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  1. Looks a bit like Lonely Downhill but with cars. Is that a good comparison? I liked that game.
  2. It seems to alternate between long and short months. Perhaps 4 weeks and 5 weeks?
  3. Yeah I really like this. It feels quite fresh to me as the only twin-stick shooters I've played are a bit of Smash TV back in the day and the Geometry Wars games. I've never been into stuff like Diablo, but this cyberpunk setting appeals to me much more than dungeons and magic. It's been mentioned before but it feels like a souped-up version of an early 90s computer game that I never played because I didn't have a PC or Amiga back then. I'm enjoying the core gameplay of finding a good bit of cover, shooting over it to whittle down incoming enemies and then backing off and regrouping if I get overrun. Basically The Division with an isometric viewpoint. The UI really does have some bizarre choices though. Non-undoable things like assigning skill points are actioned via a single button press, whereas basic repetitive actions like closing overlays require a lengthy button hold. They've got it the wrong way round.
  4. Yeah. Maybe this explains why Prey was able to get a 60fps boost without a hit to resolution, but Dishonored 2 hasn't yet appeared in the FPS boost list, and Death of the Outside uses the lower-resolution XB1S settings when you boost the framerate.
  5. Also Prey is beleaguered by loading screens more than most, but the new consoles obviously make them way less painful. I may have given up on the Mooncrash DLC if I’d played it last gen.
  6. I believe SJ is getting the agreed cut of the Disney+ ‘premier access’ sales (or whatever they call it) but her beef is that Disney released Black Widow now, before the box office has recovered, in part to help drive Disney+ subs, of which she sees nothing, so Disney pocket all of that benefit. Also that they did it without her permission.
  7. This is a good tip - I've just got to the bit where you can start use cover and this does indeed make a big difference. EDIT: as does increasing the aim assist.
  8. I think my eyes actually shut down momentarily when I reached the outside bit in this, such was the amount of visual detail hitting my retinas. Or maybe I was just tired.
  9. It's the skulls on the hats thing from Mitchell & Webb all over again
  10. I don't tend to restart. When I'm playing a new map I just explore and make a mental (or even physical) note of opportunities and threads to follow. Just prod at the various barriers, listen in on conversations, follow targets and 'unique' NPCs and see what happens. Assassinate the targets any way you can, even if it's just a potshot when you think you can get away with it. If you get busted, try to escape and recover, and carry on from there. Leave 'clean' runs until you have a more thorough understanding of the mission. You'll get points and unlock new Mastery points (which accumulate to unlock new start points, agency drops etc) every time you finish the mission and escape, so I find it tends to be worth seeing it through even you've made a dog's dinner of it. The only time I give a shit about doing it clean is when I'm going for a Silent Assassin run, which tends to be after several playthroughs. I find the messy ones more fun, anyway.
  11. There's a TNG episode in season 1 where Picard dies but they're able to resurrect him by replicating a new one from the transporter's pattern buffer. The writers belatedly realised what a plot-destroying resolution this was so agreed never to use it again. Tom Riker was an unlikely accident.
  12. I think they must be adapting the structure quite a lot if it's to be split into two films, the second of which hasn't even been filmed yet. The book is split into three volumes but it's not like there's any kind of 'blowing up the Death Star moment' partway through that could make a satisfying conclusion by itself, so if it was very faithful it would definitely feel like half a story.
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