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  1. Akai Katana out now! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2076220/Akai_Katana_Shin/
  2. It's just come to my attention that Z-Warp did come out this year! I could have sworn I got it on ps4 last year and it just got a pc release this year. I'm gonna drop Nekotosakana out of my list and slot Z-Warp in under Gunvein. I'd be kicking myself if Elden Ring won by one vote and Z-Warp came second.
  3. Bit of a damp squib, they just announced the release date. February 14.
  4. This is brilliant fun so far. Dead In Vitro - https://www.freem.ne.jp/win/game/29393 I think it has the lock on mechanic from ketsui, so you want to kill popcorn with your wide shot and then focus/lock on to the bigger ones. I think the idea is to wait until there are a lot of bullets on screen and then you whack the mystery button which clears the bullets but makes bullets faster for a while. Looks like you get 2 mysteries when you start a new life so strategic suicides might be in order.
  5. Finally getting an amiga in the form of the cartoon classics pack, and playing first samurai all day. Good times.
  6. This is very moreish. World record, baby! for now 1,117,295,392 - https://streamable.com/g6dfgg
  7. Santy's bringing a new Akai Katana Shin port this year, I'll be playing that, with Gunvein as trimmings.
  8. Speaking of bad marketing. I don't think I've ever closed a steam page faster.
  9. More news on the M2 christmas stream. @Sel Feena
  10. This looks cute. Roguelite shmup, Hello, Lucia - https://store.steampowered.com/app/2233670/Hello_Lucia/ Looks like bitwave games are going to announce something tomorrow?
  11. Another banging caravan from rollingcrow! Karasu Blaze. It looks like they've changed it's name to Karasu Meltdown now. https://crows-nest.itch.io/karasu-meltdown 857,125,994 - https://streamable.com/g3vnz5 Ooh, this is good as well, Shiratori - https://desmaku.itch.io/shiratori You have to graze until your ship turns green and then you can bomb when lots of bullets are on the screen to turn them into points.
  12. Game of the Year 1. Like Dreamer 2. Gunvein 3. Z-Warp 4. Dead End City 5. Tukiyono Biggest disappointment: 1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge 2. NeverAwake 3. Best visuals 1. Tukiyono 2. Nekotosakana 3. NeverAwake Best audio 1. Like Dreamer 2. Gunvein 3. Best writing 1. 2. 3. Best not 2022 game: 1. Mushihimesama Futari Black Label 2. Deathsmiles IIX 3. Valhellio Best developer: あうとさいど (outside) Best format/console/controller/brain interface: pc
  13. Thanks, man Turns out its bark is way worse than its bite. You just have to hold your nerve and don't be stingy with the bombs. There were a couple of bits in stage 4 that had me convinced I'd never get through it, but there's nothing there that's too bad once you've seen it a couple of times and gotten your strategy down. I went from "nope!" to "this is my jam" pretty quickly. Friendship ended with intense, now expert is my best friend.
  14. There's a page here that lists some places you can them in-store - https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/5BB2-E986-A733-CF0E For the UK they list Argos ASDA GAME John Lewis Tesco WHSmith Wilkinson I wonder if they're phasing them out, it seems a lot harder to buy them digitally online nowadays. You used to be able to buy them at a few places and they'd send you the code instantly. You used to be able to add a gift card of any currency as well, but it looks like they've stopped that, so £s only now - https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/78E3-7431-1E88-AD59 😎
  15. Well, hush my mouth! Got to the final boss in expert this morning. It's definitely doable! I'm trying to go into the bosses with a full stock of bombs and that's really helping!
  16. Aw man, I'm in the realm of minimal twatty gains now. It's a sign, I need to move over to expert. Intense is so much fun though. The porridge is just right. I'll try and tear myself away. edit: I think expert might be too hard for me.
  17. Finally! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1456470/Rolling_Gunner/
  18. Yeah, man. Started off promising enough, but around an hour in it started haemorrhaging stars, and fast! It was down to a one bagger long before the end.
  19. Wow! I bet that felt amazing, meeting your arch nemesis and coming out the other side without even a scratch on you. I'd have been giggling like a schoolgirl CosmoDreamer is on the uk eshop now for preorder, coming on the 15th - https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Cosmo-Dreamer-2309028.html This looks like it'll be alright. Harpoon Shooter Nozomi, coming next year. You can grab fools with a harpoon and shoot the shit out of them - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1978190/Harpoon_Shooter_Nozomi/
  20. Yeah, that's a good idea! Maybe the gunvein demo would be a good recruitement tool. You get that tutorial, and a caravan stage. You also get the first stage of the game you can play with all three ships, and the first stage of the roguelike mode, both of which you can play on lower difficulty. and it just works! A much better first impression than whatever whacky doujin game I'd usually recommend where they'd have to use joytokey to play on controller. edit: Beat my score on intense!
  21. I just use shadowplay. My videos aren't the best, they can be a little stuttery at times, but it does the job for capturing 1cc's. If you have an nvidia gpu and it's not donkeys years old it should have that feature. They have a chip on the gpu that does all the heavy lifting with the encoding. You don't get any extra input lag and it doesn't really hurt performance. You can check if your card has an nvenc chip here - https://developer.nvidia.com/video-encode-and-decode-gpu-support-matrix-new You have to install geoforce experience, and make an account (I know!) to use it, but it's worth it - https://www.nvidia.com/en-gb/geforce/geforce-experience/download/ I find these settings to be good enough for shmups and it keeps the file sizes down. If you're going to be uploading to youtube, you can just go ahead and chuck it up there, but you might want to re-encode first to get a much better quality on youtube. When they re-encode your video, they don't use a lot of bitrate for 720p videos and they really butcher the quality, so you can re-encode a video at a higher resolution before uploading if you like with xmedia recode. 2560x1440 is good enough, that'll trick youtube into re-encoding your video with a much higher bitrate and you'll lose less quality - https://www.xmedia-recode.de/en/download.php These settings will give you more or less the same size as your original capture so it doesn't take ages to upload. In the audio tab, just choose to copy the audio stream rather than re-encoding it, then change the resolution in the filters tab. Then click "add to queue" and then "encode".
  22. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, that bullet streaming bit took me longer than it should have. I didn't notice that it tells you you're invincible! That would have made it a lot easier I think it's possibly a great tutorial if you're new and it's not something you already do without thinking, because if you do, you kind of have to unlearn the way you've always done it in order to make the bullets keep hitting the target, if that makes sense. Usually you're microtapping as slow as possible, trying to let the bullets come as close as possible so you've got more screen real estate to work with before you have to do your cut back, but if I'd read the god damn text like a good boy and noticed I was invincible that wouldn't have been an issue I came to shmup, not read! Cool kids don't read. I know some you switch lads like your physicals. There's a double pack of dezatopia and mecha ritz up for preorder here - https://www.strictlylimitedgames.com/en-gb/collections/dezatopia-mecha-ritz
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