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  1. Ohh, what's this? I love Teena Marie.
  2. I love Brit Soul, Jazz, Funk and Jazz Funk. Went to see Loose Ends at the Jazz cafe last weekend. Very good if a slightly erratic and disorganised set up. Played all the big hitters as you would expect. This was the highlight for me which was their (eventual) encore.
  3. West Side Story. Much better than I was anticipating. Veered from the saccharine to gritty. Great production values to match the location setting and the classic songs. Dragged just a little, but a worthy update. 3.5/5
  4. You have continued. Great track.
  5. It all started with a day on the beach at Camber Sands 1976 with my parents and my nan. The long, long, hot drought summer. A visit to the Kit-Kat cafe on the beach saw my first sighting of a Pong Machine. It was love at first sight. The Trading Post in Dartford, the whole sea fronts of Margate and Southend were frequently visited. The machines that burnt into my formative years were Missile Command, Robotron and Asteroids. All classics I still play to this day. The smell of stale cigarettes, the haze from the smoke, the Day-Glo neon, the sound of the Gorf machine imploring you to "Insert Coin"... halcyon days. It truly was an assault on the senses.
  6. Metroid Dread. I prefer my gaming to be Nintendo. I love their output. I love Metroid, having played and completed all non hand held iterations. But Dread, I cannot get to grips with. I don't mind tough games. But this is just a stop start affair. The EMMI's are a case in point. Completely out of sync with the main game. Add in the controls which require a level of dexterity I'm simply not capable of performing most of the time and you get an exercise in frustration. It's also incredible linear which surprised me. I ended up giving it to my daughter as a bonus Christmas present and she said that the controls were far too difficult. A very un-Nintendo experience.
  7. They also played this one as well. Which I loved. I knew somebody had posted it on here as I downloaded into my RLLMUK folder onto my phone. Which Hip Hop track basically ripped the breakdown from this?
  8. Superb. Love the guitar in this. Heard it Near Years Eve at a funk do I was at.
  9. That's beautiful. I love this style, dreamy, that beautiful rhodes tinkling in the background. Never heard this before. Great find.
  10. I played through both recently on my new oled and PS4 Pro. Much preferred the first one. The second one went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.
  11. And I'm back to wandering around. This is not for me. I spent over an hour wandering around the second world to find one little gap opened by "thermal reversal" (I have no idea how this fits into the story). This lead me to the third world where I'm instantly stuck on the opening bit. So back to the second world I go. But, exploring over the same area to find that little gap comes to my major gripe with the game. The EMMI sections. What a load of bollocks those sections are. My god avoid a robot that you can't kill until you find something you need to explore all over the world again to find. Ahhhhhh.. I think I'll give this to my daughter as an additional Christmas present. I've tried. But it's really winding me up. Life's too short. Oh and the controls (on the pro controller) are awful. I dread to think what this is like on the joycons.
  12. I've completed all Metroids I've played. The only ones I haven't played are the handheld versions. Toughness I don't mind. It's getting lost, walking around in circles that does my head in. I am going to take your advice and stop playing now though. Try again tomorrow. Thanks for the tip @Alex W.
  13. Wow. Thanks. I would never have tried that. I will persevere. Usually stuff like that is for "secrets". Not how to progress the main branch of a game. Perhaps I am just getting too long in the tooth for this video game malarky.
  14. I am afraid this is a no from me. Frustrating. Obtuse. Ridiculous controls that are slippery. I have been stuck all evening getting burnt to a cinder when going to Cataris.I assume I need a suit to stop me from burning. I am going round in circles in Artaria in the same 4/5 rooms. All exits blocked. Getting there was bad enough. The EMMI's are an exercise in frustration. Utter trial and error what to do with them. I do worry about Nintendo's output these days. The Paper Mario game had a ridiculous battle system and was plain boring. This is just a baffling idea for a metroid game. I really want to love it, but I can't.
  15. You give me something. At least to my untrained ear.
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