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  1. Oh yeah, I saw that. I thought I'd downloaded this - https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_nest_2021 so I was waiting all the way through for it to kick off and go proper horrorshow So you can imagine, that ending was even more of a letdown! When i saw Jude Law's face I was like "ah for f-... I didn't know this cunt was in it!" but I stuck with it, and I'm glad I did. Like you say, it doesn't amount to much, but it's a fun little journey. Jude Law was alright as he's playing a one note prick, he only has to convey complicated emotion at the end of the film and the director keeps the camera quite a distance from his face out of respect for the audience.
  2. This is good fun! Looking forward to the full release. It has like a crisis wing mechanic where you set off your hyper and run into the bullets. There's a score to beat for hard mode. They've fixed the controls in Shinorubi, it feels a lot better. Try the easy mode, it's more or less the same but you get autobomb, and feels a lot less frustrating when you explode for no discernable reason
  3. I hear you, they could have done more to make the ending feel satisfying. I think it's half a film too, but for different reasons, though I enjoyed it well enough. Check out the fan edit of the Lynch version. It feels like bloody Flash Gordon in comparison! It's fantastic.
  4. Yeah, I think you're doing the right thing. There's plenty of shite knocking about. Better to have a well curated collection of quality games rather than a full set, I'd say.
  5. Yeah, hopefully they listen to all the feedback. I think there's a decent game there underneath all the jank, and they just have to spend that early access time chipping all that away. Apparently they've sorted the digital controls now, so I'll try it again later. New demo to try. 雷鸟Thunderbird - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1847380/Thunderbird/
  6. Wow, Grand Cross: Renovation is crazy. Man, that's such an adventure! You can tell they put loads of work into that! I'm still not entirely sure what's going on, I was only using two buttons, I couldn't really tell what the others did, if anything, I was shooting and using the laserblade thing and I didn't feel the need to rotate it except for a couple of bits near the end, so I've no idea what that score is like. Shinorubi has some readability issues, big time, like your bullets covering enemy bullets and lasers, bullets the same colour as pick ups, loads of unnecessary graphical effect, and the movement is additive rather than normalized at the minute and the diagonals are hella fast. I'm surprised that made it into early access especially how many beta and review copies they've been throwing out. It worries me that these guys don't really play the genre. We'll see, there's a lot of issues at the minute, but that's what early access is for. It's alright so far. When you build up your hyper all the bullets turn into stars that you can pick up, I ran into a bunch of stars to pick them up during the boss and died :S There are a lot of "hhhhwhat the fuck killed me" moments. I'll wait until they've fixed the movement at least before jumping back in.
  7. 1.66666666667/5, Shirley? If Doctor Shark isn't on the windup, I'll chew my own tits off.
  8. Yeah, the guy would delete content randomly and ban people willy nilly, and there seemed to be little if any method to his madness. Emulation discussion was banned, but, for example, with the gaiden competition, this was before that game had any sort of home release so we were all playing on mame and discussing autofire settings and stuff and that thread got pinned. Then he banned morsalty without warning for saying to someone "I would go with original hardware if you can. Emulation for that system isn't great" or words to that effect. Just madness. I can remember mentioning a couple of times to him in the past that the rules seemed a little draconian and old fashioned, but he wasn't having it. I'd started a few threads myself that got deleted and I asked him about it and he was like "ah, sorry, I must have done it accidentally when I was on a deleting spree" and gave me this "approved user" status where all my posts would go through automatically and not get flagged or something. So he knew he was deleting lots of legit threads and just didn't care. Loads of small indie devs were complaining that they came there to show their game, something 80% of the community would have been interested in and he's just like "no, no advertising today" and fucked them off. Someone sent me a message last year after they got banned, turns out the three mods were all the same guy Morsalty was a relatively new player, but he was naturally skilled and friendly and everyone had warmed to him straight off the bat and he'd never been anything other than helpful, so people just rallied around when that happened. Everyone was like "nah, fuck this, it's gone on long enough" and boycotted the subreddit, and the mod got pissed and locked it for a month since scamps were posting about emulation on purpose, but you know, like trying to show him how crazy his rules were, like going "oh wow, the emulation on this new M2 release is crazy good!" Someone said they looked at the guys post history and he was big in those incel subreddits before they all got nuked. It was just a mess. The guy doesn't even play shmups anymore, and no one knows if he ever did, he's just on a power trip. Shinorubi is out now - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1665900/SHINORUBI/ One of those G-Mode things came out - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1815030/GMODE/ Looks like Grand Cross is out at 10am, but sometimes those countdowns are all bollocksed - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1808900/GRAND_CROSS_ReNOVATION/
  9. Yeah, they were really good fun. Shame the mod is a bellend, as it's still the most read shmups subreddit. I don't post there any more on principle, but I see Mark is still shilling his wares on there, despite being one of the subreddits most vocal critics. It looks like most people missed out on all the drama and didn't get the memo about r/shmupchumps It's by far the grooviest of the new ones, but the community has fractured even more now. Yes, finally feel like I'm making progress again in the caravan mode!
  10. Oh, wow! Nice one. We played that for a high score competition back when r/shmups was semi-groovy. I always just went with ABDGLQV. So you reckon some of the harder stages aren't that bad? I've bought the arcade collection on steam and haven't really spent much time with it yet, just tried out the first game. Looking forward to jumping back into gaiden, and G-Darius HD when that comes out. I always just stuck to the easy routes, so there's loads more game to discover in those two. Yeah, Gaiden is cool, though I think I prefer G-Darius just a little bit. Yeah, the music is great, and the game is genuinely trippy at times!
  11. Yeah, maybe my brain just isn't wired right. That sort of thing gives me a proper headache.
  12. Yeah, definitely. You get a feeling for how doable a game is going to be at your current skill level as you're playing, and if it's far out of reach, you have to decide when it's worth pushing for or just walking away. You can always come back. I think I might be able to 1cc ketsui at my current skill level. There's a guy I know and it took him a month, but I reckon it'd take me more like half a year grinding it, the way I play, learning every stage inside out and getting my route down. I don't want to do that, I could spend the same time playing 20 or 30 chill doujin games and having way more fun. I don't like exceed 2nd's ikargua style colour switching mechanic, makes my brain dislocate. Exceed 3rd is godly though, one of my favourites. Make sure you play that in the future!
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