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  1. We had one of these which I think my brother won in a competition in Crash magazine (he also won a copy of Roland's Rat Race at some point). The only thing I remember about it is that on one game you could use the fire button on a second joystick to drop bombs or something. We used to put it on the floor and use those massive fire buttons like a foot pedal.
  2. I've been having a blast on Streets of Rage 3 this weekend. I really felt like playing it after reading about it in Retro Gamer magazine. It's been a few years since I've played this one and I knew it wasn't generally regarded as well as 2 but I didn't really know why. It always seemed to play great to me. Suffice to say say, most of the reasons seem to be minor quibbles, none of which I'm bothered about (like changing the story from the JP version. Seriously, who cares about the story in a Streets of Rage game?). I've been having a great time with it. The action is nice and fast paced, the controls are super responsive and the graphics are fantastic. The music is bonkers and is enough to make you think there's something wrong with your Megadrive. It's so spectacularly mental that I can't help but like it. It certainly gives the game character! I really like how it builds on 2 - it has a very similar feel and almost identical controls but with extra moves, new enemy types and environmental hazards (which I love. It's very satisfying to instantly defeat a baddie by chucking them down a big hole) I reckon this is among the best beat 'em ups I've played. Great stuff.
  3. Popped into a little second hand shop near the local high street yesterday and came out with Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, both on PS2 for £1 and 50p respectively. Both complete and in good condition. I also got Point Blank for PS1 but that was a bit pricier at £15. Still seems a reasonable price for a complete copy. I'm looking forward to giving the Price of Persia games a go as I missed out in them first time around (I couldn't afford a PS2). I think they look really fun. It blows my mind that you can pick up perfectly decent games for 50p.
  4. Probably my NES Turtles pack, Grandstand Pocket Scramble or Tomytronic 3D as those were all presents from childhood. As for more modern stuff, probably my copy of Symphony of the Night and also my copies of Gaiares and Probotector on the Megadrive.
  5. There definitely seem to be two camps when it comes to the Dualshock pads. I've always found the stick layout pretty comfortable, but then I have fairly small hands. I never liked that segmented D-pad though. This has really come out of left-field. I absolutely love the original 3 button MD pad. It's really comfortable, feels nice and chunky and is practically bulletproof.
  6. That's true but the same can be said for the Saturn 3D pad and that's much better in terms of layout. Actually, the same can be said for the Dualshock too.
  7. It's the three pronged design that ruins it (and the analogue stick wasn't hard-wearing enough).
  8. When it comes to third party controllers, it's pretty much a case of 'buyer beware' but I think the first party pack-in controllers really need to be good and should be comfortable and hard wearing. With this in mind, the most disappointing controllers are the Dreamcast one and the N64 one. I don't know what went wrong with the Dreamcast pad because the mark 2 Saturn pad and the 3D pad were both really good. The DC pad was just so uncomfortable that I don't even bother having my DC set up because I hate the pad (I really should get a third party one that's a better shape). The N64 pad is just crap. The three pronged shape is just a bafflingly bad design decision, pure and simple.
  9. I've never quite clicked with MUSHA, though I think the presentation is superb, and I've never played Lord Monarch. I agree that Hellfire is a top notch shooter though. I just love it. Love the music, the colourful graphics and the fantastic fire-switching mechanic. I just wish I was better at it.
  10. I've played Sprint at Wells! School trip.
  11. The Xbox/PS2/Gamecube era now feels a bit retro. Controllers still had wires, games didn't tend to autosave and no one I knew actually had anything hooked up to the internet. For me, the 360/PS3 really ushered in the modern era of game and console design.
