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  1. Wow. Like you said, that so obvious now you mention it. I loved Gary Busey and his son is just a younger reboot. Having not watched the first two series, I really enjoyed this. A huge nostalgia trip for me as I would have been roughly the same age as the protagonists. Man, the 80's.
  2. Magic cinema. I really belly laughed at some points. Touching, sentimental too. It fits in perfectly with the three other films as well. A fitting finale to a fantastic series of films.
  3. nightwaxon

    Glastonbury 2019

    Fantastic performance by the Cure. Smith's voice is fantastic.
  4. nightwaxon

    Glastonbury 2019

    Just watched a recap of Glastonbury. I've come to the conclusion that Stormzy is not my thing.
  5. Wow. That looks so good, it looks like it could be a fake. Very impressive stuff!
  6. It's still not a patch on the Clarkson, May & Hammond era. Flintoff gets everywhere. He's like shit in a field, to quote Jim Royle. He really is the definition of "doing anything for a pound note", just like Scrotum Faced, Saggy Chopped, Bagpuss look a like Harry Redknapp.
  7. I've never watched black mirror before. The Rllmuk hive mind have a hard on for Charlie Brooker and as my girlfriend has Netflix, we gave the latest series a spin. The first one about the virtual video game was funny. Was it meant to be? The second one Smithereens was actually quite good. Is Charlie Brooker going to be like Stuart Lee, where I don't quite see what the hook is?
  8. Just watched the last episode again. That opening scene is so powerful. Haunting music, happy people, juxtaposed by Dyatlov striding towards the Power Plant, as the camera pulls out too see the monster on the horizon. Tremendous stuff!
  9. Awesome. Best TV drama I've ever seen. Spellbinding stuff.
  10. Well, that was grim, but awesome. Those hospital scenes were terrifying. Haven't seen TV as good as this for quite a while!
  11. If this is the only criticism we can find, you know it's top tier TV
  12. Can't find it on my app. It's on YouTube though. Thanks anyway.
  13. I'm having trouble finding this podcast. What's it called? On my app, searching Chernobyl doesn't seem to find it.
  14. Awesome TV. I'm familiar with the story and events surrounding Chernobyl. This brings it to life in a quite stunning way. Can't wait for the next episode.
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