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  1. Tetris (GB) - B-Type



    Cotton Rock n Roll -Superlative Night Dreams- (PC) - normal 1cc, cotton, appli, tacoot, luffee, fine

    Fantasy Zone (arcade) - 1cc (2-4)

    U.N. Squadron (arcade) - 1cc

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (GB)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (GBA)

    Zed Blade (arcade) - Easy, 1cc

    Harmful Park (PSX) - Normal, 1cc

    Scramble (arcade) 1cc

  2. Scramble (arcade) 1cc
    Tetris (GB) - A-Type


    I got over 100,000 points in endless and saw the rocket. Is it fair to call that a win for that mode?





    Cotton Rock n Roll -Superlative Night Dreams- (PC) - normal 1cc, cotton, appli, tacoot, luffee, fine

    Fantasy Zone (arcade) - 1cc (2-4)

    U.N. Squadron (arcade) - 1cc

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (GB)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (GBA)

    Zed Blade (arcade) - Easy, 1cc

    Harmful Park (PSX) - Normal, 1cc

  3. 21 hours ago, Vimster said:

    Another query, this one about the Amiga core: I just updated Mega AGS and was checking the recommended config settings in the readme. Under Aspect Ratio it says 40:27, yet in the core the only options I have are Original and Full Screen. Was playing the superb Roadkill the other night and in menus the top and bottom of the screen are cut off. Did they remove 40:27 as an option recently?


    Sorry, I haven't gotten around to trying the amiga yet, but sniffing around the net, it looks like that's part and parcel of the 5x integer scaling they're employing - https://misterfpga.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2227
    For some games, they're happy to crop the image so long as it doesn't effect the gameplay.

    Look at this gif of mega lo mania as an example.




    Are most of the other games fine and it's just that one that overscans like that?

    It says your mister has to be set up as 1080p output, so maybe double check that first.

    They say they're having to go through each individual game and tailor the settings accordingly so maybe they haven't gotten around to that game yet. It looks like it's scaling up 5x when you just want 4x if that's any help narrowing down things in the options, and maybe turn off any cropping options there are if you can see any.


    Hopefully someone else has dabbled with the amiga core and can help a lot better than that.

  4. Ay. Nice one :D

    I had to turn that setting on too. My monitor was shitting it's pants every five minutes the same as yours.

    What were you playing on the gameboy colour? I really like magical tetris challenge.


    Check this out, some clever folk have been making colour hacks for old gameboy games.




    Kirby's pinball land is great but really benefits from a nice splash of colour - https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/6079/


    You can patch the roms online here and it's all totally painless.





  5. Another patch for Akai Katana - https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/2076220/view/3637254425214912943


    People complaining that there was a lot more slowdown when firing and chasing your katanas in shin mode on the 360 so it looks like they've sorted that.
    I remember reading on the steam forum that the dev was having trouble fixing the laser behaviour without breaking replays so it looks like that might take longer to sort out.


    //Slowdown adjusted.
    -Increase slow down when large amount of items exist.
    -Tweaked behavior when released.

    ※about laser pushback. The roots of the problem are deeper than expected, and the schedule for fixing is still undecided.


    Finally got round to trying the Eigengrau demo. The slow focus speed was bothering me a little, but it's alright. Canny good.

    Three buttons, fire, turn clockwise, and turn anticlockwise.





  6. Haha, yeah, it actually feels a little much at times.
    I remember playing something a lot less flashy after and my brain was thankful for the break from the overload.


    If anyone fancies a free blind 1cc, harmful park on the PSX has got you covered.
    I realised on my second go that it's got that mechanic like in hazelnut hex where the more enemies you kill with one shot, the more points you get. The idea seems to be that you hurt the big enemies until they're almost dead and then wait for a lot of popcorn to get in front so you can shoot and hopefully take out a conga-line of pricks, your multiplier building with each kill, getting a big score payout from the high value bigger enemy at the end.


    I don't know if I can bring myself to play it again and try and get a decent score. It's just so damn boring.

    It looks great and is very inventive, but there's lots of dead air and you do a fair bit of just floating about, even if you're playing for score, waiting for lots of enemies to congregate and start shooting.

    There's lots to admire, but it plays like shit.

  7. While in the gameboy colour core, go to the audio and video options




    and turn this option on




    If that doesn't sort it, you could change the vsync settings that core is using.
    If you're using vsync_adjust=2 for lower lag, try adding this to the end of your mister.ini file.




    and then try changing it from 1 to 0 if it's still wonky.

  8. Aaah, judging by that, I was doing it far too late. He's bombing with around 300 hyper left there. So it looks like you're better off doing it too early since you're using your lockshot to drain the remaining hyper quickly anyway.

    Thanks man! I'll give that a try the next time I play.

  9. I've never been able to manage it even once. What is it you have to do? Just bomb right before you're running out of hyper?

  10. The suicide bullets are way more manageable than they are in the first game.
    Once you've got your strategy down for the snake stage (you can rinse loads of points out of those rocks!), you'll just be going rank 3 for ever stage. It's not like the first game where you're really taking a risk doing that.


    Yeah, I agree. Very unfairly maligned game. It's brilliant fun.

  11. Harmful Park (PSX) - Normal, 1cc



    Cotton Rock n Roll -Superlative Night Dreams- (PC) - normal 1cc, cotton, appli, tacoot, luffee, fine

    Fantasy Zone (arcade) - 1cc (2-4)

    U.N. Squadron (arcade) - 1cc

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (GB)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (GBA)

    Zed Blade (arcade) - Easy, 1cc

  12. What the? That's pretty impressive!
    Yeah, the bosses are so much fun. You need to try the extra stage, the funfair, that's my favourite, on the 360 the framerate used to drop down to single digits with all the rings and crap flying around. You get to fight two creepy dancing teddy bears at the end of that stage.

