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  1. I thought Lip Service was the best, followed by the one about the young kid being kidnapped. The first one and last one were both a bit arty farty and pretentious in my view.
  2. The Borg queen concept totally ruins the film for me - and it ruined The Borg for good. There are some nice sequences in the film and I agree it's the most successful of the TNG films but it pales against the quality of the TV show and even against most of the original crew films.
  3. Part of the problem for me was that they seemed to want these big action sequences which just didn't suit TNG. Even in Insurrection you've got the shuttle chase at the beginning and then later on Riker starts flying the Enterprise by stick(a pet hate of mine is when Star Trek switches to aircraft style combat instead of naval style combat)! They'd have been far better off going for a big sci-fi mystery thriller type story rather that an action blockbuster thing.
  4. I watched this at the weekend and really enjoyed it. It could have done with being a bit shorter but I thought it had some great visuals, fun characters and a decent story. Using a walled off Vegas as the setting gave it a nice Escape from New York vibe. It actually felt more like a team-based EFNY style adventure than a zombie horror flick. Good stuff.
  5. I watched Insurrection the other day which I sort of enjoyed. There's far too much forced comedy though and the story is really no more cinematic than the average episode. I really don't think Frakes is a particularly good director either. It's been so long since I watched anything from the film era of TNG that I'd completely forgotten things like the emotion chip and Geordie's new eyes. That was all a bit lame wasn't it? I wish they hadn't bothered with the TNG films in retrospect.
  6. I think Selleck would have been good but very different. I'm sure in some alternate universe, Raiders is still regarded a classic with Selleck as the lead. You can see glimpses of how Selleck may have played him in High Road to China and Quigley Down Under - and of course there's that Magnum tribute episode.
  7. This looks lovely but it kind of niggles me that it doesn't include the original Zelda Game and Watch. I can see why not, with the original being a dual screen, but it still niggles. And another vote here for a Game and Watch complete collection in one of these units (and another for the clamshells).
  8. I've resigned myself to finding very few cherries in the car boot pie nowadays. I occasionally get lucky and find something the hoovers have missed - got a complete copy of the GBA game Lady Sia from an odds and ends box for just a few quid - but generally I just buy valueless stuff that I might like to play on a whim. Mainly PS2 stuff. I picked up a couple of racing games and a James Bond game recently - all pretty fun stuff. I actually get more pleasure hunting for old books now. I like reading old Star Trek novels which can be had for 50p or less - and if I'm really lucky I'll get a Fi
  9. I have a tip for ironing boxes. Use greaseproof paper between the box and the iron. It offers a bit of protection from scorching and you don't get any fibres stuck to the box like you can if you use a cloth.
  10. Thanks @MikeBeaver, I might take you up on that once I've had jab no. 2.
  11. Oh yeah, you're dead close then. No worries if there's not room but the offer stands. We might get a heat wave and be able to work outside or something.
  12. @MikeBeaverif that cabinet with Mid Suffolk is anything to go by, I may be in your neck of the woods (I'm in Norfolk near Gt Yarmouth). If so, I'd be happy to lend a hand sorting through stuff one weekend.
  13. I'd love to see what you have available in terms of cib NES games, or just any with manuals.
  14. I always thought Schwimmer should've played Peter Tork in a film about the Monkees. Dominic West would've been a good Mickey Dolenz. They're both too old now though.
  15. This is getting on my tits now. It's obviously a case of unreliable memory, possibly more than one game merging together in the memory. It's Buck Rogers. Case closed.
  16. I think the two most obvious ones are Planet of the Apes (I don't think it's clear if it's destroyed or just buried but it's not in a good way) and on the poster for Escape from New York.
  17. Space Malfoy was definitely the best character in the show. Now it's probably that cat.
  18. Will do. The reserve is £150, I'll be a bit disappointed if it doesn't make that but we'll see what happens.
  19. Honestly, I know it sounds silly but the NT Mini is just a nicer design and feels a bit more premium. I also have the MegaSG and the SuperNT is on order, so I'll have my main 8-16bit games collections future proofed with the Analogue machines. But in terms of pure functionality the AVS is still a great device.
  20. I've never seen that caveat before, I think the manual just says it's PAL compatible. I've never had a game not work on it. I thought I had a problem with Firehawk, which is an unlicensed game, but then I manually changed the region setting to PAL and it worked fine.
  21. I'd already spent a fair amount on games over lockdown, not in huge chunks, just a steady stream of £40 - £100 amounts on games I'd been wanting in my collection. I had a moment of madness on the Analogue store on Friday though, and splashed out on a Super NT and an NT Mini Noir. I felt a bit sick afterwards, it's probably the most I've ever spent in one go on something that wasn't a car. If anyone wants to ease my burden, my Retro USB AVS is now up on Ebay. http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/710-53481-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575378759&campid=5338273189&customi
  22. Great choice. What about actresses? You could go for Sally Field, then you could watch The Poseiden Adventure either way.
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