently I'm listening to the 21 minute Dave Grohl track;



    It reminds me why every Foo Fighters album since Colour & the Shape hasn't been as good, and why every album where he drums or plays instruments (but isn't the focus of the band) is brilliant. The man is a talented muthaf-bomb. :D

  10. Another good episode, which was no doubt helped by the inclusion of the music from The Last of Us :wub: 


    Having this and The Grand Tour being as good as it was (until the last episode) is amazing, like two sides of the same coin.

  11. Day one here as well. The original version was one of the best online experiences I've ever played. Getting 8 players to try and do the challenges without writing each other off was just so frustratingly awesome, and brought out a much more colourful & inventive line of swearing from my group of friends :D

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