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  1. It’s scandalous that it’s called Record Store Day in the UK.
  2. Sebastian Baczkiewicz is even more mystifying.
  3. Clearly not, as seasons 2, 3 and 4 of Homeland were the best ones. If Andor follows the same trajectory we’re golden!
  4. Both fantastic tracks! If you don’t know it abb, check out Dave Grusin’s beautiful cover of Friends and Strangers - he brings that smooth Japanese Jazz feel to it, and it’s a delight:
  5. It’s in an entirely different league to Mandalorian. Mando is Xena: Warrior Princess, this is Homeland.
  6. All you need is a row of storm troopers to face them and you’ve got a rough and ready Ferrix Riot Playset!
  7. I did wonder that myself!
  8. It says here the merch line was launched a month before the show aired, so they must have had some clue as to what they were doing: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/The_Mandalorian
  9. Having said that, I would be tempted by a model of the Ferrix space bus.
  10. I seem to remember you could get plushies of the little Yoda about three weeks after it started couldn’t you?
  11. And for clarification, I’m not seeking to be educated as to how merchandising works, thanks. I’m highlighting why it is obviously not going to apply here, because if it was it would already be set up for it.
  12. They’re hardly on the same level though, are they? Mandalorian is trashy fun stuffed to the gills with obvious merch from the get go, whereas Andor is a serious show.
  13. Why? If they were going to that they’d have already suggested it for this series. And perhaps they did, and got told no.
  14. Not sure how YouTube came to serve me this, but it’s really quite good once you get past the annoying hey kids verbiage: A nicely animated five minute primer on the birth of Detroit techno.
  15. Regarding the arranged marriage introduction, that was really nicely handled camera-wise
  16. I said mid way through this ranked alongside the original trilogy and Rogue One. I now think it’s arguably the best Star Wars thing of them all.
  17. Looks to be very heavily influenced by the Pilgrim stories by Sebastian Baczkiewicz.
  18. I just assumed he was from one of the Dutch papers.
  19. That sounds crazy - I had an email about it and assumed they were going to be freebies.
  20. Also I hope it’s Milo who is in this having done really well for himself after Pusher 3, rather than Buric doing a Milo-alike.
  21. Brilliant stuff! Like @MardiganX said, the gathering of the plotters was just beautiful. Although it did make me laugh when Luthen pulled his hood up to hoon off on his hyper bike. Goggles probably more useful! My favourite bit:
  22. This is on Amazon now as some sort of free with adverts thing, although it didn’t have any as far as I could tell, maybe because I’m watching on Prime? A great watch I thought - not my music at all but I was surprised to find I recognised around 90% of the people they interviewed, probably from the free party scene I guess.
  23. Whilst season 2 was amazing, the looks in this season have been so far beyond anything in season 2 it’s not even funny. They are in a completely different class. I’m not going to address the detail of your post because it’s just plainly silly.
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