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  1. benh

    Why PSP will fail

    So what you're saying is, you didn't even read the start of the thread? And you're willing to have a go at both the author linked story and me for drawing conclusions based on "conjecture", despite the fact that our arguments are based on: 1. The previous conduct of Sony 2. Existing Sony products 3. Previously announced facts about the PSP/DS The reason I titled the thread "Why the PSP will fail" is that it summarises the conclusion of the article. I'm not quite sure what you mean by this "balanced discussion" you call for. You seem to want a discussion where nobody draws any conclusions - just an exchange of facts then? A: The PSP will use small, proprietary discs. B: Yes. The DS will use a special card. A: Yes. Or do you just want everyone to conclude "wait and see" without thinking about anything that's not already in our hands? Bang go 80% of the threads on this forum then. The only one who's jumping to baseless conclusions and wasting everyone time is you, you dingus.
  2. benh

    Why PSP will fail

    Just because the guy who wrote the article runs an iPod site doesn't make him "biased" ipso facto, does it? You can only accuse him of bias if it shows in his argument. Apart from the NGage thing, I think he's bang on here. I'm sick of gadgets with half-arsed bonus music playback functions. If it's more hassle to get your music onto the device than slotting in a CD, most people (me included) will use it once or twice for novelty value and then give up. The MP3 playback included in Sony devices like the Clie and P800 isn't great - mediocre sound, finicky about files that work fine elsewhere. So I can imagine them botching the PSP's media features. If the PSP was close in price to Nintendo's offerings, music playback - however bad - would be a selling point. You could see a parent getting a PSP because it could do more than "play silly games". But at £200+, adoption will be slow enough that people will hear from reviews or friends that the music and video stuff isn't worth bothering with. The only way UMD will catch on is if Sony Pictures give away UMD discs with the DVDs fo all their films. PSP will sell enough on the brand alone, but I think it'll end up being a version 1, like the NGage - I expect there'll be a "PSP SP" along with a mini-hard drive instead of Memory Stick as soon as the technology catches up. And MP3 and DivX playback. I'd pay £300 for that. Of course, if PSP is disappointing, it doesn't mean DS will do better. The stylus is the thing that worries me. Kids will lose it. I'll lose it. It stops you playing one-handed while strap-hanging on the tube or bus (although you'll be able to do that with your old Advance Wars cart). I hope they're sensible enough to realise that most people will be poking at the screen with their thumbs and fingernails, and just make it tougher than the top one. I also hope they'll have the sense to broaden the spectrum of games they provide. It's crying out for a port of Laser Squad Nemesis or Space Hulk.
  3. http://www.ipodlounge.com/articles_more.php?id=3924_0_8_0_C Interesting.
  4. The Sun mechanic is a nice idea, but the way it's implemented (especially the way you absolutely *need* sunlight to do bosses) is a tad too intrusive. It's a shame, because it masks Boktai's other innovation - the use of the real time clock. Play certain levels in the middle of the night and you'll find that all the enemies are asleep! I'd like the same team to drop the solar gimmick altogether and make a game based entirely around time. They'd have to implement the time-sensitive element in a way that doesn't become a chore (there'd be nothing worse than a game that *demanded* you set your alarm clock for 6am), but it's an intriguing idea. Apart from Animal Crossing on the GC, I can't think of a recent title where the real-time clock has been used to seriously influence game-play. I've always thought Pikmin would have been nicer if the longer you left the game alone, the bigger the crop of Pikmin you could harvest when you came back to it.
  5. I've not heard anything about Nintendo DS region coding schemes - is there one, or not?
  6. benh

