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  1. Miles Morales and Horizon also coming on PS4 was a big one. Plus RRP for PS5 games.
  2. Around half of season 2 is a bit shit as well. All that religious guff in the first half then a bunch of filler later on to make it into into a 20-episode season. There are some corkers though.
  3. At this point doesn’t pretty much everyone have Game Pass for first party MS games?
  4. Heh, I hadn't thought about the Vader comparison, that's true. Though he's the antagonist, Mando is the protagonist.
  5. Pob

    Microsoft Rewards

    Rewards app on your Xbone.
  6. It's been that way since the Imperial boardroom meeting at the start of A New Hope. You just have to suspend your disbelief that the Empire could've done such an amazing job of rewriting history. Yeah this is really odd. In season 1 they say that they now never take their helmets off after being persecuted by the Empire, so it's a new thing. Why they introduced that piece of lore for a live-action show, I've no idea.
  7. Grace Randolph reckons that Pedro Pascal actually left the show partway through shooting season 2 after having his request for more helmet-off action refused by the creative team, after which relationships broke down. Hence why lots of other characters are being introduced - she reckons the Mandalorian himself may not even be in it that much. Whether it’s true or not I do think it’s a totally bizarre decision to cast someone like Pascal and then have him just voice a suit of armour. It’s not like there was any established lore about him having to keep his helmet on, unlike Dredd or the Master Chief.
  8. This latest one about rewards, and how focusing too much on them can suck the fun and demotivate players, is one of the most interesting yet: It makes me wonder about the trap of looter-shooters, and how players seem to focus purely on the expected rewards for ticking off tasks, completing missions etc rather than the game itself. I found it particularly interesting the way that more open and creative games benefit by not being explicit about the reward structure (Breath of the Wild - you don't know you're going to get a Korok seed up front, you just need to explore and play with things), or removing rewards completely (Minecraft). Simple checklists and explicit instructions seriously damage those games.
  9. Series S is an entry-level next-gen machine. One X is a top-level current-gen machine.
  10. Yes Yes No - just the ones that have been made compatible with the XB1 https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/backward-compatibility/available-games
  11. That's a great interview, I'm so happy for the guy and delighted with what he's achieved. Cheers @Arcade Club, me and my 7-year old went to the Leeds one in Feb and had an amazing time. Running a retro arcade is pretty much my dream job! Doesn't anyone on here live in the south and have a bunch of arcade cabs knocking about by any chance? We need more of these things!
  12. Aren't most of the loading delays for populating the shared spaces with players in games likes Destiny?
  13. That’s lots of games. For example if you want to play Red Dead 2 on the Series S, you’ll get the 864p version. If you play it on Series X, it’ll be 2169. I’m no 4K advocate but that’s a big difference.
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