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  1. Fucking hell, who appointed you as the Über Grammar Nazi!? I’m not angry or upset, but thanks for your conceit! Also, Manford or McIntyre; either way, they’re poor comedic role models. Be better. Enough derailing, let’s get back to Stanshall telling Peb to cheer up, and to enjoy the disappointment of the game he paid his hard earned money for.
  2. Only took you two edits that time did it?
  3. Hahahahaha! Look at this Michael McIntyre wannabe chiming in. Edit - should’ve been wittier in responding to this grammatically, pedantic shill really.
  4. Whereas your favourite pastime is deleting or editing your posts to say something witty, in a vain attempt to try & make yourself sound clever, and/or funny. Good job.
  5. Hmm, don’t think there is anything on there which could even remotely count as spoiler, just an indication of my feelings in response to Stanley.
  6. The ambition is not in question, but even lazy people can have grand ambitions, but it’s whether the effort pays off. For me, this did not. It’s lazy storytelling IMO, poorly paced and there is a more engaging, efficient, and frankly better, way of telling this story.
  7. I have completed it and, unlike with TLOU I feel no compunction to straight away go back through the game, if ever. The storyline which seems to have driven the Gamergaters wild, is of no issue to me. I was born, live & work in Brighton, so multiculturalism & gender diversity have been a constant in day to day life. My issue with the storyline is the way in which it’s being told. It’s inefficient and purely lazy writing, which given the effort of the technical production seems counterproductive to me. At the core of the storyline you could have had a
  8. My two pence; The Last of Us was my game of the last generation. People moaned about the oppressive, and depressing nature of the Joel Miller & Ellie dynamic next to the boom-bang-boom happy-go-lucky nature of Nathan Drake & Victor Sullivan. I didn’t agree. Drake & Sully were created to be the quintessential Saturday morning action heroes, who have been lifelong friends, quipping & barely scraping their way through to the end of their adventures. Whereas Joel & Ellie were finding their feet in each other’s company in a world that had literally gone
  9. Thanks for that, I left a little tip at the feet of someone with a pilots uniform!
  10. 186 yesterday PM. 50 this PM. Help.
  11. Open again for a little bit. https://turnip.exchange/island/66eb288a
  12. As an update I’ll be open until 15:30 now. If needed later on, I’ll try to remember to check here and reopen after 19:00 for an hour.
  13. No worries, many thanks for the phone! And the tip!
  14. Last gasp Nip price 180. Added to Turnip Exchange, please go to https://turnip.exchange/island/c5202b7c for the Dodo code queue. Max 4 at a time given the spotty net code. I’ll be incommunicado and open for an hour. Tips are not required, however if you want to leave junk you don’t want anymore then, please feel free to.
  15. @murray thanks for the sale. It was busy so I got in and got out. Sent a friend request, want to come back for a visit and to be able to send you a little something in the post.
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