    DS pic

    OK, reposting from Discussion: Some people seem to have looked at the pic and missed the accompanying article. Key points: It will be backwards compatible (which pretty much guarantees I will buy one). Bottom screen is touch sensitive and uses a *stylus*, apparently. Looks like it has the same number of buttons as the GBA - although shoulder buttons aren't visible. Has Bluetooth wireless connection. About as powerful as the N64. If they use the dual screens well, this could be excellent. I'd like to see an updated Cannon Fodder, with the second screen used to provide air support, letting you spot enemy troop movements and positions. Or are those tanks just cardboard decoys? Maybe a Rainbow Six/Full Spectrum Warriors type game where you can see the viewpoints of two units at once. However, I'm worried about three things: 1. A handheld machine should be playable in short bursts. I'm not sure if I fancy the idea of fumbling to get out a stylus on the bus... If I can't stop and start playing as quickly as I can with the GBA SP, then I'm not sure if I'll be interested. And will Nintendo indulge its weakness for making games that require huge chunks of time to progress in ?(cf Majora's Mask save system, most of Mario Sunshine). 2. Will I need to buy another frigging cable to connect it to my Gamecube? 3. Will they be sensible and cut the Bluetooth down enough that it can be on all the time, and automatically discover potential playmates on the bus/tube/lecture hall? Or will it require tedious fiddling around to enable and get working?
  7. Yes, move along, nothing to see here.
  8. Of course, just after I posted that, I found the games official FAQ says: 'The Zone's atmosphere is based on Strugatsky brothers' book "Roadside Picnic", and the movie "Stalker", directed by Tarkovsky, based on the Strugatsky brothers' script.' Lazy, ignorant me. The book is quite good, and the film is apparently a bit "challenging" but rated highly by some.
  9. *All* the coverage of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. I've seen has bought the developers' line that it's "inspired from" the Chernobyl disaster - and nothing else. The concept of scavenging artifacts from a zone full of deadly anomalies reminded me of something else, though, and I've finally clicked what it is. There's an old Russian SF novel called "Roadside Picnic". It revolves around scavengers entering a bizarre Zone filled with lethal, alien entities that go by names like "witches' jelly" (it's never quite clear if they're organisms or artifacts or what). It was filmed by Tarkovsky as Stalker: http://imdb.com/title/tt0079944/ I've not actually seen the film, mind, but I wonder how much of an influence it was on the game. Am I being cynical in thinking the naff capitalisation of the game's title is there because they couldn't secure the licence? I've not seen Stalker or Roadside Picnic mentioned in any S.T.A.L.K.E.R. previews, even in passing. Lazy, ignorant hacks?
  10. After playing the original GTA for about 5 minutes, way back in 1997 or so, a friend and I agreed that a GTA-style game done in the Quake engine would be the best thing ever. I'm sure we weren't the first or last people to have this thought. It took a few years before someone did the idea properly, but I think GTA III and Vice City was pretty much what we had in mind. And very nice they are too. Are there any game ideas that would be obviously great but somehow haven't been put into code yet? My current list: GTA: Vice City online. Either as a persistent multiplayer world, where you can gradually build up and defend your turf in a sprawling city - or as a series of Counterstrike style missions, cops vs. robbers. In the latter mode, if the robbers die once, they're dead, but the players on cops side respawn as more and more powerful units the more they (or innocent civilians) get killed. The advantage the robbers have is that the cops only have a vague idea of the raid's location - so the first part of the game involves the cops patrolling and looking for suspicious behaviour as the robbers steal cars and perform reconnaissance. Then the robbers have to get in and get out as fast as possible, with the cops trying to kill them or delay them enough for reinforcements to arrive. Wireless WarioWare. If Nintendo can get their wireless implementation right, this could be the best thing ever. Here's the ideal 'user experience' (wanker's term): I'm sitting on the bus reading. The Wario Party Advance cartridge in my GBA SP (which is in sleep mode in my jacket pocket) buzzes to let me know that it's detected an active cartridge. I look around - is it the dozing nun? The mumbling tramp? The 5 girls singing Destiny's Child at the front? Must be someone downstairs. As the bus pulls into my stop, I've just pulled ahead in a series of tense Chicken Race games. I reluctantly disconnect and go downstairs - oh no! I was playing my Mum all along! And she's sitting on Terrance Dicks's knee and giggling as she plays. The horror. Also: Some kind of 3D update of Joust.
  11. There's not much out that I fancy on the GBA right now, but I was delighted to find out that you can get Cannon Fodder for GBC... What other old GameBoy/GB Color games are worth tracking down before they go from dirt cheap to 'collectable'?
  12. I don't know what that is - any more info?
  13. Going back to the original topic - I'd pay £5 if there was a cover DVD with videos of people completing Monkey Ball in 4 seconds etc.
  14. Yeah, better not to think too much about stuff. Magazines aren't put together by human beings with agendas - they just pop into existence to give you a few minutes diversion from wanking. Don't think too hard about what you're reading, and whether it could be better. Just consume information passively and buy what you're told. The games media only exist to let you see the latest Tomb Raider 9 screenshots, and we shouldn't expect anything better than thinly disguised advertising copy. Maybe you'd be happier on the IGN forums. Just a thought.
  15. I've still never really recovered from the forum's domain changing.
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