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  1. I think it's a great example of where something may be technically possible but expectations of fidelity have made it untenable. As you say, you'd never be able to create assets of the desired quality to handle it all. But it might be possible on a much simpler 3D open world (like that voxel-powered 100% destruction game that came out a couple of years ago) with destructible buildings. Perhaps something more akin to GTA3, but made today. I often think about how Rushy said (I think) that the first Motorstorm had really awesome terrain deformation that was dropped in later games due to increasing expectations in graphical fidelity. I might be misremembering the exact details there.
  2. Red Faction Guerrilla is the only game I can think of that really committed to it. And the destruction was permanent, so as you progressed through the game, the whole map did indeed gradually get fucked up. It worked really well and it's surprising how committed you'd have to be to really level entire areas. You'd have to grind away with explosives and rockets for ages.
  3. Suitable to watch with a 9 year old?
  4. Hit down on the d-pad to briefly highlight key elements around you, including weapon racks.
  5. I'm still not clear - does credit given by the monthly auto-redemption have an expiry date or not? Because if it doesn't it's a no-brainer to switch it on.
  6. Was Halo 4 mp any good? I remember hardly bothering with it. That, combined with the Xbone’s poor rep at the time might explain why relatively few people got into Halo 5 mp.
  7. I got 17 assists in a 3-minute period doing that yesterday! One of my favourite Halo past-times.
  8. They seem to make you want to return to a festival site or one of your houses to do customisations or buy stuff. I guess it's in an effort to make you feel like you're in an actual place, make you drive from point-to-point, give some value to owning houses across the map etc. I wouldn't mind that but I don't think the 'lifestyle driving sim' feel is really present elsewhere, certainly not like Test Drive Unlimited. For example, I'd like to neatly park my car whenever I want to enter a house!
  9. Squad members always appear on the HUD, whereas regular team members only appear when relatively close. I assume anything marked (up on d-pad) is only shown to squad members. I'm not sure if it affects spawning at all (I would hope it does spawn you closer to squadmates). Most importantly, the green names are easier to pick out when trying to regroup.
  10. I assume others are getting the bug where your party gets split into different squads in BTB? Really annoying and makes it hard to co-ordinate.
  11. It doesn't remember them. I was also wondering if they'd improved the defaults. I whacked the aim acceleration up a bit and reduced the right-stick deadzone right down just to be safe - it seemed decent to me. Perhaps a bit twitchy when zoomed.
  12. I've had a couple of issues with QR - firstly it losing connection to the servers so not registering completing a seasonal objective. I also noticed there was not a single other car on the roads - not sure if that was QR, but restarting and then going into 'Horizon Solo' fixed it.
  13. I just made a new thread for organising online games. I'd say we should bring back the Halo sub-forum but I doubt that powers that be would go for it. Oh shit hang on that's me
  14. My gamertag is p0b and I tend to play between 10-12pm with @U-1 and @FiniteLight - so we need a fourth player to make the squad complete!
  15. Have you set a clean lap for monthly rivals yet? That's easy and gets you the monthly points, plus there's a daily challenge for it. Similarly, coming 30th or better in Eliminator should get you a few points as you'll tick off a weekly and a daily.
  16. Nah, no way, but you do need to do a decent chunk. You can see how many points each event awards and plan out how you want to get your points. For example I avoided Horizon Arcade as everyone says it doesn't work, and a couple are inaccessible to me at the moment (need to reach the Hall of Fame, and also I have no way of going 250mph yet!).
  17. Even that red white and blue skin is hideous. I've already got everyone who wears it pegged as a dickhead (apologies to anyone here - it's only because they seemed to be the best players).
  18. Just one more point to go to get the Aston in this week's seasonal events. I actually had a decent time on the Playground Event this time, though 5 rounds is a bit much. Also, Eliminator is surprisingly fun - I couldn't quite get into the top 30 after three rounds but I'm going to give it another go later.
  19. It's especially annoying because on the surface its one of the most affecting scenes of the film - the visuals of seeing the beam from the bridge of Kylo Ren's star destroyer, the music that goes with it, people's reactions etc. But yeah, when you think about it it makes no sense that it looks like a firework display a few hundred metres above the rebel (sorry! Resistance) base.
  20. RT shoots while you're aiming but sprints when you're not. All the WD game have used that system by default I think. I believe the last Splinter Cell did too (they control very similarly). It actually works pretty well for games that don't allow hipfire, but saying that I do prefer it when games stick to established standards so I can flit between them. It's one of the hardest things about going back to old games. Splinter Cell Conviction's controls are truly bizarre. Click the right stick to reload, pull the right trigger to do the splits or something.
  21. Right-trigger sprint was used as recently as Watch Dogs Legion!
  22. I think the main 'campaign' for this one is supposed to be the Horizon Adventure thing - earning 'stamps' and going round opening up new festival sites, each themed to a different type of event, then unlocking the events within and completing them. You earn those stamps with Accolade Points, which is probably the main way to track your single-player progress away from the online and GAAS elements. You can get Accolades by doing most things, but completing and winning races is the most obvious and traditional way. XP is really just for levelling up, which is nothing more than a number. I think perhaps new stuff unlocks as you level up in the early days, but the most obvious thing is that each XP level gives you a Wheelspin. I'd say the Festival Playlist is intended as more endgame stuff, to use the GAAS parlance. It expects you to have a bunch of stuff unlocked in order to compete (eligible/competitive cars, event types), and also expects you to do a bit of research to ensure you bring the right car. For example, one of this weeks' seasonal championships has a Sports Car restriction, but is all offroad races, so you'd need to customise your sports car for offroad racing in order to have a good time. Then the seasonal Danger Sign requires a S1-class Retro Sports Car, which will almost certainly require you to upgrade a car of that type (I don't think there are any S1-class Retro Sports Cars in the Autoshow). I think being able to compete in the Festival Playlist is the long-term carrot, and you should focus more on playing through the Horizon Adventure in the early stages, gradually amassing a suite of cars, and earning credits to buy houses to unlock useful perks.
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