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  1. I split some pure MP stuff out from the main thread a while back, but it dropped away:
  2. ..plus try visiting a couple of pages (just did it now, and my method above didn't work, I had to navigate around a bit).
  3. I find that opening and then manually closing the app, then opening it again and refreshing a page usually works. The 'kill app' step seems to be important.
  4. A reminder to all that it's a short reward month for Game Pass (4 weeks) so make sure you're opening the app and booting up those games before the dailies and weeklies expire as there's not much room for error
  5. It's clear they've been chucking stuff overboard in order to hit the release date and ensure that what is there works well. SkillUp said the campaign is pretty polished.
  6. Haha, I spend the crucial first few seconds of every race trying to select the right in-car view and simultaneously trying to cycle round to the 'radio off' option so I can hear the engine to know when to shift up because the rev counter hasn't appeared yet.
  7. Other contenders for me would be: Halo 2 and 3 Battlefield BC2 through to 4 Modern Warfare 1 and 2 Apex Legends It’s easily up there with that lot.
  8. I was thinking this afternoon that this might just be the most fun online shooter of all time.
  9. It's getting to the point now where I have to stop for a bit and try to work out what's a real photo vs an in-game one.
  10. I did not know you could swap seats - what button is that?
  11. I think it's a great example of where something may be technically possible but expectations of fidelity have made it untenable. As you say, you'd never be able to create assets of the desired quality to handle it all. But it might be possible on a much simpler 3D open world (like that voxel-powered 100% destruction game that came out a couple of years ago) with destructible buildings. Perhaps something more akin to GTA3, but made today. I often think about how Rushy said (I think) that the first Motorstorm had really awesome terrain deformation that was dropped in later games due to increasing expectations in graphical fidelity. I might be misremembering the exact details there.
  12. Red Faction Guerrilla is the only game I can think of that really committed to it. And the destruction was permanent, so as you progressed through the game, the whole map did indeed gradually get fucked up. It worked really well and it's surprising how committed you'd have to be to really level entire areas. You'd have to grind away with explosives and rockets for ages.
  13. Suitable to watch with a 9 year old?
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