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  1. I’ve no doubt there will be a very small number who will accept nothing less than connected immediacy, but I only use Stadia and Switch, and for me there is zero difference. Obviously that’s not functionally true, there are occasional glitches with Stadia that the Switch won’t ever have, but as they are occasional, in my mind they effectively don’t exist. The Stadia has become my platform of choice because visually it’s light years ahead of the Switch on an OLED. The driver for this is going to be internet speeds. Once 20MB download is the absolute minimum people can even get anywhere there is functionally no barrier to it for anyone. I still toy with the idea of picking up an XBox X for GamePass, but as I observed upthread I find I don’t even have time to make reasonable use of the pitiful (by comparison) selection on my Pro sub, so this stops me. If the GamePass offering was available via Stadia or a comparable service it would be a no brainer for me. Not needing hardware is just so much better.
  2. Now that’s what I call appropriate use of IP.
  3. Or what you do today, if you have Stadia. Considering how good that is now, 20 years seems an awfully long time for the rest of the world to catch up.
  4. There’s a great little Meatloaf doc that’s usually on iplayer, not available at the moment but we’ll see it up again soon no doubt: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04xdrrb
  5. Yes, I think people forget so much of it at the end happens ‘off camera’. The hardiest tribal warriors in the galaxy fight the empire’s most savage and heartless forces to the bitter end. Imagine the destruction! Well, you’re going to have to, because I didn’t write it.
  6. ZOK


    Basically a rip-off of John Le Carré’s The Honourable Schoolboy.
  7. It’s both extremely pleasing and extremely disappointing that this thread, which would have run to at least three pages of comedy photoshops in rllmuk days of old, has simply received one reply with a perfect rendition of the job requested.
  8. Pretty much all of Saints Row 4 Re-Elected. It’s so good though!
  9. Indeed - this is an interesting read, and I can see why people care but I don’t even get time enough to play a fraction of the games I‘ve got claimed on the pitiful Stadia pro sub. If one decent one comes up every couple of months I’m more than covered.
  10. It might be a fucking joke to you, but I, and thousands like me, were out on the streets in the cold and rain of winter 2019 nearly every night trying to put Corbyn in place as the prime minister of this country. We failed. As a consequence of our failure, there are now upwards of 150,000 needless deaths from Covid, public service institutions such as the NHS and local council services are being dismantled, billions in public funds have gone into the hands of crooked businesses that donate to the Tory party, basic civil rights such as the right to protest are being repealed, destitution and displacement amongst the most vulnerable in society is rife and the economic future of this country is perilous at best. We didn’t fail because of any lack of effort or direction on our part, but simply and clearly due to an establishment marshalling all its forces in a single concerted effort to prevent a progressive government that would benefit the common people from taking power. Part of that effort was the concerted and knowingly false smearing of a politician who has done more than the majority of Parliamentarians both alive and dead to fight racism in all its forms, including fighting antisemitism. So you can wind your own fucking neck in if you are going to help perpetuate those smears.
  11. So what the fuck has that got to do with Corbyn?
  12. The ones on iplayer are a slightly different format to the YouTube ones, they’re more developed.
  13. I love what they’ve done with this! All the ones on YouTube are great anyway but throwing in some camera trickery and his music to make a proper show out of it hasn’t lost any of the original magic and bends it into something new.
  14. I don't think I've seen any others of his - I did have Barbara on the list to watch but I'm not sure if Mubi still have it.
  15. My Toejam & Earl slipmats…I’ve retired them now in favour of some Dr Suzukis but they saw nearly thirty years of club action, and still look (mostly) great!
  16. The State I Am In - 4/5 (MUBI) Very decent low key thriller about a seemingly average German couple in Portugal who happen to be terrorists on the run, with their 15 year old daughter in tow. Unfortunate resource events force their return to Germany, as the daughter finds their lifestyle increasingly at odds with her desire to be a normal teenager.
  17. If it was ever really good, it went to complete shit once it became ‘business plan’ rather than give them a proper job (which was highly debatable in itself). Since then it’s obviously been about getting a bunch of twats to do stuff with no rhyme or reason to pad out the run of the show until they get to the few plans that might be viable. But who wants to see Sugar in anything these days? He’s a complete scumbag, so fuck him and anyone and anything connected with him.
  18. Yes, this is decent. Well done all of you!
  19. Ah, that’s unlucky…but on the flip side you live in Denmark rather than here in the UK, so you get by far the better end of the deal!
  20. All 9 series are on BBC iplayer too.
  21. It’s on the Stadia, which is a pc build and doesn’t suffer from pedestrian or vehicle density absence in other areas, so I guess it’s the same throughout.
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