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  1. Hmmmm. I don't like treasure games, so maybe there's something in that. Gah! Nearly beat normal there today That enthroned hairy testicle thing got me.
  2. There are, but we don't talk about those. Those sorts of games don't understand the genre and turn the experience into more of an RPG grind where you're just spending time in return for the game becoming artificially easier. You want to steer yourself away from those sorts of mechanics if time is a currency you're short on. The thing with shmups is that you are the progression. Your skill level is constantly rising. Every minute spent playing a shmup, you are building up your shmup muscle. You are learning from every mistake. Every lesson learned will translate to all other games in the genre. There is no such thing as a wasted run. As the old saying goes "the more you fail, the closer you get to success" They're all about teaching yourself through play and failure and pushing yourself to become a better player. They're simple, which is great. Precise 8 way digital movement. On/off, no inertia or acceleration, it's the same on all games so you are instantly in control, no bedding in period. Just a couple of buttons so it's not confusing, you normally have shoot, focus (slow your ship speed to make more precise dodging possible) hyper (usually some sort of "let's fuck shit up now that the gauge has been filled" period of overpowered madness) and bomb for getting out of trouble. The depth comes from figuring out and exploiting the scoring systems, but first you'll just be playing for survival. Just pick a game you like the look of, start on easy/novice mode and credit feed your way through if you have to. If you're having fun, you're doing it right. That blue wish game does a great job of letting you teach yourself all the fundamentals through play. Autobomb (instead of dying when you get hit, you just lose a bomb instead) is on by default and the game is very generous with the amount of bombs and lives it gives you. Lots of games have novice modes or arrange modes that are designed to ease people in gently so I don't really have to recommend a place to start. Just dive in. Oh yeah, that's a good shout. I really like Magical Tetris Challenge on the gbc.
  3. This is one of the levels that took more than a few tries! I must have uploaded that and forgot to share it. I just saw it while looking for something else on my streamable account. https://streamable.com/zija3g
  4. Shmups! They are gaming distilled to it's purest form. All the chaff chucked out so that only the essential elements remain. Shmups are a raw, unfiltered test of skill and endurance. No waiting around in lobbies. No huge updates to download. No cunts to babysit. They are ultra respectful of your time. You sit down, you turn them on, they give you a concentrated gaming fix for 20 to 30 blissful, adrenaline fuelled minutes, and then they roll over, have a cig and let you get on with the rest of your day. If something comes up you can drop out instantly and lose nothing. Try Blue Wish Resurrection Plus, free game - https://xxgameroom.itch.io/blue-wish-resurrection-plus Or the Gunvein demo - https://store.steampowered.com/app/2025840/Gunvein/ SHMUPS! - https://streamable.com/029kur
  5. I'm assuming this is daifukkatsu/resurrection? You've nearly doubled my best score! (6,939,560,818) Strong style blue or green ship are the easiest clears. Yeah, stage 5 is long as hell and you've got the dreaded laser wheels to contend with too. Good luck! Sounds like you're getting close.
  6. 😺 Easy mode just got slapped! I wasn't taking any chances on the final boss, Once I was on my last life, I was just bomb bomb bomb BOMB! https://streamable.com/2yhiy6
  7. I have to say, I wasn't too keen on the final release, though others enjoyed it more. I finished all worlds, route A and B, but I didn't find it much fun to play. It had me going through previous levels and completing annoying challenges in order to unlock the final world as well :S It really outstays its welcome. Would have much preferred a well balanced tight campaign instead of all those levels. It does look nice though. They don't give you interesting patterns to dodge, the boss fights are more about just learning when he's gonna lunge at you and dashing out of the way. It's not great. Certainly didn't feel the need to play any levels and beat my time/score after the one run through. It's aimed more at the casual twin stick crowd than us nutters. You'll get some chill fun out of it, but don't expect too much. They patched it recently to make it easier for some reason. There were a couple of levels that took a couple of goes and they were the most interesting parts, so hopefully they haven't flattened the difficulty too much. I swallowed my pride and switched to easy mode for now on zed blade, which I have to say isn't that much bloody easier! I switched to the three way shot as well and that definitely seems the way to go for survival when using autofire. Wave is better for scoring, but I'm not gonna worry about milking bosses and all that carry on. I don't think you get extends for scoring after a certain point. I got to stage 6 with 4 lives in stock today and made it halfway through the final stage before giving up the ghost, so it might be coming. I made some daft mistakes on stage 7, but if I can make it to the final stage with those 4 lives, it'll be a breeze!
