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  1. I’m growing to like this version of Boba Fett. Instead of some ultimate badass who’s too cool to speak we find out he’s someone who threatens small droids, accidentally inhales lizards and forgets where he left his clothes.
  2. I really love the practical costumes and puppets used for aliens and droids in these new shows. That Trandoshan guy was really expressive, and the droids in the palace kitchen were hilarious.
  3. Yeah it’s pretty weak plotting, especially if they just ignore it entirely. Anyway, I enjoyed this weeks a lot more.
  4. This was a flukey escape. The sword guy must've been raging: I think I got put into a BTB squad with you on Saturday night @sir stiff_one. I tried following you around for a bit, but lack of squad spawns makes that very difficult, then I ended up spending most of the match in a Wasp.
  5. What was the time travel model for QL? I remember in the Cuba/JFK episodes, his “putting right what once went wrong” was saving Jackie Kennedy, which is the outcome that we all know. Was it always like that with historically noteworthy events, or did they mix and match? Actually, they hardly ever tackled real events did they?
  6. I like the sound of the new 'Freelancer' mode they're adding this year. A series of missions with roguelike elements:
  7. The cyborg gang reminded me of the Trubblemakers from Worzel Gummidge
  8. But, as they say in the DF video, the Quest 2 includes a computer in the price, and the PSVR2 doesn't need to do that.
  9. Currently, I feel like I could play it forever just because the core game is so fun. I felt the same way about Apex Legends, and had to tear myself away after a few solid months on it so I could get round to playing other games. I don't care about the progression system one bit, and I'm nowhere near bored of the maps and gametypes just yet. Maybe when the core gameplay is so good, that can carry the game? I know, O my sweet summer child etc etc...
  10. Yeah, using the BR at close range was a mistake! I'm better at staying alive than killing people.
  11. I only play BTB at the moment and I lose count of how many different errors and fuckups there are trying to get into a match. Once you get in, its perfect but it takes almost as long to get in (including multiple game reboots sometimes) than it does to play. Lucky I love it so much or I would've give up! I had a great match of BTB Control yesterday where we came back to 2-0 down to win. I like to think that this was the turning point:
  12. Rise of Skywalker is my son's favourite Star Wars film, probably because it's the only one he saw at the cinema, and because he really likes Palpatine. I agree that TLJ doesn't seem very kid-friendly. I don't think he likes that one very much.
  13. Here's an easy way to get a Killtacular (plus one more):
  14. Kinda makes sense if you murder a load of people though, right? There aren’t any negative consequences gameplay if you play murderously, unless you count more plague rats/mozzies as a negative thing. The story changes, which is what you’d expect.
  15. Heh, you've got more stuff to come @K! It's like the writers took that bit in 24 where Jack Bauer presents a paedo's head in a bag as his job application for being reinstated into CTU as inspiration for the whole game. I quite enjoyed how extreme it was in a perverse way, but I wouldn't want anyone else to have seen me playing it.
  16. Ooh, this is a good tip. The way the carousel glitches to the start is really annoying. I thought they'd fixed it the other day as it was all working real smooth and quick, then I realised I was on Google.
  17. Maybe a column for the times people are usually on @Talvalin?
  18. Also, this woman is apparently supposed to be 58. I can suspend my disbelief for a lot of things, but this is too much.
  19. I had a similar little 'staying alive' skirmish I was quite pleased with yesterday:
  20. I went “ooooh” when the assassin said that. Such a nerd.
  21. How is local wireless streaming of high-res, high-framerate video these days? Is there perceptible latency?
  22. I think you can back yourself into a corner on the lower level, chuck down a drop-shield (which you've hopefully upgraded to be larger and more resilient), then use the sentinel beam in bursts to take them out as quick as possible. Maybe even let one or two get close so you can grapple some beam refills towards you.
  23. I don't know why rewards are so poor for physical purchases. Surely the whole point of a reward scheme is to encourage people to buy direct rather than via a third-party retailer?
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