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  1. Black Mesa is really good. Of the Xen expansions, Interloper is a bit too long / repetitive imo, but aside from that I can't really fault them.
  2. https://www.theverge.com/2021/11/15/22782746/microsoft-xbox-backward-compatibility-76-new-games Some very good games in the list!
  3. Resetera is pretty awful to read. So many threads feel like some kind of Mexican stand off where people are just looking for an excuse to jump on people. Moderation makes some really bizarre calls and decisions. Not sure why people would want to engage in that kind of environment, really.
  4. I played like the first two thirds of Vice City again earlier in the year and really enjoyed it. Plenty of mods out there to tighten things up and restore removed effects, songs, etc. Pretty sure this was the guide / mod pack I used. I'm very sceptical about these. R* have really mis-treated the games over the years. Just stop fucking with them!
  5. Just "finished" the campaign on this (and by that, I mean unlocked what seems like a whole extra campaigns' worth of events, not including the ones I didn't do the first time around ) I'm impressed by just how much stuff there is here - the tracks, the cars, the weather.... I've only take the briefest of looks at Rivals and the Multiplayer. It feels great to play and looks great too. I think the only two things I can fault it on are: - The mod system. I'm pretty sure the first few games gave you extra rewards for turning off assists - but here you have to use a mod card for bonuses? Why not give a permanent boost for turning off assists, and have the mod cards for "Finish in top X" type stuff? - The race set up menus are pretty laggy (on my pc), and I was utterly confused in trying to set up a free play race the first few times
  6. Just bumping this as it is delisted on the 15th (Wednesday) Picked it up myself today as I've been in the mood for a track racer, so hopefully it will suffice. Haven't played the "motorsport" line of Forza since #3 (!).
  7. This just dropped through the door and the cover is ace Need it as a wallpaper
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