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  1. ZOK

    Squid Game

    I started watching this last night, it’s pretty good!
  2. I love it, it’s like something by Marine Girls.
  3. It’s amazing isn’t it - I heard it by chance when I was fiddling with that radio stations app that lets you tune in to stations around the globe. Someone was playing it about 8 miles from me!
  4. Yeah I’d agree with all of this - I am extremely casual these days so I’m either playing games on this or Switch, if you want to play games all the time it probably doesn’t make sense, but for the games I do play on it it’s indistinguishable 99.9% of the time from a console that would sit in my lounge. Although I pay for Pro, so I don’t know how it would look at a lower res. There are loads of Pro games I’ve not even opened and loads I’ve loved but it’s not a selection that anyone who is used to something like Game Pass is going to be impressed by.
  5. This really is great, ended up watching 3 eps on the trotter last night, it’s so compulsive! I think the Mormon aspect is really interesting too, so many of their ‘family’ based practices remind me of what my mate who was a Jehovah’s Witness used to come out with, I guess these cult-tinged religions are very similar. Has our resident MLM expert @dumpster seen it? This is right up his alley.
  6. Speaking of turntable spinning, I forgot to say I actually played out a couple of Saturdays ago, spinning real vinyl in a real bar (Cosies for those who know it!) in front of real people doing real dancing…some things there that I haven’t been involved in for at least eighteen months if not longer, it was all quite emotional! Anyway, I made a gif of the tunes:
  7. ZOK

    Apple TV +

    For some reason all I could think about while watching this was Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. from Friends.
  8. ZOK

    Apple TV +

    I loved this show, although it was typical of those type of shoes that are very nicely made and watchable but you think ‘what really happened?’
  9. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    God no, it looks awful.
  10. That’s good to hear, it’s a lovely part of the world to live in. I love the beach at Seaton, although I always preferred it when it was raining, a pebble beach is always better when skies are grey.
  11. I am guessing Seaton’s arcade glory days are long behind it, like most places I guess. Did you walk along the Esplanade? It’s all run down, but Google maps seems to show they still have the awnings where I used to play Scramble, you can just see the blue ones to the far right of this pic: Country Gifts still going strong, I used to play the machines while my family were in there! This is like a hundred yards from where Pastimes is.
  12. Yes, it’s a shame! They still have the same flooring at least. I used to play Joust in there all the time, 10p a go.
  13. I got stuck on Steamworld Dig 2 yesterday so I gave PGA Tour 2K21 a go, and it’s gaming crack.
  14. ZOK


    Is that on the dub or the proper version?
  15. ZOK


    Benny is of course being silly, it is only a fraction as good as Evangelion. But as Evangelion is in such different league to everything else that’s irrelevant, FMA is still amazing. It’s certainly much more accessible. What it does share with Eva though is it draws the kiddies in with a fairly light-hearted romp through its magical world, before changing direction completely and becoming all about how horrible humans are, and if you are a good one you can expect a life filled with tragedy. Except you aren’t really a good one, you just think you are because really you are one of the worst.
  16. ZOK


    It’s doing my nut in just how good Fullmetal Alchemist is turning out to be. I was 24 eps in, loving it and thinking ‘this must be near the end’, then and now it’s really gone up a gear (I’m on ep 33)…human experimentation, internal factional military conspiracies, genocide, the individual vs the state vs organised religion, cute cats and dogs - this show has got it all. It really couldn’t be more up my street if it tried.
  17. I’m on Pro and I’ve never had an email from them except for monthly receipts and order confirmations.
  18. The film is a very faithful adaptation of the book, if you like the film then you’ll like the book. It basically fleshes out all the characters and a couple of ‘scenes’ compared with the flick.
  19. ZOK

    Tiny games

    They may have punched in one or twenty over the course of the tournament…
  20. ZOK

    Tiny games

    No shame in that - I won the cup with Argentina, they beat Italy 6-3:
  21. No. The film is great, but the novel is excellent.
  22. ZOK

    Tiny games

    Amazing game!
  23. A reasonable summation of Bladerunner 2049 too.
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