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  1. jiroczech

    Great Gaming Shortcuts.

    Super Mario Kart on the SNES. Ghost Valley 1's feather jump shortcut, but doing it by using a mushroom on the ramp.
  2. Not this, but it's good too...
  3. jiroczech

    No Man's Sky

    Patch has fucked my save, every time I load now it'll crash within 5-10 seconds. Bollocks. (On PS4Pro)
  4. jiroczech

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Had some fun on Third Strike night before last, playing arcade with frequent challengers. Had one series of games where I was totally locked down, I mean I could hardly get a hit in. I thought my rematch requests would be refused, cos obviously mismatched folk often won't stick around but they did and continued to school me - it was brutal but beautiful. Nice thing was they gave me a friendly reply when I messaged them and accepted my friend request. So, yay FGC. Would like to try getting into a lobby again as I haven't since the patch.
  5. jiroczech

    No Man's Sky

    I'm ready to play this again. Haven't played it since before the last big update so I've never seen base building or freighters or all that stuff. Cannae wait. How can I hang out in an rllmuk system? Do you pick a location and everyone heads there or what? PS4 innit.
  6. jiroczech

    Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    I didn't notice any screen tearing or jaggies, but that might just have been my old eyes not the Pro.
  7. jiroczech

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    I set up port-forwarding afterwards, cos I hadn't updated it on my router since swapping my PS4 for a Pro. Might help! Will try again tonight. I was bricking it that I'd have to play SSF2T in that lobby :-) was almost a relief not to get a game.
  8. jiroczech

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Aww! I was on but didn’t see your reply till later. Will be on for a bit tonight. Anyone who’s not already got me, please add me on PS4 and Switch. Sounds like SFV is getting some love but I’m smitten with Third Strike again.
  9. jiroczech

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    I'm stuck in Arcade facing challengers cos the lobby's won't work for me . I've picked up Elena who I've never played before, doing OK.
  10. jiroczech

    Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - May 2018

    Couldn't lobby up with Donut or Joffo, got that thing where we couldn't both ready up. First time I've ventured online to play Street Fighter in ages too. Was heartbreaking.
  11. jiroczech

    Help me make a 'mushy' gaming montage?

    Mr Libido from Yakuza Zero
  12. Oh my that looks lovely.
  13. :-( Sold out now
  14. I have a RAP 4 but that N looks much nicer. I like the RAP but it’s a bit flimsy and the stock buttons are noisy as fuck. I put some Gamefinger silent buttons in and they’re great, very quiet with nice action (seem to be discontinued now). The stock stick isn’t too bad. I’ve put the small amount of game time I’ve had recently into DBFZ story mode rather than SFV sorry Blanka.

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