  12. I'm from Great Yarmouth so the arcades were just part of the landscape. I feel quite privileged to have been on the scene during the glory days. Early favourite games were the likes of Pac Man and Phoenix and I have vivid memories of Bezerk! with its classic 'Intruder Alert' speech blasting down the corridor in the Marina Centre. Each year would bring exciting new machines. I have so many memories of seeing new games for the first time. When the Tron cabinets were released they just looked so amazing, with the glowing controls. Spy Hunter with its Knight Rider-esque steering wheel and that amazing music. Out-Run where you could actually select your own background music! I think the biggest wow moment though, was when I first clapped eyes on the deluxe Space Harrier machine. That thing was just amazing. Not just the fact that the whole thing moved as you played but the awesome sound and speech and the bizarre art direction. No home version has ever been able to capture the thrill of playing that thing the way it was supposed to be played. When it said 'Get Ready' you really did feel like you had to take a deep breath. Yarmouth was a great place to be in the 80s and early 90s. We seemed to get everything going game-wise as we had so many arcades along the sea front and also at the local holiday parks, cafes, pubs etc. If a game made it to the UK you could almost guarantee it would make it to Yarmouth.
  13. I really want to like Doctor Who. I have a lots of good will towards the show but in my opinion it's rarely lived up to its potential. My hope for the future is that they give the show some internal logic. RTD can certainly write but I personally didn't think his run was very good either. I really wish the TV movie had been a hit and we'd got a few seasons with McGann. The production had it's problems but American sci fi shows of the 90s generally found their feet after a seaon or two and I think we'd have seen some really good stuff.
  14. I'd like to try a no killing run through of Breath of the Wild. I think it should be possible and an interesting challenge. I'm pretty sure I played it vegetarian on my initial play through. It's great that there's so much freedom to play that game the way you want to.
  15. Over the last few years I've become more disturbed by the trend of killing realistic looking wildlife in games. I first noticed it in Assassin's Creed III and I thought it made perfect sense in that context, but I avoided those elements of the game. I think it was probably more commonplace in RPGs before that. It's since been a stable of action games which feature realistic environments and a need to craft equipment. I generally avoid the animal killing parts of games. I just find it a bit distasteful. What I find particularly disturbing is when games offer achievements for finding and killing particularly rare animals. What's that all about? It speaks to a pretty dark area of human nature that if there's a rare creature about, it should be hunted and killed. Am I the only one to be disappointed in this trend? I know it's harmelees really and I'm probably being stupid.
  16. I thought this would be good fun but it was absolutely terrible. Rubbish story, rubbish characters, really unnecessarily violent in quite a sick way. The whole thing has a really unfunny, adolescent style of humour running through it. I absolutely hated it.
  17. I wonder if Pong might be the best video game version of tennis. It's obviously not the best simulation of the sport but is arguably the most accessible game which approximates the rules of tennis and it's certainly the game with the most cultural impact.
  18. My other nomination is Ranger X. Again, it looks better in motion, but it has some incredible 3D effects and there's so much going on without a touch of slowdown. It's arcade quality visuals on a £100 console.
  19. A couple of my favourites on the Megadrive : Sub Terrainia. This definitely looks better in motion, the screenshots don't really do it justice. It's a brilliantly atmospheric game with some lovely lighting and water effects, excellent graphic design beautiful presentation. I think this is almost a perfect game but in a very niche genre.
  20. Those early NHL and John Madden games were pretty ground breaking and still play well today. The thing with sports games though, is that they're quite iterative. The best ones are usually a few iterations along the line so are no longer something original.
  21. Did they do early Game Boy stuff? Surely Tetris and GB Donkey Kong are both worth a 10.
  22. I'll say Assassins Creed II, especially if it includes Brotherhood and Revelations. After that I'd go for Black Flag. I enjoyed all the games up to Origins. While I still think they're good games they've just become too massive and sprawling. I really don't think the RPG style level system fits the games main premise either. If I'm a level 1 assassin and manage to stealthily stab a spear into the back of a target's head they should die. It's crap when they just laugh it off and kill you because they're level 15 or something.
  23. Wow, it really does look great on the X68000! Super smooth and lovely graphics and presentation. They were probably trying to squeeze the MD version onto the cheapest cart possible. That's usually the reason they cut stuff out.
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