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  1. Well I managed spend a fair few hours there learning the Barca F1 circuit in that Clio and finally strung together a low 16s. Consistency and smoothness seem to be the points where I'm still failing. I'm using a pad with motion and I think I'm getting too grabby on the brakes and accelerator still? Slamming on the anchors on turn 1 then releasing more gently to keep up the speed through to turn 3 is now far more natural but still that kind of event is liable for trouble as I putter round the circuit. Trying to keep up some more analogue inputs with the ease of just mashing triggers.. but not going too gently, gently.. good to be back. Getting some actually decent times to see on the tables has been enlightening to actually push me from my usual bloot around and just keep it on the grey stuff under some pace to bothering to trying to be far stricter with racing lines, braking points, reducing scrubbing speed with daft excess inputs.. that kind of fun. Might even be able to make a Monday if the stars align yet..
  2. Oh ay Skondo.. that'll have been me with folks from t'other place probably. Isanbard on the Badger. I think it was recognising you poking around this 'ere thread as a wee n00b that got me to actually finally get off my arse and see just how comparably terrible I am at the Sport. More than happy to help you out at the back of the grids and in the deeper parts of the gravel.. Edit: And ta Marsh as well. Not too sure if I'll make it to too many Monday slaughter grids but will try to make the times work out. I'm in the UK but just generally useless.
  3. Looks to be 8 seconds off Junkers Clio TT time there.. very much on track there then. Heheh. Didn't help that somehow, after seemingly years of playing Sport on and off, I've never memorably been around the Barca Grand Prix circuit layout. Nice enough place once it sort of gets together but Christ my old man memory skills are one hell of a liability...
  4. Mornin' all.. Long time lurker, first time poster hereabouts. Been getting back into the Sport in the last few weeks and trying to get some course Golds in and the odd daily TT punt. Am getting towards the point where I might be able to get around a few laps in some circuits without insta-turn 1 totalling myself or some poor victim so was hoping to get into the TT lists or maybe the odd Monday Night Combat? I'll ping Joe and try to add a few off of the lists. More a heads up than any form of challenge I can only imagine...
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