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  1. I watched the NoClip documentary about Outer Wilds, and I don't think that could've been done easily on older hardware. Lots of physics going on and events being tracked simultaneously across multiple locations. I mean, they could maybe have done a wireframe version, like Battlezone
  2. Somehow I doubt Trumperations will follow.
  3. That most exciting time has come around again - new consoles are on the horizon. But, lest we forget, the arrival of the XB1 and PS4 seven years ago had a dark side. Along with the excitement and extra pixels, these new consoles heralded a bitter period of conflict to rival the C64 vs Spectrum Wars decades earlier, the scars of which are still felt today. We must learn from history or we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. No longer shall we tear strips off each other for preferring one console over another. No longer shall we allow formerly prosperous threads to fall into chaos and petty squabbles. We must rise above such childish instincts and respect each other's preferences. To maximise the enjoyment of this wondrous period for the majority of forum users, the moderators will be applying the rules on abuse and disruption strictly, with cooling-off bans applied wherever console wars threaten to flare up. Thank you for listening - now enjoy the new console party period!
  4. I think it's just that games more gradually make use of the new system capabilities due to the length of time it takes to make a game these days.
  5. Probably. You can assign any existing button to either of the back buttons AFAIK.
  6. Not sure I understand this, sorry! It's one game on which I make competitive use of the back buttons, and have on both XB1 and PS4, so makes for a good comparison.
  7. There's no way they would've made these new films without including the original characters. Imagine how up in arms everyone would've been at the missed opportunity! There was plenty of space to get the old gang back together (or, at least, get them back), whilst also introducing new stories and characters.
  8. I got one of these yesterday and had a few games of Apex Legends. First impressions aren't great - it's really very bulky, and impedes my natural grip a lot. I've also done a couple of accidental clicks when overzealously squeezing the shoulder buttons in moments of panic, because they're in the way. In contrast, the XB1 Elite Controller v2 has much lower-profile paddles that add virtually no bulk and are simply there if you need them. I'm so reliant on them for most games now, I find it hard to live without them. Hence why I wanted a PS4 equivalent. I'll persevere as I really think these back-of-pad buttons are game-changers when done right, but initially this DS4 attachment look like it might turn one of the most comfortable pads ever into something awkward to use. If Sony add back buttons to the DS5, I hope they're much more discreetly integrated.
  9. Pob

    Outer Wilds

    I liked the toy ship but then I love wrestling with sensitive and complex control schemes. They should've let you pilot the Little Scout like that, after you've fired it. Purely optional, of course.
  10. I think if you see a great deal it's worth it. I bought a PS4 Pro just before Xmas because it worked out at about £100 to upgrade from my noisy launch-day base PS4, which I will easily recoup when it comes to upgrade to a PS5. It's not going to get tonnes of use, but it was still worth it because it was a bargain, and it'll make playing PS4 games that much nicer. There are likely to be plenty of XB1X bargains around. The next gen machines will cost you an arm and a leg.
  11. Pob

    Dishonored 2

    Ah that would've been a good idea! I've got enough runes to get quite powered up, but finding more runes on my second playthrough to further upgrade is still rewarding. I like how the bonecharms you find lying around have random traits. That Dead Space story was so funny. Have you tried that kind of run on any other games?
  12. Pob

    Dishonored 2

    I remember some guy, maybe on here, got right near the end of a one-life Dead Space run and got killed by a door closing on his head. I still think the a great variant on permadeath would be to allow you to resurrect yourself, Sekiro-style, as long as you have a healing potion on you. I'm on my third attempt at a one-life run as Dishonored 2. I'm almost at the Jindosh Mansion on my current run, with only 1hr 50 on the clock. I've not got frustrated with it yet, as there are multiple routes to try out and you always pick up on new details and dialogue with each run, plus scenarios tend to play out differently depending on where and when you get spotted. I totally missed Mindy the tatoo artist on my first run. I also accidentally ran into Paolo while trying to hide in the Aventi black market shop, which was pretty hair-raising given my permadeath status. Also, I hadn't realised he's voiced by Pedro Pascal, so it was good to get more of his dialogue. Plus, it's fairly quick to complete missions when you know where to go. Only thing is, your weapon and item upgrades don't carry through on NG+ so there's always a temptation to hunt for money. I'm making sure I rob every black market shop. Fuck paying for that shit. I love having such upgraded powers, though.
  13. Ah yes, that was the kicker. Even if the digital purchases were made as part of a hack on Sony’s systems, you still had to pay. Absolutely ludicrous. I remember now I took my card details off PSN, making impulse purchases a rarity.
  14. Is this the series where Angus Deayton sings “I’m like a bird” by Nelly Furtado?
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