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  1. Best PS2 Game 1.Prince Of Persia 2. War Of The Monsters 3. The Getaway Best Xbox Game 1. KOTOR 2. Ghost Recon:Island Thunder 3. Freedom Fighters Best GC Game 1. Zelda: TWW 2. Ikaruga 3. Metroid Prime Best PC Game 1. Don't Play Games On My PC Best GBA Game 1. Mario And Luigi 2. Mario Advance 4 3. Lost Vikings Most Disappointing Games 1. Enter The Matrix [Multi-Format] 2. Sw:Jedi Academy [PC and XBox] 3. Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Tides Of War [XBox] Best Technical Achievement (software) KOTOR - For it's possibilities. While they are not endless they are entertaining. Best Technical Achievement (Hardware) XBox Live - To be able to play online is one thing already done, but to call the people names so that others can hear your stupid outbursts is another. Best Developer Retro Studios - For their blinding update of a classic series. Best Publisher EA - For Soul Calibur 2, Freedom Fighters, and LOTR:ROTK alone. Most Wanted Game Of 2004 If I said Halo 2 would I be predictable? Best Overall Game of the Year. KOTOR - For me, a bug free and extremely entertaining 35+ hours.
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