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  1. I bought this case years back, from Yes Asia* I think, think it looks pretty good. * Was Yes Asia the place that got shut down by Sony (I seem to remember).
  2. Not too sure, just remember going there a lot back in the 16 bit days.
  3. Is CEX still there, down the road from the shopping centre?
  4. He doesn't have the space; this is his PC -
  5. I see what you did there. Well done.
  6. Is having an opinion or posing a question now classed as trolling then? If that were the case wouldn't the forum be full of empty pages, with everybody in fear of posting? I can only presume by the aggression and time of posting you've had one too many.
  7. - PS4 doesn’t have a download and install updates while “asleep” option, which the Xbox will do if you leave it in the instant on mode. Rest mode.
  8. The first solo guy was the first time - was he one of the later pair? I'm not sure, thought the whole section of the film wasn't great really.
  9. You've blown my tiny mind with this waffle. I'm going to read a few pages of A Brief History Of Time to come down off this crazy high.
  10. Just saw this, and came away a bit disappointed really. 2/5 for me I think.
  11. If i want to play Cube games on my Wii U, do i need to read the Wii hacking guide, as that's what they are run through? What's the best guide out there for this? Thanks
  12. Pavey


    Was the Black Label DLC ever released as a standalone product (in Japan) or came on a disk?
  13. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    I always felt it never complimented my complexion.
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