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  1. 4 hours ago, Vespa Alex said:

    If they had picked the best songs from both Use Your Illusions and done a single album, it would have been a superb follow up to Appetite.

    It might have stopped them getting too big too fast and imploding as well. 

    At the time, they still had a huge impact and were amazing live. 



    Any band who releases a double album series should cut out the guff and make one great album.

  2. Thank goodness! Couldn't miss a second year of posting my atrocious listening habits :D

    01 - The Darkness - Motorheart

    02 - Mastodon - Hushed and Grim

    03 - Limp Bizkit - Still Sucks

    04 - Fear Factory - Aggression Continuum

    05 - Gojira - Fortitude

    06 - Foo Fighters - Medicine At Midnight

    07 - Gary Numan - Intruder

    08 - Royal Blood - Typhoons

    09 - Greta Van Fleet - The Battle at Garden's Gate

    10 - Khemmis - Deceiver



  3. Lying in bed today & realised that for the first time in a long time (maybe ever?) I totally forgot to vote, as I had way too much going on in the tail end of last year so haven’t been here on the forum very much at all.

    But as always thanks to @ngchol for compiling this, & to all the voters for the albums. It will give me some stuff to listen to over the coming weeks. Good work all! 

  4. 21 minutes ago, petrolgirls said:


    I was more going for Jason Manford but I'll take McIntyre I suppose. You seem angry and upset - probably not the right time to let you know that grammatically you don't need a comma between grammatically and pedantic. That was another crap wee joke, sorry - genuinely hope you're doing ok. 

    Fucking hell, who appointed you as the Über Grammar Nazi!? :lol:


    I’m not angry or upset, but thanks for your conceit! :wub:


    Also, Manford or McIntyre; either way, they’re poor comedic role models. Be better.


    Enough derailing, let’s get back to Stanshall telling Peb to cheer up, and to enjoy the disappointment of the game he paid his hard earned money for.

  5. 3 minutes ago, Stanshall said:

    Of course. It's your giddy tone that I was mocking. You’re actively trying to finish the game just so you can moan about it later.

    Whereas your favourite pastime is deleting or editing your posts to say something witty, in a vain attempt to try & make yourself sound clever, and/or funny.


    Good job.

  6. 1 hour ago, Stanley said:

    It might not work for everyone but they’ve attempted something that’s never been done before and not really possible in other mediums.  How is it lazy? 


    The ambition is not in question, but even lazy people can have grand ambitions, but it’s whether the effort pays off.

    For me, this did not.

    It’s wholly reliant on blinds & double bluffs. You’re the good guy because a tragic event happens which propels you on a crash course with an antagonist but wait, are they the bad guy because look at this flashback and what you’re doing now. Now let’s repeat that for character B. Oh my, isn’t this a world of blurred lines & compromise that you probably didn’t realise was possible!

    It’s lazy storytelling IMO, poorly paced and there is a more engaging, efficient, and frankly better, way of telling this story.

  7. 29 minutes ago, Vemsie said:

    I couldn't disagree more. I think it's better than the first in pretty much every way. More variety (from environments to set-pieces to enemies to puzzles), better gameplay and a more daring, interesting story that managed to shake a lot of rotten apples out of the gamer community tree. There's some really interesting analysis in the spoiler thread, but I think you should complete it first. :)

    I have completed it and, unlike with TLOU  I feel no compunction to straight away go back through the game, if ever. 


    The storyline which seems to have driven the Gamergaters wild, is of no issue to me. I was born, live & work in Brighton, so multiculturalism & gender diversity have been a constant in day to day life. 


    My issue with the storyline is the way in which it’s being told. It’s inefficient and purely lazy writing, which given the effort of the technical production seems counterproductive to me.

    At the core of the storyline you could have had a really tight 15-20 hour game, introducing all of these issues by way of the main characters. But they didn’t, they went for the more is more approach, and for me, that broke the core of TLOU, which was the relationship between characters.

    Not just between Joel & Ellie, but between any of the characters. I literally couldn’t have cared less about Abby & any of her cronies, Or Jesse & Tommy, or even Dinah & Ellie or L and Y. To me, none of the relationships were founded well enough, so when bad things happened to them I didn’t care about it. 


    I get that the game is meant to be about revenge, and then the traumatic guilt of dealing what you’ve done, but the way it was told doesn’t work for me. There are other ways to get that across in a story, and as well as include other relevant social commentary, which could be a lot better than the way this was told IMO.

    Anyway, rather than derail things in this thread by running close to the spoiler edge line, I’ll digress to others still playing, and head over to the other thread for a peek at others opinions.

  8. My two pence;


    The Last of Us was my game of the last generation. People moaned about the oppressive, and depressing nature of the Joel Miller & Ellie dynamic next to the boom-bang-boom happy-go-lucky nature of Nathan Drake & Victor Sullivan.


    I didn’t agree. Drake & Sully were created to be the quintessential Saturday morning action heroes, who have been lifelong friends, quipping & barely scraping their way through to the end of their adventures. Whereas Joel & Ellie were finding their feet in each other’s company  in a world that had literally gone very wrong. By the end of their first adventure they had become comfortable with each other, but both had reservations about their adventure coming to an end. That last conversation in TLOU is important because Ellie uses it as subconscious reasoning that she doesn’t matter, whereas Joel uses it as his subconscious justification for keeping his surrogate daughter alive. 


