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  1. Thanks for that, I left a little tip at the feet of someone with a pilots uniform!
  2. 186 yesterday PM. 50 this PM. Help.
  3. Open again for a little bit. https://turnip.exchange/island/66eb288a
  4. As an update I’ll be open until 15:30 now. If needed later on, I’ll try to remember to check here and reopen after 19:00 for an hour.
  5. No worries, many thanks for the phone! And the tip!
  6. Last gasp Nip price 180. Added to Turnip Exchange, please go to https://turnip.exchange/island/c5202b7c for the Dodo code queue. Max 4 at a time given the spotty net code. I’ll be incommunicado and open for an hour. Tips are not required, however if you want to leave junk you don’t want anymore then, please feel free to.
  7. @murray thanks for the sale. It was busy so I got in and got out. Sent a friend request, want to come back for a visit and to be able to send you a little something in the post.
  8. If possible, I’d like to come and drop my nips in your Nooks Cranny please Will it be Dodo code entry or shall I befriend you?
  9. Nip prices have been awful over the past two weeks, 62b today so not looking good for a high price this week on Isla Gorpy On the plus side I’ve prettied up and have most of the infrastructure in place now so I think I can revert to the New Leaf play method of once every few days, checking in with my residents, opening up my Recycle Point for island visitors, and just being more chilled out about AC life
  10. Thanks for opening up, Jon. I left you a 5% tithe outside your house.
  11. One neat little thing I’ve only just noticed is that when someone flies to your island there’s a little jet stream left in the sky. Amazing! Turnips are only 65b here today. Got 1270 to offload so going to try and hold out for a good price, but anything over 108b each will make me a profit.
  12. Sorry everyone, console turned itself off. New Dodo code: B1Q95. @Stejay nips are fetching 348b here.
  13. Nookles are buying ‘Nips for 346b each on Isla Gorpy (I think it’s a good price but I didn’t get any this weekend ). Dodo code this visit is: FG5V9 I’ll try to leave the gates open most of today though I’m not around so please forgive my lack of interaction.
  14. Hah! Well, I might have to amend my list now too because I’ve just noticed from your list the TLOU soundtrack which I totally forgot to put in. I listened to that constantly for about 2 years after completing that game 4 times. How I forgot it I don’t know!
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