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  1. The Killing of A Sacred Deer - **** Really good fun Creepy and detached and funny and gorgeously shot with some exaggeratedly wide angle lenses like it's parodying Kubrick at times. Loved it!
  2. Hopefully they'll spruce it up for the final game, but it takes a little messing in the config file. Change the frameskip to 0 or it runs at 30fps. Fullscreen also doesn't work, so change the window dimensions to this if you're running at 1920x1080 [Window] Top=0 Bottom=1050 Left=260 Right=1660 This is a fix I use for various doujin games, you can view a plain black image in irfanview In the irfanview settings, uncheck this tickbox to stop the green text for the path and filename appearing in the top left when in fullscreen. and go fullscreen, and then alt-tab to the game and it looks like this, good enough. This game won't let you fill the full screen, it stops at 1061 or something dodgy like that. This is way better than the first game! No idea what their random ass numbering for the buttons is, but try this, it's best I've come up with so far for my stick at least PadKeyMap=04060305 I can't seem to be able to use the first button, so I've bumped it along one on the top row. autofire, focus fire, then bomb, next button along is start. Just ran through the new entry mode thing, that's lots of fun! I don't know if this is any good, but there's a score to beat
  3. I was just coming to post about that In december, also coming to switch. Demo up on the steam page - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1556650/Castle_of_Shikigami_2/
  4. The dev is talking about the switch port on the shmups forum. Wow, surely there was one person who had played the game on pc and owned a switch and could have given it the once over! They could have sent it to me and I'd have picked all of that up from my first go. Doesn't it still cost a pretty penny to have patches certified from the likes of nintendo and sony? You can't just let the players playtest your game on console. Looks like it's gonna get fixed, at least. I got top of the leaderboard in Techbeat Heart! The dev said if I'd managed to beat the boss at the end, with that multiplier, it would have been worth 445,000 points. Sickener! I dived left when I should have dived right My eyes lit up when I saw Fire & Reign. Yay, I get to play as a dragon again, but it looks like our princess might be in another castle judging by the trailer. It's an rpg, complete with bullet sponge enemies https://store.steampowered.com/app/1688220/Fire__Reign/ It looks pretty, but looks like it might not be too much fun to play. There's a demo on itch here, will try when I get a chance - https://siphonshock.itch.io/fire-reign
  5. The new one. I can't remember much about the original, I'd have been 12 when I watched it. I remember it being flawed, but quite visually striking. I remember the buzz around it at the time and thinking, well, this is a bit overrated, but good fun and pretty spooky. I thought this was such a wasted opportunity. Heavy handed, muddled, and dull. I wasn't sure at first, but when it got going, it got up to 3 and a half stars for me at one point, and then about half way through, it flatlined, and my god, that ending, straight down the shitter. Could have been great. I totally understand the intent, leaning more into the political angle, I think they were right to do that, but you have to be careful. When you push it that hard, it starts to feel like you're patronising the viewer at best, or like you're being exploitative, like you're digging up George Floyd to spice up your slasher flick, at worst. Subtext works far better when it's kept under the surface. It's far more effective than repeatedly bonking the viewer over the head with your message. Again, I understand the intent, and why you might feel in the current climate that urgency wins out and subtlety will have to take the day off, but we're not here to review a films intent out of 5, we're reviewing the quality of the film, or at least how much we enjoyed watching it, and while I'm not the biggest fan of the original, this one wasn't even half as good.
  6. I bought the xbla version but played in shmupmame mostly. It feels much better. It's a great game, but it's damn hard, I think.
  7. Looks like GeminiArms stole the weapon mechanic from that game? So it's a twin stick game? I'll have to give Omega Five a go at some point.
  8. Stick this page in your bookmarks as well, there's some nice free slot machine things here that are surprisingly good fun. I really like the haunted house one! https://www.software-illusions.co.uk/WebGames/ For when you're groggy.
  9. Haha, yes, I would also have accepted "airs on mondays", but honestly, I'd forget that I'm watching this show if I didn't add that epguides page into the folder of bookmarks that I open every morning. Sometimes it's less straight forward as well, I've seen series that shifted around the schedules and then there'll be a break for a month or something before the next episode gets shown. Yes, looks like they've kept it simple this time. If there's a second series, it'll all be on that page as well, so it's just good for me to keep that handy.
  10. I don't know if any of you lot used the shmup reddit, or are aware of the current drama, but the short story is 3 mods mods all same person, person dunt even play shumps! person nipped in heed, post a lot in incel subreddits delete a lot of decent content on the subreddit for shits and giggles ban gryoovy shmup homie morsalty for "discussing emulation" his literal words were "I wouldn't bother with sega saturn emulation, it's not great". guy always plays on original hardware! Everyone on the discords sticks up for salty and boycotts the subreddit mod goes on big thread-nuke spree and locks the subreddit - https://www.reveddit.com/v/shmups/?localSort=num_comments Yadda, yadda, here are the new groovy places. https://old.reddit.com/r/shmupSTG/ https://old.reddit.com/r/shmupchumps/
  11. Peglin demo worth a try if you fancy something nice and relaxing - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1296610/Peglin/ Fun little turn based game where instead of rolling a dice, your combat damage is decided by how many pegs you hit in peggle. You build up your stash of balls during your run, like you would your deck in slay the spire. I think it works much better than roundguard because once you're doing the peggle bit, once you've shot your ball, that's it, you can just chill and watch the show.
  12. Episode 4 is out there. This is a handy site to see when the next episode is going to air, if you're as forgetful as me I wouldn't call the upcoming episode titles spoilers, I don't think, but some might, so I'm mentioning that, just in case - http://epguides.com/YTheLastMan/ I'll paste in the dates here for those who don't want to see the titles. 1-4 ----- 20 Sep 21 1-5 ----- 27 Sep 21 1-6 ----- 04 Oct 21 1-7 ----- 11 Oct 21
  13. Didn't beat my score in Techbeat Heart, but I got all S+'s which was nice to finally see! You have to kill the heart in under 30 seconds to get S+, so that was cutting it fine!
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