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  1. Gahh can't believe it's Saturday already. @MDY I've been messing around with Heroforge, will be fun to make my own character but Ty for the offer I'm off to the character grindstone, excited for tomorrow!
  2. I made Hob into quiet character because I knew I would be anxious speaking at the start. Having played for over a year now I feel much more confidant RPing. I'l always love him as a first character, but I'm ready to make a new one. My preference would be starting at a lower level, I like the idea of Saerdan getting a group together, but I'd be happy with any campaign/starting level. That stand of with Argynvost was incredible! Did not think Hob was going to make it out of that...
  3. I was very nervous to start with, but you guys provide such a relaxing environment. I had a great time, thank you. I would have felt so guilty if Gazes had died! I did not even think to target his spiders first. I guess RP wise it made sense though haha!
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