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan
  9. This is a good site for keeping track of switch deals. You can sort by release date or % discount. https://www.dekudeals.com/lists/h9wbjf?sort=release_date https://www.dekudeals.com/lists/h9wbjf?sort=discount
  10. Congrats! I remember throwing the wand once and I didn't like it so I never did it again. I never realised it cancelled bullets! I'll have to try that character again. I just assumed it was for doing more damage to the bosses while keeping at a safe distance. Uh-oh! Does your score keep ticking up? I remember that happening in Bike Banditz, I was shooting the walls as much as possible
  11. Oh, I discovered the autofire! That makes a big difference. Got to stage 7 that time. I'm finding choosing the slowest ship good for those precise dodges later on, though I'm worried that'll come back to bite me on the arse on the last stage. I'm going wave, homing, wave for the weapon loadout. Is that what you choose? Everything other than wave felt underpowered without the autofire, but I might try the 3way next time now that I'm using it. See how that goes.
  12. Yeah, it definitely starts to get hairy later on. I got to stage 5, but the game started to properly fight back around there. I'll shove it on now and then, see if I can get a bit further. Ha, yes, now that you mention it. I don't line myself up against the background but I will position myself somewhere in relation to the enemy, usually just right over one side of the screen so I've got a lot of room to dodge. This is just the first boss of futari black label maniac as an example, but I tend to only have decent strategies for the first 3 or so bosses in cave games because they're the ones I've played the most, it's usually just trouser shitted flailing from then on out. https://streamable.com/j763rj I put myself around about the dinosaurs cheek and that's a good place to start for microtapping across the screen and dodging those first patterns. The next pattern you just have to misdirect the firebreath right and left and you shouldn't have to dodge the little bullets if you give yourself enough room, and on the last one you point blank his stupid big nose to mine golden bogies and do loads of damage, didn't get many on that run, don't think I was close enough, and then wait until the screen is filled with bullets before you kill him to get lots of gems. You figure out and build your own strategies as you play, it's really good fun experimenting and finding a way to make seemingly impossible patterns easier to deal with. Getting to a final boss you've never seen before with a couple of bombs and desperately trying to ad-lib insane patterns is another kind of fun that probably knocks years off your life!
  13. Yeah, I have to just keep at it until a strategy comes together for some patterns in the harder cave games. Especially later bosses. Some of them are too fast and complex to just be ad-libbed. I don't practise or use save states. I just play for fun and it all comes naturally. Some are easier than others, but every time you encounter that pattern you get better at dodging it. Playing lots of shmups helps, your skill of subconsciously reading patterns gets much better, and chances are you'll have mastered similar patterns in other games. You get much quicker at mastering patterns the more games you play. Some people like Jaimers will use save states or practice modes and practise each boss until they've mastered it and then do a full run when they think they're ready. That's definitely the most efficient way, but it's never sounded like fun to me. More like rehearsing your lines for a play than having fun playing a game.
  14. I bought myself a mister as a belated christmas present since I didn't get anything exciting this year. I'm loving it! I wish I'd bought myself one sooner, especially since they were a lot cheaper when I was originally eyeing them up! I associate 60hz with laggy consoles, but this is nippy as anything. I've set the usb polling rate to 1000Hz and the vsync_adjust setting to 2, but honestly, it felt great before that straight off the bat. I was trying zed blade on the neo geo. That is really good, the music is amazing, feels pure 90s and really works for shmups and the game looks great. Then I tried varth which has really comfy slowdown. It just kept going and going though. I died on stage 17 after half an hour and looked it up and the damn thing has 30 stages! Played scramble on the vectrex as well for old times sake. That was my first 1cc back in the day when I was a nipper. It only takes 3 minutes and then it loops. It won't be the best version of the game and it's pretty easy, but it was fun to revisit it.
  15. Hahaha. Bonk! https://streamable.com/m8d1ne Man, that is such a hateful last boss. The rest of the game is so chill and then they put such nasty memorisation right at the end. Dirty business. It's good fun but I don't think I want to meet that boss again. Got to 2-4 in the end. Does anyone know, are there just 2 loops or does it loop forever?
  16. Thanks, Dig Dug! I'll give that a try next time. I don't want to be a debbie downer does dallas, but I don't think it's too much more than a remake of the original in the game maker engine, so might be best not to get too excited if you've already played it. Looking at the store page, it has 2 extra stages, an extra difficulty mode and 16 ships rather than the originals 8.
  17. Got to the final boss of fantasy zone with 4 lives. Still didn't make it. Fuck this guy and all they blue tossers in his belly. I can see what people mean about Black Bird being a tribute to this now. I'd never played it before.
  18. Oh god, yeah, that'll do it. I spent a lot of time bringing up my nephew when he was little. I used to sneak in an hour of shmupping when he'd conk out for his nap halfway through the day, but he's all grown up and at school and playing with his mates now so I've got more time to fritter away on trivial pursuits. Got my first cotton rock n roll 1cc 3 hours in, you'll be there in no time. Congrats on the squelcher! I hope it's not taking too much out of you. I remember Frank Skinner on the radio saying "it's a conspiracy, everyone's always gushing about how great it is having kids but they never tell you about those moments when you've finally got them to sleep and you're standing half alive with your eyes squeezed tight shut and your head pressed hard against the cooker hood" Oh, that character does sound interesting. I'll give her a go next. I did have a quick try as her the other day but I didn't realise she had a lure.
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