  13. Hmmmm. I don't like treasure games, so maybe there's something in that.


    Gah! Nearly beat normal there today :D That enthroned hairy testicle thing got me.



  14. 2 hours ago, Hamus said:

    Are there any schmups that have progression?


    There are, but we don't talk about those. Those sorts of games don't understand the genre and turn the experience into more of an RPG grind where you're just spending time in return for the game becoming artificially easier.

    You want to steer yourself away from those sorts of mechanics if time is a currency you're short on.


    The thing with shmups is that you are the progression. Your skill level is constantly rising.
    Every minute spent playing a shmup, you are building up your shmup muscle.
    You are learning from every mistake. Every lesson learned will translate to all other games in the genre. There is no such thing as a wasted run.

    As the old saying goes "the more you fail, the closer you get to success"
    They're all about teaching yourself through play and failure and pushing yourself to become a better player.


    They're simple, which is great.
    Precise 8 way digital movement. On/off, no inertia or acceleration, it's the same on all games so you are instantly in control, no bedding in period.

    Just a couple of buttons so it's not confusing, you normally have shoot, focus (slow your ship speed to make more precise dodging possible) hyper (usually some sort of "let's fuck shit up now that the gauge has been filled" period of overpowered madness) and bomb for getting out of trouble.


    The depth comes from figuring out and exploiting the scoring systems, but first you'll just be playing for survival.

    Just pick a game you like the look of, start on easy/novice mode and credit feed your way through if you have to.
    If you're having fun, you're doing it right.


    That blue wish game does a great job of letting you teach yourself all the fundamentals through play.
    Autobomb (instead of dying when you get hit, you just lose a bomb instead) is on by default and the game is very generous with the amount of bombs and lives it gives you.

    Lots of games have novice modes or arrange modes that are designed to ease people in gently so I don't really have to recommend a place to start. Just dive in.


    23 minutes ago, Siri said:

    - Tetris.


    Oh yeah, that's a good shout. I really like Magical Tetris Challenge on the gbc.

  15. On 21/01/2023 at 22:38, Keyboard Koala said:



    This is one of the levels that took more than a few tries! I must have uploaded that and forgot to share it. I just saw it while looking for something else on my streamable account.



  16. Shmups!
    They are gaming distilled to it's purest form. All the chaff chucked out so that only the essential elements remain.

    Shmups are a raw, unfiltered test of skill and endurance.
    No waiting around in lobbies. No huge updates to download. No cunts to babysit. They are ultra respectful of your time.


    You sit down, you turn them on, they give you a concentrated gaming fix for 20 to 30 blissful, adrenaline fuelled minutes, and then they roll over, have a cig and let you get on with the rest of your day.

    If something comes up you can drop out instantly and lose nothing.


    Try Blue Wish Resurrection Plus, free game - https://xxgameroom.itch.io/blue-wish-resurrection-plus


    Or the Gunvein demo - https://store.steampowered.com/app/2025840/Gunvein/


    SHMUPS! - https://streamable.com/029kur

  17. I'm assuming this is daifukkatsu/resurrection?
    You've nearly doubled my best score! (6,939,560,818)
    Strong style blue or green ship are the easiest clears.

    Yeah, stage 5 is long as hell and you've got the dreaded laser wheels to contend with too.

    Good luck! Sounds like you're getting close.

  18. Zed Blade (arcade) - Easy, 1cc



    Cotton Rock n Roll -Superlative Night Dreams- (PC) - normal 1cc, cotton, appli, tacoot, luffee, fine

    Fantasy Zone (arcade) - 1cc (2-4)

    U.N. Squadron (arcade) - 1cc

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (GB)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (GBA)

  19. I have to say, I wasn't too keen on the final release, though others enjoyed it more.
    I finished all worlds, route A and B, but I didn't find it much fun to play.
    It had me going through previous levels and completing annoying challenges in order to unlock the final world as well :S
    It really outstays its welcome. Would have much preferred a well balanced tight campaign instead of all those levels.
    It does look nice though.

    They don't give you interesting patterns to dodge, the boss fights are more about just learning when he's gonna lunge at you and dashing out of the way.
    It's not great. Certainly didn't feel the need to play any levels and beat my time/score after the one run through.

    It's aimed more at the casual twin stick crowd than us nutters. You'll get some chill fun out of it, but don't expect too much. They patched it recently to make it easier for some reason. There were a couple of levels that took a couple of goes and they were the most interesting parts, so hopefully they haven't flattened the difficulty too much.

    I swallowed my pride and switched to easy mode for now on zed blade, which I have to say isn't that much bloody easier!
    I switched to the three way shot as well and that definitely seems the way to go for survival when using autofire.
    Wave is better for scoring, but I'm not gonna worry about milking bosses and all that carry on. I don't think you get extends for scoring after a certain point.
    I got to stage 6 with 4 lives in stock today and made it halfway through the final stage before giving up the ghost, so it might be coming. I made some daft mistakes on stage 7, but if I can make it to the final stage with those 4 lives, it'll be a breeze!



  20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (GBA)



    Cotton Rock n Roll -Superlative Night Dreams- (PC) - normal 1cc, cotton, appli, tacoot, luffee, fine

    Fantasy Zone (arcade) - 1cc (2-4)

    U.N. Squadron (arcade) - 1cc

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan (GB)


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