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  1. It does take a while to get used to racing with a wheel. Initially I was crap, but the more I played the more I loved it.
  2. I've got a G920 - brake pedal has a rubber block under it to simulate brake pressure. Some like it, some don't. After a while it softens and you get used to it. You can take it out if you really hate it, but I left mine. Plus mine "crunches" when pressed, which I believe is normal.
  3. I always find Sonic 2 quite easy, but I put this down to it being one of my only games for a looooong time. I had a lot of time to practise.
  4. Will it be cheaper because it's streaming only? Might be interested if it is.
  5. I had Desert Strike as a kid. Always thought it was a fantastic port.
  6. I always avoided commenting on this because it should be patently obvious to anyone with a modicum of software development experience that no, it's never getting finished. It's probably not a scam per se, at least it wasn't initially. It's a clear (IMO) case of someone with very very poor project management skills thinking that the fun part of design (the "wouldn't it be cool if..." bit) is the entirety, when in reality the day-to-day solving of problems (much more boring) is where the real meat lies. Problem is, that's no fun, and requires actual experience and skills, something w
  7. Anywhere I can get one in the UK without risking the wrath of customs?
  8. Oh no... Here it comes, I can feel it. The box, the tiny pointless gimmick. GIMME IT
  9. Certainly in every single games contract I've ever signed. They've got good PR, I'll say that - getting people to defend working overtime in the name of vidya games.
  10. I did not know you could do that. Also ordered!
  11. It's cute that anyone thinks they'll be following working time directives. Rockstar don't, and they used to be in the EU. Plus this is simply mandatory crunch, there'll have been "voluntary" crunch for minimum 12 months now.
  12. Only just found this out, and I was looking for some Brannigan's this weekend (look, it was a slow weekend alright).
  13. I think I need a lie down
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