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  1. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    They are both in my pile of shame, as have never played either. Have them on the Wii and Wi U. Might aswell buy them again
  2. I have a few US games on my PS4's, and i used to just switch to my US profile on whatever machine i chose to use, activated that as the Primary PS4, switch back to my UK profile and play the game. Now it's saying i have to deactivate the other machine in order to activate the other; is this a new thing and is it only a temporary deactivation? Interestingly i turned on my Vita today for the first time in ages and that said i needed to activate it to play Everybody's Golf.
  3. It’s also on Gamepass, if you have that?
  4. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Just realised it’s the first game that’s been remade isn’t it? I have the Wii U one but only gave it 20 minutes or so (think the doorbell rang and distracted me). Is the first one the better game; think I read that somewhere?
  5. Downloading now. £12 too as i used some points. Not too shabby!
  6. The animation on the main character looks fantastic doesn't it.
  7. I normally hate those things too, but might give it a go based on what Uncle Nasty just said. How did you get to play it last year?
  8. The reveal in the Direct today mentioned that, that you needed to consider those things.
  9. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    That excited me the most out of all the showings. Would love to hear some impressions when it gets played.
  10. Pavey

    PC Engine Mini

    @geldra @Tomcat Have you noticed any lag?
  11. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Just below the stick head, although it is all black it is two different materials (at the base of the shaft). One is soft and rubbery, you can get a cotton bud head under this.
  12. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    I pretty much did that, with the stick outside of the shell, and with isopropyl alcohol.
  13. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    My newly acquired Spice Orange joy cons have started to play up. I only noticed it though when going onto the eShop; it scrolls on its own down to the very bottom of the game titles. I opened it up and cleaned around the stick with isopropyl alcohol, and although better it still does it. I've not paid any attention previously, but what do others do to fix this? Squirt WD40 around the base of the stick?
  14. So i only downloaded this this morning, and have never played AC before. Got it for £30 from Ebay, using Nectar points. Not too shabby! Am now fishing, but having no luck catching anything. I have a real problem relaxing, and just generally slowing down the pace of my life, and even so far on this i keep thinking ahead, wishing it to hurry up, but am successfully then saying to myself to chill a little and just enjoying it (even though i've only had it on for ten minutes or so). tl;dr enjoying the slow pace of it so far, helping me relax. Is it worth me adding people at this early stage?
  15. They are left open on the soft closers for ventilation.
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