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  1. Yeah, loads more chances to cancel bullets and turn them into gems, so it balances out, it's not much harder and waaay more fun!
  2. Haha! You're a man after my own heart. Ain't nobody got time for that! I think the confusion here is that the hard mode in neko navy is called death mode and normal is called hard.
  3. It's those little bits of text in between stages, you can choose the top or the bottom, for example This is coming to the switch soon, by the way, if you're a console only gamer. Make sure you snap it up, it's really good!
  4. I could have used something like that during the first month of lockdown when I was climbing the walls. Careful what you wish for, I suppose! I've got that alltynex trilogy on steam but not really played it yet. How do you rate kamui?
  5. Robin's Wish Annoying mournful piano music that never threatens to ever feel subtle or respectful of the subject or the viewer. Feels a tad like rubbernecking at times. It's not a nice thing to say, but his widow gets a tad too much time in the spotlight, never comes across as entirely genuine, and does an admirable job of trying and failing to squeeze out a tear at one point. I'd have liked to hear more from the other people around him. For all it's flaws, it paints a sobering, upsetting picture of a man feeling himself fizzle out while the people close to him are unable to help. **
  6. Feels Good Man S'alright. Some empty vessel stoner type watches in despair as a character he made gets co-opted by sad angry types on the internet. Canny interesting as I'm old and out of touch and I'd seen his froggy face here and there and it was nice making a sort of sense out of it all. ***
  7. It must be a very complicated and delicate process. These remasters are so precious and fragile that they're turning back into fairy dust after only 6 months. I suppose you can't burn that bright and last forever. Miyamoto must be absolutely tearing his hair out trying to perfect the process. Banging his fists down hard on the alchemy table "Nintendo's loyal fans deserve better!"
  8. Yay! Managed to finish normal mode of Zenodeath tonight. Got the first clear according to the leaderboards and I'm right at the top! Well chuffed with that. My only complaint is that the game is too long, though I suppose it's the end of the trilogy and they wanted it to feel epic. Love the 8 bit style graphics and the muted tones. It really feels like you're playing something from your childhood. Tried expert and it really ramps things up! I only tried a few stages because I was tired but it looks like it ramps it up a lot, the later parts of the game will be insane. Really fun game!
  9. I'm getting surprised baby minecraft lamb. That thing is crying out for a pair of googly eyes.
  10. Crisis Wing trailer Zenodeath is out and it's fun, has the same sort of system like in Jet Buster, I think. in this game you kill enemies with your main shot and they drop gems. When you collect a certain amount of gems, it raises the value of the medals which drop out of dead enemies when you kill them with the focus shot. Getting killed drops the medal value level so if you're playing for score it's a case of grabbing as many gems as you dare before cashing out, going for the medals. The on foot stages feel decent, I wasn't sure at first but quickly got used to them. Died on stage 9 on normal difficulty and that's the last one so hopefully that wasn't a fluke and I can get my 1cc if I get a chance tomorrow and move on to expert. Fun game, I'm really enjoying it so far!
  11. Followed Really annoying wanks fart about and shout at each other for an hour and a half and Watchable enough, I suppose, has it's moments. *½
  12. https://twitter.com/mossmouth/status/1301947321291124738 Day before my birthday!
  13. Crisis Wing steam page is up, trailer still being worked on - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1402090/Crisis_Wing/ Really enjoyed the caravan stage demo that came out in 2017. It looks gorgeous! Oh boy, I hope that release date is accurate! I wasn't expecting it so soon.
  14. Not sure that teleport feature is as revolutionary as they think it is, unless there's something I'm missing, but this is looking smart!
  15. It's a small price to pay. Runs great in some xenia builds nowadays anyway, and there's the exa version coming too - https://exa.ac/en/2020/03/19/dodonpachisdoj-exalabel/?v=0f177369a3b7 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1388230/DANMAKAI_Red_Forbidden_Fruit/ "Also, cat!" Sold. Looks a bit touhou but also not boring. Might be worth a try! https://store.steampowered.com/app/761920/Zenodeath/ Also zenodeath coming in a couple of days (4th September). Still not sure about the on foot sections, but fingers crossed it'll feel good.
  16. Amazing work! Your final boss strategy is on point, I'd have never thought of that!
  17. heard today that Vlambeer are closing They're still gonna release ultrabugs, but then that's it. Gonna crank up the screenshake for one last hurrah.
  18. A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child Was very tired the other night so I stuck this on to wind down. I can't quite remember at which point I bailed off the Freddy train, but I had a fair few moments of deja vu so I may well have already watched it when I was younger. It was really visually interesting at times and had some nice effects set pieces and I liked the score. The people making it seemed far less interested in plot, dialogue, competent acting, all that boring stuff, they didn't let it get in the way of their fun. It was alright, you can do a lot worse. I was very pleasantly surprised! **½
  19. I know you wouldn't do that. Best not risk any permanent damage just to teach me a lesson. I don't want to beat you while you're wearing a sling. It'd be like sucker punching Muhammad Ali on a Parkinson's ward. You'd feel great, obviously, but it wouldn't really count.
  20. and another! Yeah, it's not fair if you've got a gammy hand. I'll play something else until you're fighting fit or maybe concentrate on my overall score instead. It's amazing how quickly you get sucked back into futari when you fire it up!
  21. I love muchi muchi pork! You don't care for it much? Didn't really get round to playing pink sweets, I'll have to dive into that some time. All I remember about it was that I didn't really know what I was meant to be doing and it seemed really hard!
  22. I think you're right, there's definitely a few moments I can think of where I see them and I know they're there, but if I'm using normal shot, I'll often not bother sucking them up because I'm concentrating more on grabbing the ones in the air. Good advice! I didn't know they were worth more. Reminds me of when you'd see that one smart lad in the dome at the end of the crystal maze, stooped over, his daft mates flailing their arms around wildly while he's howking big armful's of golden tickets, shovelling them into his bulging half zipped down jacket, going around the edges where they've piled up heavy and the fans haven't been able to lift them. Yeah, palm might be a bit of a poisoned apple because although bosses cower in fear of that laser, you really do need a decent wide shot with lots of coverage for the last few stages and he might not cut it when you get there.
  23. If you're looking for more switch recommendations, Black Bird and Dezatopia are good fun. Wow, he really tears through bosses once his shots powered up a bit, game feels much more visceral, bodies hitting the floor left, right and centre. I must have gone reco/normal straight off the bat and just stuck with that. Gonna play palm for a bit tomorrow. Still scoring better with Reco though, done a little bit better tonight, 16,839,370.
  24. Wow! I think that might be out of reach for me. I had this really good run before, I don't think I'd have beaten you, but I could tell I was beating my score as I got to the boss. Just my luck, the rhythm of the green/blue combo was so out of sync with what I'm used to, it was landed exactly on the end of the first phase and again when the boss died so I didn't manage to switch shot in time and got a measly gem payout. Nightmare! 16,768,341 so far.
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