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  1. Really? Had no idea. What about multiplayer?
  2. Yeah, was tempted anyway but presumed things would get better with its release. Worth it then? Yay/nay? Other opinions? And could you put any USB pad in? I see 360 controllers are popular but Logitech have always done good PC ones...
  3. Considering a Raspberry Pi for SNES emulation primarily but maybe other stuff. Opinions? I gather it's getting/gotten better and the 'big games' should run full speed? Pretty cheap and reasonably easy to set up?
  4. Finally saw this yesterday, in IMAX, thought it was an incredible cinema movie. I just cannot fathom how it was possible to implement such a vision. I am staggered that technology and creativity have managed to unite to a point where a movie this cohesive and beautiful is possible. I agree the script wasn't the best but the journey was awe-inspiring.
  5. Just re: gin and tonic, I find that using diet tonic takes off the bitter edge some find unpleasant.
  6. I'd like a good wedges/similar recipe please. I like it when they've had a paprika based coating especially.
  7. I enjoyed it on the whole. The acting was fantastic, you might as well have been watching the real Niki Lauda at times. I like how they painted their characters warts and all, not simply trying to portray them as 'I want to win!' and 'I want to be sensible!' I had a fear it would have been dumbed down as opposed to simplified for the screen but happily it was very much the latter. I was a bit disappointed with the manner of direction at times though. There's a real mish-mash of narration, editing and camerawork and it just didn't feel as cohesive as it could have been: it went from fast-cut e
  8. Although as the poster above mentioned, it was deliberately a bit '70s, which is weird as it was like The Grimleys didn't happen.
  9. 15 seconds in, my mum turns to my dad: 'This is crap.'
  10. The most satisfying superhero movie ever, I think. In pretty much every other, ever, you get the sense there's some octogenarian financier wagging his decrepit finger. The Avengers was joyous abandon. Looking forward to buying it for my dad.
  11. I was waiting for Leo to cheerfully walk through the background.
  12. Thought the first movie was pretty rubbish, second was good, this was pretty dire. At least you could actually see them fighting though, he learned something!
  13. Would be surprised if it was a decent transfer.
  14. Well I can't wait to get up at 5am for work. Cheers all, s'been a blast.
  15. Oh dear. Anyone else just think Will Ferrell? 'I can't stop it!' Wish you fucking would.
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