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  1. Whaddaya mean LOSING their magic? They lost it straight after releasing their best titles on the NGC so far LUIGIS MANSION & PIKMIN. These two titles represent the zenith of Nintendo's in house originality in the last 3 years. MP was good but seemed to lack a certain Je Ne Sais Quois without Gumpei Yokoi's [R.I.P] input imo. Same with Shigeru Miyamoto's lack of input on SMS and SMK:DD. With Miyamoto spreading himself too thin across hardware and software development, whilst being a spokesman in foreign and home territories they are wasting one of their best assets. Best that they use his phenomenal talents, and let's admit it they are phenomenal whilst they have them to use.

  2. Are these the same EA, Capcom, Namco and Sega that have decided to move what they claimed would be system exclusives over from the NGC to other consoles or cancelled titles all together? Doesn't sound to me like they have changed all that much really.

  3. Which is a very good figure but even having 10million consoles out there whilst destroying your relationships with some of your biggest publishers because of an outdated business model that you are clinging to is commercial and financial suicide no? I would rather play a Nintendo game pre-2001 than most of their title release recently and if they go multi-format it could mean we get some AAA Nintendo titles back out there rather than BBB ones that seems to be the way they have gone as of late.

  4. (christ it even outsold the PS2 for once)

    For 1 week out of 52, unfortunately. And as the worldwide figures show [pinch of salt or no] there's less NGC's out there now than anticipated. 5.6Million is still good, in fact back in the Pre-Playstation days that would be ultra respectable but now it is greeted with a muted shrug of shoulders.

  5. it took years of prompting from the gamesplayers for them to move to a disk format

    Nintendo don't give a fig about what you or I want. Nintendo wanted as much money as they could get from publishers from selling the cartridges [under the guise of trying to prevent piracy] and, although having released a disk based console, still have the same stranglehold over each publisher with their current medium which they have the patents for and charge extortionate amounts to have games produced on it. Go Nintendo, way to alienate the people who make games for your console.

  6. I have to agree that is the worst piece of journalism ever written. But what they point out [**correctly**] is this....Nintendo must realise now that multi-console manufacturing and marketing is not viable for them as they do not seem to have the resources of the likes of Microsoft and Sony and in the end could destroy the games company many of us have known and enjoyed for many years. They really should concentrate on advancing handheld gaming and look into multi-platform games production [alá Sega] IMO.

    **Edited to satisify UM and to try to cover up my absent mindedness ;)

  7. Bosses are throwback to another era, they have no place in modern videogaming.

    Why's that then?

    Because thery are a throwback to another era and quite clearly have no place in modern gaming. ;)


  8. .. I now can recognise them as very good alternatives to the Mario games.

    Well that's what I don't think they are at all! Which is why there's so much rivalry perhaps.

    Sonic games are nothing like Mario games except that they are platform games. They are nice and simple, they test reflexes, and they get you from A to B. No maps or overworlds, or unlockable doors, or collecting things. They're more 'arcade-y' I think.

    What you mean like the orginal Super Mario Bros then :D ?

  9. I could never see the fascination of Sonic on the Megadrive. When it came to 2D platformers Mario was the King in my eyes. However his crown has slipped of late and the Sonic Adventure games and the upcoming Heroes has made me go back and buy a MD for a tenner with Sonic 1&2 [no luck finding Sonic 3 or Sonic & Knuckles yet :D] and I now can recognise them as very good alternatives to the Mario games.

    NB: Gunstar Heroes still rules the MD for me though.

  10. So, if the buyers don't buy anymore stock from the suppliers where do they get their stock supplied from? Thats right, the backstock from the other stores that do have plenty left over. They get them sent from one store to another to plug the gaps until all the backstock is gone. Anyone with a basic knowledge of retail knows that.

    EDIT: Oh and I don't have a point per se I just like to discuss/engage in debate with youse guys is all as thats what it's here for isn't it?

  11. What I cannot accept is that people are cooing over GAME for putting this as their number one present for XMAS when this is the same chain of stores that changed nearly all their facings for the NGC from 3 facings to one. It's a marketing ploy to get people to buy all their BACKSTOCK [just because one store says they are sold out JP doesn't mean all stores are sold out :D] I bet if you go back to that store this week they will tell you they have plenty in stock.

  12. They don't have 'backstock' the cube bundles are selling like hot cake. I visited Game on saturday and heard several people ask for the MK bundle only be be turned away 'Sorry. they are long gone and I don't know when we are getting more stock'.

    For them to say they don't know when they are getting any in says to me that either Nintendo don't seem to have the confidence[or the funds] to up production [HIGHLY UNLIKELY] or that their buyers are unwilling to commit to buy any large supply of units due to the profits margins being a lot less on the NGC than the XB [MS have the sterling to give larger profits to the outlets] or PS2 [ALready established large user base so production costs are lower] [MORE LIKELY].

    Couple this with the already public issues most MAJOR publishers have with the Nintendo way of doing business and under-selling of their titles that are released on the NGC I would say the end is quite near for the NGC [iMO of course].

  13. Blimey, go away for 4 hours and all out war seems to have been declared against someone who has an opinion that doesn't have a big N stamped on it.

    As for the DC comment [and Jack I'm looking in your direction] my point is that the DC was pushed the Xmas before it expired. Yes the DC has some good titles but not enough new good ones were released to attract mainstream fans. Hence no matter how much of a push it got it still fell flat on it's face. [by the way I have a DC so don't accuse me of DC hating]

    IMO GAME have possibly decided to push it as they realise it is bringing in the smallest revenue [for them not Nintendo] after the price cut and are now clearing the backstock. So to me that says that mainstream games shops support may start to dry up ergo that says to me this could be the last xmas for it. I have 10 games for my NGC which is a good thing. All system exclusives. Same for my PS2. I have more titles for my Xbox because it has the best versions of multi-format titles.

    But for anyone who claims that the NGC will go on for longer than another 12 months tell me this: what major Nintendo/third party titles are on the horizon that could attract major mainstream punters to buy it? After all they have already unleashed all the updates of their major franchises, SMK:DD, SMS, MP, FZX etc. and I cannot think of any new ones that are due soon.

  14. Console sales are up for now which is by no means a bad thing, and I am in no way criticising the NGC [i bought an NTSC one two months after release] what I am criticising is the fact that the NGC has been reduced down to single facings in GAME and for them to suddenly declare it the best present for 2003 smacks of a company desperate to clear existing backlogs of stock so they don't do money on them when they have to reduce them next year [which will happen]. It's the same ploy they use all year to sell different consoles which stock levels get too high. And all the suckers/punters get sucked in only for the console to be dropped. Can we say Dreamcast...?

  15. Hey, no need to be abusive twatboy. I speak as I find what with recent game cancellations, major publishers declaring the console non-viable and exclusive titles now being made multi-format it just seems a little convenient that GAMES number one console is the same console they reduced to a single facing in most stores.

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