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  1. I was just watching the latest Mark Brown video about dialogue battles in games, and he just referred to a game called ‘Planescape Torment’. Surely he means Planetscape Torment, I thought. Of course, I’m the one who was wrong. I’ve thought it was called Planetscape Torment all these years. What’s yours?
  2. Ed Harris is an old-looking guy by Hollywood standards. He was only 46 when he was in The Rock and already had a grandad look about him.
  3. Full details: https://ghost-recon.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news-updates/jDCnWUzxKV6r7xeD7RLRT/tom-clancys-ghost-recon-wildlands-update-mercenaries
  4. Sounds good. I've got a thing for PVPVE - modes where you're trying to achieve some PVE objective but there are other players around who may or may not ruin your day. Division Survival mode, Sea of Thieves, that kind of thing. Looking forward to trying it.
  5. Pob

    Google Stadia

    Are there any good diagrams showing all the latency in the chain between input and seeing the reaction on screen, taking into account wireless controllers, wifi/ethernet connections, average 4K TV processing, game engine, and (if applicable) streaming? My ping seems to be very low - on the Apex Legends it says 12ms. The SpeedTest app on my phone give me a ping of 8ms. This seems lightning fast compares to my TV (Sony XE90) which adds 25ms of latency in game mode, which is supposedly a very good response rate for a modern TV.
  6. You're correct to be wary, it's really annoying.
  7. GT: p0b Available: after 10pm Experience: bit n00by. Only done Tall Tales 1 and 2. Can sail but never been in a ship-to-ship.
  8. Basically if you prevent pasting into the password field it makes it difficult for people using strong, un-memorable passwords to sign in or sign up as they have to manually re-key the password. It encourages the use of weak passwords.
  9. Oh fuck, not seen this one before
  10. I love those. I watch this every Christmas:
  11. Is there any other film that apes Verhoeven‘s Robocop more than District 9?
  12. How about the underground abandoned facility in Portal 2? I had no idea it was coming and got a real "ooooooh" feeling when I dropped down that huge shaft and saw all the 'condemned' and 'do not enter' signs. The 50s stylings once you got inside didn't disappoint. In fact, all of Portal 1 and 2.
  13. Except neither the Polygon article or Skillup is saying that singleplayer games are under threat. Quite the opposite - they're pointing out that the GAAS goldrush looks to be over and we're on the cusp of seeing publishers return to more finite, SP-focused games instead of clamouring to produce a Destiny or Fortnite-beater. I think it's fair to fear for the future of finite, single player games when the likes of Bungie, Bioware, Core, Respawn (alpha team), Rare, Ninja Theory, Rockstar and Rocksteady (? not sure if the rumoured Justice League is GAAS-focused) are dedicating all or most of their time to creating or supporting service games. But hopefully we're seeing the scales tip back more to a balance between the two. Personally, GAAS have been some of my favourite of this generation - I'm thinking Destiny, Rocket League, The Division, Sea of Thieves and Hitman - but like a lot of others I don't have time to get into more than one or two at a time.
  14. SkillUp posted a similar analysis, stating that the live service game has followed the same path as MMORPGs did a while back (high-risk, high-reward; overcrowded market; too much vying for limited player time; winner takes all problem) and noting how few new service games were announced at E3 (just Avengers?)
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