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  1. ah okay, so you tap the d-pad to cycle through the available options, MGSV-style? And whatever is in your left hand gets deployed with L1? Makes sense.
  2. Can someone who has this explain how item/weapon/power selection works in this? I've always found it to be the weakest aspect of immersive sims on consoles and it's one of the main reasons I'm waiting for the Xbox version - so I can take advantage of the Elite controller paddles for weapon selection. From watching videos it looks like you use the d-pad to select what's in your left hand. Tap left to select gadget, tap up to select super-power, and maybe tap right to dual-wield your second gun? It also looks like you keep the d-pad direction held down to bring up radial menus that allow you to change which gadget or power is pre-selected. Is that correct? Does that stop/slow the gameplay? I guess not if there's potentially another player on the map with you. Right hand looks like it's standard FPS stuff - L2 to aim-down sights, R2 to fire, Triangle to swap between your two guns and R1 to melee. TBH, if I've got that right it sounds like quite a good system, as long as I have map d-pad left and d-pad up to the paddles!
  3. Battlefield 6 is the only one left on my 'must buy' list for this Christmas period. Far Cry 6 maybe, but it's looking like more of the same.
  4. The epilogue is one of my favourite bits of any game, ever. I know it's a long old game, but I felt that it got better and better as it went on. As it appeared to be drawing to a close, I just wanted to see more of the characters and what happened to them. And I did!
  5. Pob

    Xbox Game Pass

    I’m not so sure. How many games have been released in the last year that don’t have a 60fps option for the new gen consoles? I can only think of Flight Sim. I’m sure there are others but I can’t think of any big releases.
  6. Yeah there is a tonne of good sniping in all the new Hitman games. The sniper assassin challenge is one my favourites on each map.
  7. I'm really enjoying this. I'm only 10 hours in, and I did the first Cauldron last night. I've done a couple of main missions and some sides, but tbh keep getting distracted by the sheer joy of dinobot hunting. I'm learning about the different damage types and status effects, and how to mix them up to dent the huge health bars some of the beasts have. The boss of Sigma Cauldron is some huge firebreathing robot (yellowbelly or something) that was just too nails on Very Hard, so I had to drop it down a level. But I whacked it straight back up as soon as I got back into the open. It did teach me a lot about preparation, weapon usage and trap-laying, though. And I just saw two of those firebreathers out in the wild and managed to take them both out, at the cost of very many arrows and traps! It was really exhilarating. I love getting a bullseye on their blaze canisters or tearing off a component. Such great fun.
  8. McG - now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. I'm surprised he's still being considered to direct anything.
  9. There’s the ‘e’ word.
  10. Of course Kevvy can do what he likes, bit Quick Resume still SO MUCH FASTER than fully booting a game. Of course, that varies from game to game but some are a total nightmare for logos, splash screens and button presses, not to mention being dumped into the game at some point other than where you left it. Yes, the SSD means that games load much more quickly than before, but QR is vastly quicker again. I admit it was annoying at the start when it was more flakey than not (again, varies hugely from game-to-game) but now it's settled down I wouldn't be without it.
  11. I put it up to Very Hard and it instantly became much more engaging. I did end up Benny Hill-ing around the two bandit camps I cleared last night but I can see that I actually need to master the different tools and moves in order to survive, which is much more my thing than just coasting through. It also makes resources and upgrades seem more valuable, which I always like. I'm really enjoying this now. I've only just been released into the wild but already I can't wait to get back to it.
  12. lol. I think I’m getting confused by the Digital Foundry video that said that the 40fps was exactly halfway between 30 and 60fps in terms of frame timings. Or something. I don’t really understand but it made sense when I watched it!
  13. Cool I’ll crank it up.
  14. Yes, sorry it’s because 45 is a factor of 120 so suddenly becomes a new option in the absence of VRR.
  15. I’ve been playing on Hard, but I like a challenge. Should I bump it up one? There are two difficulties above Hard.
  16. I’ve been idly considering getting an LG OLED with 120hz and VRR support but tbh my Sony is absolutely fine for now. VRR is definitely worth considering if more games start offering alternative frame rates, like Ratchet & Clank’s 45fps mode, though I can’t see over-60fps modes being much more than a curio for me for the near future. I was wondering what other things might come along in the next few years that might be worth waiting for. I guess there’s 8K, but let’s face it that’s going to be minimal help for games for a long time yet, and probably imperceptible even if it does become realistic. Expanded HDR maybe? Digital Foundry have talked a lot recently about the unmatched motion handling and warm feel of top-of-the-line CRT. Is there something in the pipeline that will help with that?
  17. David Dasmalcian has been in several Denis Villeneuve films, he’s not just Polka Dot Man! He always lends a creepy presence. I read Dune this year picturing him as De Vries and I can assure you it worked. In my head.
  18. I remember when this first came out people ripped the piss for the amount of resources and craftables but tbh compared to God of War it’s relatively simple.
  19. The Xbox Rewards app has been great this year, loads of decent rewards just for getting achievements in good games. I’ve slipped out of doing the browser dailies/searches though so have stuck in the 90,000k range for weeks.
  20. I wonder if it's a reflection of changing attitudes and politics? I guess when the Bond films first started out there was more trust in government and the East v West thing that meant everyone was on-board with government spying, and more general patriotism in the air. These days it's more about the individual superhero trusting their own moral compass and sacking off the useless government mandarins.
  21. One thing I still don't know - if someone builds a massive base on a planet, and I happen to chance across that planet, can I see and poke around their base?
  22. They really should’ve put it on Game Pass. I’d be all over it if it was.
  23. I'm about 4 hours into this and still can't get used to duck being on Square, and roll being on Circle, which is making the boss fights a bit of a clusterfuck. What I'd do for an option to switch them over (can't do it at the OS level, as that would screw up menu navigation). Even though I've spent a good proportion of those first 4 hours watching rather than playing, I'm enjoying the world so far. I'm looking forward to getting into more open world dino-hunting, when the game lets me.
  24. I hope so, I’ve not even seen Django or Hateful Eight yet.
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