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  1. Basically every gamerpoint you get during the period (is it about three weeks?) gives you an MS reward point, up to a max of 10,000.
  2. I think I only have one 10,000 marathon in me. I barely got 3,000 in the last one and chucked in the towel while trudging through Call of the Sea. That said, if there are decent new additions with easy gamerpoints...
  3. It reminds of a character in Home & Away who was pronounced as Meeeegan. I guess it's the antipodean way.
  4. Pob

    Dishonored 2

    The clockwork mansion looks like it was such a headache to make. I'm amazed they even attempted it. Also, in D1 I can't believe there's that whole scenario just for if the player decided to smash the whiskey glasses in the High Overseer's building. It must be so hard making that stuff knowing how few players will encounter it, compared to something like COD where every player sees everything you scripted, because it's basically a long corridor. Also Carrie Fisher! I really need to try that alternative route in the Lord Regent mission, it's such a shame D1 has no NG+ mode.
  5. That's brilliant. I love the line in the thumbnail as well, acknowledging the tedium of traipsing across the map to trigger a cut scene. More games to do with some self-aware dialogue like that.
  6. It's clear now - it was never Mark Kart 8, it was Mario Kart ∞
  7. Sorry, I've waxed lyrical about the paddles so many times I feel bad going on about them any more! But that's the sole reason, really: the paddles. Like @Garwoofoo, they are literally game-changing. I really miss them when I play a PS5 game. I mainly use the paddles for carrying out d-pad functions so I can do stuff without taking my thumb off the movement stick. This really benefits the flow and feel of 3D action games, in my opinion, to the extent that I genuinely feel like many games are significantly improved as a result. I've been playing Days Gone a lot recently and having to stop runnin
  8. Pob

    Dishonored 2

    I've watched a bunch of that StealthGamerBR's Dishonored videos, they are all amazing. They really show what you can do with your powers once you get out of the mindset of painstakingly choking out each guard. I love bit in that video where he shoots a woman standing behind an alerted guard, so she knocks into him and puts him off balance, ready to be run-through. He makes amazing use of Emily's Far Reach power as well - it's basically a grappling hook, which I didn't really grasp when I played it. I treated it like a slightly less-good Blink. As for consoles - no, you couldn't do
  9. I thought this was one of SeanR’s joke posts and scanned the photo sequence a few times looking for the punchline.
  10. It’s my favourite thing that I own.
  11. After completing 23 games in 2020 this year has been off to a very slow start, mainly due to ping-ponging around between different games on the new-gen consoles. I've only actually finished two games so far this year, one of which was a replay: Dishonored + DLC I've wanted to replay this since loving it back in the day but the lack of back-compat for the 360 version prevented me. Now, with the remastered edition coming to Game Pass and the 60fps boost, I finally got around to it. What a game - it 100% stands up today both graphically (thanks to the framerate boost and the tim
  12. I’ve heard of worse behaviour tbh.
  13. Since 2007 only human cannon fodder is considered mainstream.
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