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  1. I really enjoyed Days Gone and was surprised to find out that it had reviewed very averagely. I've seen lots of comments (not least here on the forum) from people saying they couldn't stand the main characters. I don't think it's anything to do with them being 'woke', they just didn't enjoy the characters for whatever reason. Other main crticisms seem to be that it wasn't very original (which is fair) and that it took too long to get going (also fair). There was also criticism that the main gimmick - the hordes - weren't even in the game until the final third. I actually found the hordes to be the least enjoyable part of the game, so that didnt bother me.
  2. Atomic Runner is a fantastic game and one that still gets a fair bit of play. I have a mate who comes over for retro nights once in a while and we usually have to have an Atomic Runner blast. It's a really unique game and it takes a bit of getting used to but once you get it it's just brilliant, with some cracking music, great visuals and top-notch level design. There are loads of control options - I usually go for the one that maps A to shooting backwards, B to jump and C to shooting forwards.
  3. Atari wasn't a big thing round my way. Like others have said - too expensive. Once the Speccy came out, that was when games on the TV became a big thing and people would talk about them at school. I did have a cousin who had a 2600 and he brought it to our house once. I remember liking The Empire Strikes Back on it.
  4. How strict are they on the 'Stand Up' thing? We had Bob Mortimer who isn't really a traditional stand up. Assume that means we could get Vic too. I'd quite like to see Ade Edmondson and Jennifer Saunders on the same series - I think having couples could be a good laugh (was a bit disappointed David Mitchell wasn't on with Victoria).
  5. There are so many great Star Trek characters I love too. I'd be hard pressed to choose a favourite. Maybe Spock.
  6. Rick: The Man with No Name: Mrs Slocombe:
  7. I really enjoyed this series. Fern Brady was just lovely and really funny. Next series we get Frankie Boyle, which I'm pleased about, and Jenny Éclair, which I'm not.
  8. I don't really like Bill Murray. I'm sure he's a perfectly nice bloke, I just don't find him funny or likeable in films. I watched Ghostbusters recently and, to me, Ray played by Dan Ackroyd is the real heart of the film and also the funniest character. I hate Groundhog Day. I like the premise but I find the execution simultaneously boring and irritating (I don't like Andy MacDowall very much either - she's like a block of wood). Scrooged is one of the least fun Christmas Carol stories. I'll take The Muppets or Blackadder any day. I just don't like his films.
  9. The Rocketeer One of my all time favourites and one of the best adventure films ever made. Just about perfect. 5/5
  10. Revenge of Shinobi is a game that didn't click with me for a while but once it did, it clicked hard! The double jump becomes second nature after a while.
  11. I don't play any online games at all, it just doesn't interest me. I like local multiplayer games though. Generally there's at least one game from each genre I enjoy but my favourite games are single player adventure games, Metroidvanias, 'clear the map' style open world games, 16bit shmups (that's the sweet spot for me - not too much bullet hell but still plenty of speed and variety) 2d action games (like Shinobi or Ninja Gaiden or Strider) and 2d classic platformers. I tend to get fed up with RPGs before I reach the end and I won't touch any 'anime little girl' type stuff. I once picked up Xenoblade Chronicles for the WiiU and gave up very soon after a giggly, infantilised (but stil sexualised) female character was introduced.
  12. There was a sort of indoor market thing in Yarmouth that had one of these and my mate would often play it. The small cafe in the market didn't even serve beer (you were supposed to win a glass of Ice Cold Beer if you got the ball to the top) but the bloke said he could have a can of coke instead. I don't think he ever beat it. Actually they had a Circus Charlie machine in there too and we'd quite often play that, despite it being pretty old at the time (early 90s).
  13. Here's lookin' at Ryu kid.
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