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  1. Pob

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    Does it pick up by the end? I don’t mind some filler or slowness as long as it’s worth it in the end.
  2. Conversely it’s helped me to discover new things I would’ve missed because I’m never compelled to visit the generic Netflix thread.
  3. Just wanted to say great work on dividing up the Netflix megathread @gospvg
  4. Pob

    Punisher - Season 2 out now

    What about binge reading?
  5. Anyone got a link for the Xbox download? Not seeing it in the Xbox app.
  6. Pob

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    Also, that’s much better than any of the actual missions in San Andreas. I’d actually enjoy that challenge.
  7. Here’s mine: when I was about 9 or 10 my best mate Bobby and I both had Spectrums and we used to go round to each other’s houses to play games. Occasionally one of us would take a fancy to a game that we didn’t own and “borrow” it without asking, then give it back at school when we were busted. It was fine. You just borrowed it until the other person noticed it was missing then gave it up. However, one day I took it too far. I went round to Bobby's house on his birthday and we played his birthday present - WWII era side-scroller P-47 Thunderbolt. It was pretty good and I fancied playing it some more when I got home, so I slipped it into my pocket. Later that day Bobby’s mum rang my mum saying that Bobby couldn’t find his new game and asking if I’d taken it, as we both had form for this behaviour. She was furious. Realising I was in big trouble, I denied all knowledge. The game’s status went to ‘missing’ and the case was never solved. Only I knew for sure where it was - stashed in the back of my wardrobe behind a load of crap where I assumed no-one would find it. The families moved on and I forgot about it. However, months later my mum was clearing out my wardrobe and discovered a loose Spectrum tape. “Is this the game that Bobby lost on his birthday?” she asked sternly. “No!” I said earnestly, sweating profusely. Again, my mum took my word for it. After this close shave, I wasn’t taking any chances. To make sure it didn’t come back again, I dug a hole at the end of our garden and buried it, where it presumably remains to this day. The only time that P-47 casette ever got played was on Bobby’s birthday.
  8. Pob

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    I put in a poke for infinite lives and still couldn’t get past the first level. I loved the arcade game and this was the first game I played on my Spectrum when I got it for Christmas. Just total shit. Luckily Speccy starter packs contained about 50 games so I found plenty to play after getting over the disappointment.
  9. Pob

    Hitman 2 (2018)

    Not strictly Hitman-related, but IOI are opening a new studio in Malmö, Sweden. They can't be doing too bad if they're going ahead with this, even following Hitman 2's weak launch. https://www.ioi.dk/ioi-malmo/
  10. Pob

    The Division 2

    @K, yes I'd say so. I pretty much just played it as a regular Ubisoft open-worlder (but with three pals), focusing on the main campaign and some side missions to balance my level for the task at hand. I do think it's designed with co-op in mind so I'd consider leaving matchmaking open for randos in missions. It's not like you have to communicate, it's just helpful to have people to revive you especially if it's got that much tougher since launch. The gameplay is basically Gears of War / Space Invaders. Move from cover to cover and take out all the enemies before you get overrun. The core gameplay is extremely solid though in my opinion.
  11. Pob

    The Division 2

    Once you've cleared the intro can't you just over-level yourself by doing side missions to make the campaign missions easier?
  12. Pob

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    That’s hilarious
  13. I'm in this zone with Hitman at the moment. It's probably the first time I've attempted total mastery over a game for decades. I've been going through the 2016 levels on the toughest difficulty (Master), ticking off all the Silent Assassin / Suit Only challenges. This means you have to complete each level, only killing the targets, with no murders discovered and without getting busted, all without using any disguises. And you only get to save once per level. On the toughest map, Colorado, this means learning the timings of the targets and guards and exploiting little gaps in view cones and scripted routes. There are four targets to kill, plus a key you need to get to exit the level. It's a lot to do with a single save and such a high guard density. You need to explore each little opening for taking out each target and work out whether you can get away it using the array of gadgets at your disposal. I tried and discarded many plans, did some explosive testing to see how they could be used, tested guard responses to different stimuli. Small things like the speed with which the fibre wire can kill and drag your victim to a hiding spot come into play. If a guard finds a gun on the ground, where will he take it for safekeeping? How long will it keep him occupied? Will it cause him to discover a body? The various setups the designers provide for accidents and openings are all on the menu of options to be mulled over to see if they can be made to work within the constraints of the challenge. I finally finished this challenge on Sunday evening, and now I'm tempted to try to do it again without any saves in a quick time so I can get a good recording for YouTube and see where I can get to in the global rankings. It's not how I usually like to play games but, as you say, because I really love the game, getting this level of knowledge of the carefully-crafted maps and the AI reactions is really pleasurable.
  14. Pob

    Bring forth your pixel art champions.

    Cheers. It's my first time looking at Steam in forever and I was surprised that I couldn't find that info!
  15. Pob

    Bring forth your pixel art champions.

    Cool cheers. I looked on Steam and their own website and couldn't see any minimum spec.

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