    The Last of Us 2 is a technical marvel. From the second you boot it up, to the minute that New Game Plus title screen comes up, the game shows what is possible on 7 year old hardware, just as it’s series predecessor did.

    The sonics in the game are beyond reproach, I have honestly never heard a greater use of directional sounds to make a player tense up when walking through an empty room.


    The performances of the mocapped actors are once again stellar, Ashley Johnson & Laura Bailey really drive home the emotional weariness of these characters as the game progresses.


    The games environment design & production is just sublime, taking the destroyed beauty of the first game, and ramping it up to eleventy.


    However, the story itself is a complete mess IMO. I’m not going to make any massive spoilers, but suffice to say the the way they’ve laid out the events is a complete jumble, and for me I’d guess without the relevant impacts that Naughty Dog were hoping for. The issues they try to deal with are quite hamfistedly rammed into the narrative really, and could have been dealt with in a totally different way.

    It was an intentional choice I know, but when things switch gear 15 hours in, it makes the back half of the game (another 15 hours) that much more of a chore. I was hoping for some moment of ‘Wow! So that’s why she’s ...’ but nope. 


    I suppose the main gripe I have with the game though is the massive periods of isolation you get.

    Through the whole of TLOU there was maybe 90 minutes of isolated play, but because of the construct of the game those minutes were spent avoiding being hunted, you were surviving. During the exploration side of things you were always accompanied. In this you spend literally hours by yourself. That, to me, is not what a Naughty Dog game is. They excel at the social interactions, good or bad, nice or nasty, it’s one of the things that for me makes their output shine above the rest.


    There are glimpses of that, but out of the 30 hours, I reckon I spent, at most, about 5 hours or so with other characters, all of whom seem totally ancillary to both the plot and main leads.

    As an aside there are so many characters that are in this just as storyline convenience, who you never get to really know or care about, and as such when things happen to them you just don’t actually care. 

    But spending time with another character, even if they were MacGuffin and Co., were the best parts of this game. It fleshed things out, it makes the world seem real, it made initially reprehensible characters who have committed the ultimate evils, seem human and pitiful. It puts the very questionable things that they do into context for us, the player, to help relate to them. When this game puts you in situation where you’re idly chatting with a character about things that have happened it works so much better than when you’re lone wolfing through levels. 


    My other gripe relates to the wholly unnecessary brutality of the game. In TLOU the most violent parts take place but rather than show the gratuitous nature of a lot of the actions taken, they take steps to cut away, or move the camera focus to somewhere else. TLOU2 seems to revel in the barbarism and quite frankly mindless brutality. 

    Having finished TLOU on Grounded, there were ways that you could finish many of the sections without having to engage any human enemy, using stealthiness to get around them to collect what you needed for armaments to kill the Infected. 

    In TLOU2 that is less possible, with the game preferring you to engage with all types of enemies to be able to get what you need to kill the Infected. And then when you have to engage & kill, the brutality & barbaric nature of what happens is disturbing IMO. And that’s on top of the way the factions in this deal with their enemies. It’s all a bit needless to see on screen, for me at least. I don’t need, nor want, to see someone begging for their life before being virtually hanged & disembowled, or someone being tortured whilst strapped to chair (the scene in the first game was too much as it was), and the cutscenes in this linger for some time while this is all happening.


    I’ve no doubt Joel probably did some really terrible things in the 20 years after Outbreak, but I don’t need to see them. But when Ellie was stoving in David’s head, the camera moved away. We didn’t need to see what his skull looked like for 10 seconds afterwards when Joel found her.


    Overall, TLOU2  was a major disappointment for me. It should have been THE defining PS4 game of the generation & set the bar not only for technical & production values, but also for storytelling.

    Two out of three isn’t bad I guess but it’ll have to settle for sitting alongside Spider-Man, & God of War which all seemed to take their cue from the way Naughty Dog used companionship in their previous games as their touchstone to make good narratives great. I mean those games are good company to keep, but this should have been sat at the head of the table, deposing Uncharted 4.




  9. 2 hours ago, Exidor said:

    Ah, the fickle ups and downs of the stalk market. Emptied my nip sack in @strawdonkey's cranny at 452, now the little weasels in mine are offering 569.


    I'll open the gates and stick it up on Turnip Exchange after work if anyone wants in.

    If possible, I’d like to come and drop my nips in your Nooks Cranny please :)


    Will it be Dodo code entry or shall I befriend you?

  10.  Nip prices have been awful over the past two weeks, 62b today so not looking good for a high price this week on Isla Gorpy :(


    On the plus side I’ve prettied up and have most of the infrastructure in place now so I think I can revert to the New Leaf play method of once every few days, checking in with my residents, opening up my Recycle Point for island visitors, and just being more chilled out about AC life :D


  11. One neat little thing I’ve only just noticed is that when someone flies to your island there’s a little jet stream left in the sky. Amazing!


    Turnips are only 65b here today. Got 1270 to offload so going to try and hold out for a good price, but anything over 108b each will make me a profit.

  12. 23 minutes ago, gingerling said:

    I have left 16,000 bells. I hope no one nicks it.


    42 minutes ago, Rikku said:


    Thank you!  I didn't buy many on Sunday due to poverty but did leave a donation by the bridge. :wub:

    Very kind of both of you :wub:

  13. Nookles are buying ‘Nips for 346b each on Isla Gorpy (I think it’s a good price but I didn’t get any this weekend :().


    Dodo code this visit is: FG5V9


    I’ll try to leave the gates open most of today though I’m not around so please forgive my lack of interaction.

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