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  1. Someone was at my missus' island the other day and said they wanted the recipe for gold armour shoes - she has the recipe now if you're still looking, but she can't remember who it was
  2. I'm only funning with ya. She did give me some choice words though, and I'm like 90% sure she was joking
  3. So, I opened my island to the forum the other day for the gf, and someone snuck a star trek uniform into the Able sisters. Now I'm not saying I'm angry but I am disappointed.... Also I got into trouble
  4. Closing now - thanks everyone who visited. It made her night. I think she'll be opening up tomorrow too.
  5. This is being a pain again - try kwsy3
  6. Had to change the code again to this
  7. Airport is now closed for an hour or two, but will be open again later. Thank you for visiting and clearing out the crap
  8. I've been told to ask people to try again If that doesn't work, she will reset the code
  9. So my missus has got a free for all for duplicates and would also love some visitors. Seriously, like it would make her day even if you can pop over and don't collect anything Nothing expected in return, and take as many as you want. It's all laid out over the river behind resident services. Also, the wrapped things are mystery fruit bags. Dodo code is LF7BV - and the island is Whoville
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