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  1. So, apparently The Damned Things released the follow-up to 2010's Ironiclast called High Crimes at the end of April and I didn't know. To be honest I'd ever given up hope of another album but as they were one of the best live bands I've seen I'm glad they have done it. On first listen I've really enjoyed it, although losing Rob Caggiano (lead guitars) and Josh Newton (bass) from the lineup but only adding Alkaline Trio's Dan Andriano (bass) has slightly changed their sound, but it still works, for me anyway.
  2. I’ve added both @AI1 and @Mr Tony into the PM thread.
  3. @Popo has kindly provided me with some steps so I'll PM them to you
  4. Any chance of getting some help as well please?
  5. Tetchy

    Doom Patrol

    This and Happy are currently my two must see TV programs. Absolutely amazing
  6. First episode of season 2 was great. The soundtrack especially so. And bloodskating could my new favourite Olympic sport.
  7. RIP American Inspector Spacetime
  8. Tetchy

    RIP Keith Flint

    Very sad, genuinely one of the best frontmen I've had the privilege of seeing. RIP
  9. It's potentially a COD-style F2P Battle Royale game from the people who brought you COD when it was at it's finest (rose tinted specs and all that ), could be massive. Just based off the shooting mechanics offered by TItanfall 1 & 2's guns against the last 10 COD games means it'll be good
  10. The album is great and could very well already be my album of 2019.
  11. This has been MORE of a mess than FO76, and that's saying something. Having to reboot after it hangs trying to get into the Tutorial mission when 10 minutes have passed, that's me out.
  12. Yes, especially for £4 extra.
  13. I eliminated all single votes and then arranged by most votes rather than overall points and it makes a very slight, but quite interesting difference overall for me. Shows what an eclectic and amazing taste in music we have in this community. Looking at the same by average shakes things up even more.
  14. Oh, I'm not suggesting that we replace the trad voting system, just that I'd like to see how those different measures change things.
  15. Thanks again @ngchol. Was thinking, is there anyway you can eliminate albums that have only received one person's vote? I'd be interested to see a shorter list that has two or more voters. Also, I'd be interested to have the top thirty albums filtered by average score as well.
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