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  1. Aye, it's lovely, isn't it? Here's a really interesting interview with the song writer and singer Emi Evans on it. How she came up with the language is interesting. http://www.originalsoundversion.com/deep-into-nier-interview-with-vocalist-and-lyricist-emi-evans/ The melancholy soundtrack goes a long way to capture that gameworld. But the lovely sound to it is why I chose it for the intro, not very Christmassy but too nice to pass up.
  2. I met Greg Bear once. He couldn't understand a word I said. True story.
  3. Guys, anyone got recommendations for a Dreamcast emulator and a decent place to get ROMS for it?
  4. My problem with JRPG's is that I grind for ages, and lose interest in the story, then go back and when IU get to the end realize that there's a load of side-quests undone so don't finish the game so that they can be done...but in the meantime want to play something else, so it means that the game never gets finished.
  5. Not been to the Iron Keep, naw. I take it an ember is there. Bloody Hell it's taking an age to get the stuff to upgrade weapons.
  6. I think I'm doing this game all wrong. At The Rotten and still pissing about with a +2 Drangleic sword. Still not got an ember for yon blacksmith and that other blacksmith still won't do anything. Surely I should be modding weapons and all sorts by now?
  7. Don't mean to bang on but see the storyline in Bravely Default, it's a form of mental illness.
  8. Pumped 100 hours into Bravely Default (so far). Help me. Dear God, help me.
  9. R-Type -- never actually witnessed a legitimate 1 credit run.
  10. Not one reply. The backlash is on, fatty.
  11. I'm more and more liking the Dark Souls approach to games - you can get as powerful as you like but if you aren't paying attention, get cocky, or try to rush through stuff then just about anything can fuck you up. I get bored being an unstoppable monster. What's the point when there's no threat any more?
  12. I've had my fair share of fun out of the Dead Or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball too (it's a collecting game isn't it and I find collecting things fun). The content is entirely innocent. Can't think of any game I have been ashamed of playing.
  13. My body is ready!
  14. Same thing happened to me. Eventually the game took pity on me and said the zombies have shambled off and are leaving me alone. My problem now is that I gave Dotterel a shot of the game and he got me killed but I have zero idea where that was, so I've lost all my stuff. Tears in rain.
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