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  1. Same boat here mate its knackered currently
  2. Tonight, on my first go (of the evening, having been smashed a thousand times before), I beat Margit. Full of confidence, piss and vinegar, I strolled down to and smashed Agheel to bits too. I’m the man. Well, I was. I walked into Stormveil and got bent over. No lube. Dead as a door nail.
  3. Still waiting patiently for the 2tb Expansion Card to come into stock in the UK. I have Rewards points waiting to be used!
  4. Am i right in thinking that some of the distress signals dont appear on the map or am I just missing them with my old-ass eyes?
  5. Even when using an app like File Explorer which enables Retroarch, I cant see the drive number for the Seagate drive. I can only see apps saved down to the main drive. I'm not sure if thats because apps are locked to the internal storage.
  6. Played this solely because of the GamePass and its an excellent game and now I'm playing it at every opportunity.
  7. Thank god. I’ve been trying to remember the name of that game since I saw the gameplay, it’s exactly like Crusader. Pumped an hour in. Not offensive but also not wowing me so far.
  8. From the Rewards Reddit I dont believe anyone can transfer points at the moment so it’s not you.
  9. I too am experiencing a similar issue. I don’t receive party invites but do on my phone, notifications are indeed turned on.
  10. Something you weren’t telling me DJB????
  11. Currently showing as £40 from Brazil using a VPN.....which is mighty tempting...
  12. You get the points and then its suggested that you donate them....
  13. I lived this game for a good few weeks, pumping several hours in a day and completing all known missions. It was superb. Genuinely superb. But the minute I was done, I was done. I haven't really had any urge to go back in and do a different ending or what not. That said, DLC would convince me to jump back in and I'm not sure if theres been any talk of Cyberpunk Online but I'd love to see that.
  14. My brother who has recently got his Series S has been blackmailed into starting the Halo MCC with me. I played it through earlier this year with a view to it being ready for Infinite. I was wrong. No where near ready. But, he played Halo 1 for the first time. We did the first three missions and hes gagging to play more. Awesome.
  15. This is absolutely up there with my favourite games of the generation. Loved dipping back in for the MS Points, but its utterly fantastic and with a 4k60 update, I'd happily start the whole thing again.
  16. Add me to the list of those suffering from party chat issues. My brother, after getting jealous of my Series X managed to get a Series S from EE, which arrived yesterday. After his traditional 'ring me and get tech support' on setting it up, we played a few rounds on Fortnite and he spent the time just saying how good the graphics were. His purchase also coincided with a new 4k telly which was a huge upgrade for him. Proper.
  17. I find the tutorial videos from Chicken Possible help a lot - the Payday one took me 10 minutes, which was enough for me to determine it was a bit shit and not worth my time.
  18. I loaded the game up post 1.1 patch and am still getting the bug on 'Dredged Up'. My assumption is that this is still broken?
  19. I couldnt be more pleased with the Xbox Series X. I'm a realist and I know that the game that really blows me away hasnt come out yet, but the loading times, the speed of processing has made such an infinite difference that its unreal. As I posted elsewhere, I just got a telly that does the 120hz VRR stuff and whilst theres only a few games that takes advantage of it, its lovely enough to know I made the right choice. Equally, I'm an Xbox guy anyway - my whole family have Xbox, my closest pals who game have Xbox so to me, it makes perfect sense. I'm relatively sure I'd be very torn if I wasnt so deep in the Microsoft infrastructure.
  20. I bought a new telly this week, (Q95) and the Fortnite 120fps mode is absolutely gorgeous. To add to that, I'm still utterly awful at this game, but have been spending lots of time playing with my brother online and with my 10 year old daughter who is much, much better than I am at it.
  21. Not sure if this is spoilers or not, so tagged anyways...
  22. So, completed this today. I'll go through my thoughts in spoilers, but will summarise and say that the Series X experience only had a few minor bugs which were very bearable. (Bar one which stopped me from completing a final side mission and therefore an achievement). Anyways, spoilers ahoy:
  23. I’m almost 50 hours into this now. Got to the ‘point of no return’ so have just been buzzing around cleaning up any side gigs that come up. it’s glorious. I’m a tad heartbroken it’s had so many buggy issues because frankly it’s the most jaw droppingly immersive game in so long, ive just got the cyberware where I can shoot grenades out of my hand and equally, the double jump one is equally very very useful. Long story short, it’s ace.
  24. If you scan the room and then focus on the cameras it gives you hacking options
  25. marc2j

    The Division 2

    Huge fan of The Division and The Division 2. Sank so many hours into the games and the DLC. Every time Ubi do a presentation I'm just desperate for them to announce number 3. Just use the blueprint from Watchdogs from London and get on it with I say...
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